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Aug 13 2017

Keith Urban at Centre Vidéotron, Quebec City, QC, Canada

  1. My House
  2. Gone Tomorrow (Here Today)
  3. Long Hot Summer
  4. Break on Me
  5. Somewhere in My Car
  6. Good Thing
  7. Blue Ain't Your Color
  8. Put You in a Song
  9. Where the Blacktop Ends
  10. Little Bit of Everything
  11. Making Memories of Us
  12. You Gonna Fly
  13. ...
Jul 26 2017

Keith Urban at California Mid-State Fair, Paso Robles, CA, USA

  1. Gone Tomorrow (Here Today)
  2. Long Hot Summer
  3. Break on Me
  4. Somewhere in My Car
  5. Good Thing
  6. Blue Ain't Your Color
  7. Put You in a Song
  8. Where the Blacktop Ends
  9. Little Bit of Everything
  10. We Were Us
  11. You Gonna Fly
  12. You Look Good in My Shirt
  13. ...
Jun 11 2017

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