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Sep 29 2017

Stop Light Observations at Music Farm, Charleston, SC, USA

  1. Dinosaur Bones
  2. Idle Hands
  3. Come on Down
  4. Leroy
  5. For Elizabeth
  6. Circadian Rhythms (Dusk)
  7. Aquarius Apocalyptic
  8. HUMBLE.
  9. Creep
  10. Purple People
  11. Circadian Rhythms (Dawn)
  12. Search Into Your Soul
  13. ...
Apr 15 2017

Stop Light Observations at Unknown Venue, Clemson, SC, USA

  1. Dinosaur Bones
  2. Break Them Bad Boys Down
  3. Helicopters
  4. Aquarius Apocalyptic
  5. For Elizabeth
  6. Purple People
  7. HUMBLE.
  8. Circadian Rhythms (Dusk)
  9. What's Going On
  10. Leroy
  11. When the Sun Rises

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Stop Light Observations setlists

Stop Light Observations

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