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Jun 25 2004

Gene at Meltdown Festival 2004

  1. For the Dead
  2. London, Can You Wait?
  3. Long Sleeves for the Summer
  4. Somewhere in the World
  5. Still Can't Find the Phone
  6. Is it over?
  7. We'll Find Our Own Way
  8. Supermarket Bombscare
  9. Little Child
  10. Save Me, I'm Yours
  11. We'll Get What We Deserve
  12. Something in the Water
  13. ...
Feb 14 2004

Gene at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, England

  1. The British Disease
  2. Be My Light, Be My Guide
  3. Rising for Sunset
  4. You'll Never Walk Again
  5. Baby I'm Sorry
  6. Sick, Sober & Sorry
  7. Haunted By You

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