Robin Pecknold Setlists

Apr 3 2016

Robin Pecknold at The Boulder Theatre, Boulder, CO, USA

  1. Pavane for a Dead Princess
  2. If You Need To, Keep Time on Me
  3. Northern Dancer/Kept Woman
  4. Maercstapa
  5. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
  6. The Dolphins
Mar 27 2016
Mar 3 2016

Robin Pecknold at Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

  1. Crack-Up
  2. Northern Dancer/Kept Woman
  3. I Should See Memphis
  4. Maercstapa
  5. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
  6. Montezuma
  7. Where is My Wild Rose?
Aug 5 2010

Robin Pecknold at Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  1. Look Down That Lonesome Road
  2. Montezuma
  3. Helplessness Blues
  4. Someone You'd Admire
  5. The Shrine / An Argument
  6. Blue Spotted Tail
  7. Lorelai
  8. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

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Robin Pecknold setlists

Robin Pecknold

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