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Nov 3 1984

Steve Goodman at Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USA

  1. Talk Dirty to Me
  2. Green Onions
  3. I Can't Tell You Why
  4. Simple Man, Simple Dream
  5. You're Only Lonely
  6. Home By Dawn
  7. Classic George!!!!
  8. Short People
  9. Political Science
  10. My Life Is Good
  11. I Love L.A.
Jan 28 1984

Steve Goodman at Ann Arbor Folk Festival 1984

  1. City of New Orleans
  2. Watchin' Joey Glow
  3. How Much Tequila (Did I Drink Last Night?)
  4. If Jethro Were Here
  5. A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request
  6. The Dutchman
  7. You Never Even Call Me by My Name
  8. California Promises
Steve Goodman setlists

Steve Goodman

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