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Jun 4 2022

Martin Smith at Big Church Festival 2022

  1. Great and glorious
  2. Our Eyes Are On You
  3. Dancing In the Fire
  4. History Maker
  5. What a Friend I've Found
  6. God's Great Dance Floor
  7. Everybody Is Broken
Jun 26 2021

Martin Smith at Private Venue, Barnsley, England

  1. Did you feel the mountains tremble?
  2. Great and glorious
  3. Waiting Here for You
  4. Holy spirit you are welcome here
  5. Set a Fire
  6. Majesty
  7. Jesus Only You
  8. Everybody Is Broken
  9. God's Great Dance Floor
Nov 15 2013

Martin Smith at Life Centre, Bournemouth, England

  1. Fire Never Sleeps
  2. Redemption Day
  3. Waiting Here for You
  4. Emmanuel
  5. Our God Reigns (chorus)
  6. Song of Solomon
  7. You are My Salvation
  8. History Maker (chorus)
  9. Obsession (chorus)
  10. Rain Down
  11. I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
  12. Thank You for Saving Me (chorus)
  13. ...
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