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Jul 13 2018

The Rock*A*Teens at Elsewhere, Brooklyn, NY, USA

  1. Lady Macbeth
  2. Billy Really
  3. Black Ice
  4. I Could've Just Died
  5. Cherry Red Compilation
  6. Turn and Smile
  7. Lost in Sound
  8. Don't Destroy This Night
  9. Black Metal Stars
  10. Crystal Skies
  11. Cry Crybaby
  12. Go Tell Everybody
  13. ...
Dec 6 2014

The Rock*A*Teens at The Hideout, Chicago, IL, USA

  1. Never Really Ever Had It
  2. Tuesday's Just as Bad
  3. That Day is Today
  4. Black Metal Stars
  5. Little Caesar on a Bicycle
  6. Cry Crybaby
  7. HingHangHung
  8. Black Ice
  9. Across the Piedmont
  10. I Could've Just Died
  11. Put It Right Out of Your Mind
  12. Don't Destroy This Night
  13. ...

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The Rock*A*Teens setlists

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