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Mar 9 2016

The Verlaines at New Zealand Festival 2016

  1. Pyromaniac
  2. Crisis After Crisis
  3. Burlesque
  4. For the Love of Ash Grey
  5. Only Dream Left
  6. Joed Out
  7. Phil Too?
  8. Take Good Care of It
  9. Dippy's Last Trip
  10. Bird Dog
  11. C. D Jimmy Jazz and Me
  12. Icarus Missed
  13. ...
Apr 15 2012

The Verlaines at Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, Australia

  1. Paratai Drive
  2. They That Once Were Eager Fellas
  3. Paraphrasing Hitler
  4. Death and the Maiden
  5. Rootless Cosmopolitan
  6. Diamonds and Paracetamol
  7. Bird Dog
  8. C. D Jimmy Jazz and Me
  9. A Call from Decades Past
  10. Heavy 33
  11. Way Out Where
Jan 28 2011

The Verlaines at East Brunswick Club Hotel, Melbourne, Australia

  1. It's Easier to Harden a Broken Heart (Than Mend It)
  2. Stop Messing Around
  3. They That Once Were Eager Fellas
  4. Song For a Hollywood Road Movie
  5. Pets
  6. Joed Out
  7. Paraphrasing Hitler
  8. Wanting
  9. Reasons For Leaving
  10. Death and the Maiden
  11. Rootless Cosmopolitan
  12. In Limbo
  13. ...
The Verlaines setlists

The Verlaines

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