Gordon Lightfoot Setlists

Feb 18 2018

Gordon Lightfoot at Florida Theatre, Jacksonville, FL, USA

  1. The Watchman's Gone
  2. 14 Karat Gold
  3. Never Too Close
  4. A Painter Passing Through
  5. Sea of Tranquility
  6. Minstrel of the Dawn
  7. Cold on the Shoulder
  8. Beautiful
  9. Carefree Highway
  10. Early Morning Rain
  11. Did She Mention My Name
  12. Ribbon of Darkness
  13. ...
Feb 14 2018

Gordon Lightfoot at The Plaza Theatre, Orlando, FL, USA

  1. Now and Then
  2. Waiting for You
  3. Never Too Close
  4. Don Quixote
  5. Minstrel of the Dawn
  6. Spanish Moss
  7. Shadows
  8. Rainy Day People
  9. Let It Ride
  10. Beautiful
  11. Carefree Highway
  12. Did She Mention My Name
  13. ...

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Gordon Lightfoot setlists

Gordon Lightfoot

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