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  • Jimmy Barnes (Australian rock singer-songwriter, frontman of Cold Chisel)
  • Jimmy Barnes (1950s artist)
  • Jimmy Barnes (photographer)

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Soul Deep 30 Tour

Jimmy Barnes

Avg start time
2h 26m
after doors
Nov 11 2023

Jimmy Barnes at Red Hot Summer Tour Swan Valley 2024

Set Times:
Doors: 1:00 PM
Show: 7:55 PM – 9:45 PM
  1. Flesh and Blood
  2. I'd Die to Be With You Tonight
  3. Wheels in Motion
  4. Choirgirl
  5. That's What You Do for Love
  6. Walk On
  7. Lay Down Your Guns
  8. Love Is Enough
  9. Shutting Down Our Town
  10. Too Much Ain't Enough Love
  11. Waitin' for the Heartache
  12. Resurrection Shuffle
  13. ...
Jimmy Barnes setlists

Jimmy Barnes

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