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Aug 28 2022

Gordon Bok at Camden Snow Bowl, Camden, ME, USA

  1. The Black Furrow
  2. Karl Edstrom and the Hesper
  3. River Drive
  4. I Knew This Place
  5. Do Something (Even if it's Wrong)
  6. Waiting for the Rain
  7. Dry Cardrona
  8. Jane Barnes on the Shores of Oregon
  9. Jenny in the Rodestead
  10. All My Sailors
  11. Pearly (Little Red)
Jul 14 2018

Gordon Bok at Stonington Opera House, Stonington, ME, USA

  1. Bold Reynolds
  2. Green Island
  3. River Drive
  4. Mourning Dove
  5. Hills of Dover
  6. Dancing at Whitsun
  7. Hush ye, my Bairnie, bonny wee laddie
  8. Small Island
  9. The Captain Stood at the Carronade
  10. Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie
  11. When All Thy Names Are One
  12. Maintenance
  13. ...
May 16 2018

Gordon Bok at Sandy Point Community Hall, Belfast, ME, USA

  1. Bold Reynolds
  2. Ballad of the Tanker Baltimore
  3. Barbara Allen
  4. Donald Og
  5. Kept on Fishin'
  6. Collage: "Pretty"
  7. The Night of the Corn Planting Feast
  8. Send 'Er Down Hughie!
  9. Apples in the Basket
Gordon Bok setlists

Gordon Bok

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