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  • The Pastels (Scottish pop group)
  • The Pastels (1950s R&B vocal group formed at a US Air Force base in Greenland)
  • The Pastels (1960s garage rock group formed in Battle Creek, Michigan)
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Aug 31 2019

The Pastels at Bumann & Sohn, Cologne, Germany

  1. Charlie's Theme
  2. Wrong Light
  3. Advice to the Graduate
  4. Check Your Heart
  5. Thru' Your Heart
  6. Night Time Made Us
  7. Summer Rain
  8. Come To The Dance
  9. Fragile Gang
  10. Baby Honey
  11. Leaving This Island
  12. Different Drum
Dec 15 2018
May 21 2016

The Pastels at Pop Revo Festival 2016

  1. Slow Summits
  2. Wrong Light
  3. Check My Heart
  4. Summer Rain
  5. Fragile Gang
  6. Come to the Dance
  7. Night Time Made Us
  8. Nothing To Be Done
  9. Lonely Planet Boy
  10. Baby Honey
  11. Over My Shoulder
The Pastels setlists

The Pastels

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