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Jul 7 2017

Strike Master at Bajo Circuito, Mexico City, Mexico

  1. Merciless Machine
  2. Supreme Insult
  3. Ritual Killings
  4. Death Will Be What Kills Us
  5. O.M.D.
  6. S.B.U. (Special Bestial Unit)
  7. A Drop of Hell
  8. Suicidal License
  9. Inflexible Steel
  10. Messiah of the Damned
Dec 18 2016

Strike Master at La Comandancia, Mexico City, Mexico

  1. M.A.O.A. (Maximum Amount of Aggressions)
  2. Thrashing the Blind School
  3. Ritual Killings
  4. STC
  5. Merciless Machine
  6. A Drop of Hell
  7. Suicidal License
  8. Rushed Death
  9. Up for the Massacre
  10. S.B.U. (Special Bestial Unit)
  11. The Motorist
  12. ...
Jun 18 2016

Strike Master at Bar Rock History, Bogotá, Colombia

  1. Black Violence
  2. STC
  3. O.M.D. (Orgiastic Mental Decadence)
  4. Majestic Strike
  5. Merciless Machine
  6. Thrashing the Blind School
  7. Up for the Massacre
  8. M.A.O.A. (Maximum Amount of Aggressions)

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