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Apr 28 2017

SuperCharger at All Is One Rock Weekend 2017

  1. Suzi the Uzi
  2. Handgrenade Blues
  3. Get What You Deserve
  4. Supercharged
  5. Are You Satisfied?
  6. Rottenberg
  7. Hung Over in Hamburg
  8. Rise and Fall
  9. The Ride
  10. Off We Go
  11. Blood Red Lips
  12. Hell Motel
May 7 2015

SuperCharger at Goto Storto, Trebaseleghe, Italy

  1. Suzi the Uzi
  2. Rise and Fall
  3. Supercharged
  4. Are You Satisfied?
  5. Like a Pit Bull
  6. Hung Over in Hamburg
  7. Rulers of the Day
  8. Join in and Loose It
  9. Mrs. Ferguson
  10. Goodbye Copenhagen
  11. Five Hours of Nothing
  12. Aim High
  13. ...
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