Maxx Explosion Setlists

Mar 10 2019

Maxx Explosion at The Vault, New Bedford, MA, USA

  1. Devil's Locomotive
  2. Coming Alive
  3. Dream Weaver
  4. Welcome to the Wasteland
  5. Danger Money
  6. Crazy Hot
  7. Beat Around the Bush
  8. Dirty Angels
  9. Suicide Door
May 6 2018

Maxx Explosion at Melodic Rock Fest 2018

  1. Devil's Locomotive
  2. Don't Wanna Break
  3. Danger Money
  4. Dream Weaver
  5. Famous
  6. Beat Around the Bush
  7. Crazy Hot
  8. On the Rise
  9. Wasteland
  10. Dirty Angels
  11. Suicide Door
Maxx Explosion setlists

Maxx Explosion

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