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Pain Into Power Tour


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3h 42m
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Jun 14 2024

Terror at SOS Booking 20 Year Anniversary

Set Times:
Doors: 4:00 PM
  1. One With the Underdogs
  2. Spit My Rage
  3. Keep Your Mouth Shut
  4. Pain Into Power
  5. Can't Help but Hate
  6. Keepers of the Faith
Jun 11 2024

Terror at Nile Theater, Mesa, AZ, USA

  1. Always the Hard Way
  2. One With the Underdogs
  3. Spit My Rage
  4. Stick Tight
  5. Boundless Contempt
  6. Return to Strength
  7. Pain Into Power
  8. Overcome
  9. Can't Help but Hate
  10. Keep Your Mouth Shut
  11. Keepers of the Faith
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