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Jul 5 2018

Patrick Sweany at The Tonic Room, Chicago, IL, USA

  1. First of the Week
  2. Get Along
  3. Old Time Ways
  4. Tiger Pride
  5. Hotel Women
  6. Up and Down
  7. Burma Jones
  8. It's Spiritual
  9. Every Gun
  10. Outcast Blues
  11. Working for You
  12. Them Shoes
Feb 18 2017

Patrick Sweany at The Law Office, Yorkville, IL, USA

  1. Deep Water
  2. Shoestring
  3. Too Many Hours
  4. Working for You
  5. Nothing Happened at All
  6. Tiger Pride
  7. Long Way Down
  8. Mansfield St
  9. Mom and Dad
  10. Terrible Years
  11. It's Spiritual
  12. ...

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Patrick Sweany setlists

Patrick Sweany

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