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  • Mike Mills (R.E.M. bass player)
  • Mike Mills (Kris Deason, Roy Coughlin, and Ian Werden)
  • Mike Mills (Graphic designer, Butter 08 member)
Sep 29 2019

Mike Mills at Atlanta Symphony Hall, Atlanta, GA, USA

  1. One Way Out
  2. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
  3. Midnight Train to Georgia
  4. Rainy Night in Georgia
  5. The Rain in Spain
  6. Southscape
  7. Respect
  8. Give Me Back My Man
  9. Hey Ya!
  10. Georgia (On My Mind)
  11. Losing My Religion
  12. Pour It Like You Mean It
  13. ...
Jul 7 2018

Mike Mills at Whittington-Pfohl Auditorium, Brevard, NC, USA

  1. Medea's Dance of Vengeance
  2. De L'Aube a Midi Sur la Mer
  3. Jeux de Vagues
  4. Dialogue du Vent et de la Mer
  5. Pour It Like You Mean It
  6. On the Okeefenokee
  7. Sonny Side Up
  8. Stardancers' Waltz
  9. Nightswimming
  10. You Can Go Home Again
  11. Sonny Side Up
Oct 29 2016

Mike Mills at Charleston Music Hall, Charleston, SC, USA

  1. Road movies - relaxed groove
  2. Road movies - meditative
  3. Road movies - 40% swing
  4. Movement I
  5. Movement II
  6. Movement III
  7. Movement IV
  8. Concerto for Violin, Rock Band and String Orchestra
Mike Mills setlists

Mike Mills

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