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May 17 2014

Pink Fairies at 100 Club, London, England

  1. When's the Fun Begin?
  2. The Snake
  3. Waiting for the Ice Cream to Melt
  4. White Girls on Amphetamine
  5. War Girl
  6. Police Car
  7. Skeleton Army
  8. I'm Waiting for the Man
  9. Tomorrow Never Knows
  10. Do It
  11. Uncle Harry's Last Freakout
  12. Walk, Don't Run
  13. ...
Dec 31 1992

Pink Fairies at Hong Kong Cafe, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  1. Broken Statue
  2. I Wanna Drink
  3. Taking LSD
  4. Half Priced Drinks
  5. White Girls on Amphetamine
  6. Waiting for the Ice Cream to Melt
  7. Police Car
  8. People Call You Crazy
  9. More Trouble Coming Every Day
  10. When's the Fun Begin?

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Pink Fairies setlists

Pink Fairies

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