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  • Tribulation (Swedish death metal band)
  • Tribulation (Swedish thrash metal 86–92, not to be confused with the other later Swedish death metal band of the same name)

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Chariots of Fire European Tour 2022 Tour


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1h 18m
after doors
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Sep 17 2023

Tribulation at SUPREMO, Doctores, Mexico

  1. Melancholia
  2. Hamartia
  3. Axis Mundi
  4. The Lament
  5. Hour of the Wolf
  6. Rånda
  7. Suspiria de profundis
  8. In Remembrance
  9. Leviathans
  10. Nightbound
  11. Funeral Pyre
  12. Strange Gateways Beckon
  13. ...
Aug 12 2023

Tribulation at Alcatraz Metal Festival 2023

Set Times:
Scheduled start: 5:50 PM
  1. Trollens Brudmarsch
  2. Melancholia
  3. Hamartia
  4. Axis Mundi
  5. Rånda
  6. Ultra Silvam
  7. In Remembrance
  8. Leviathans
  9. Nightbound
  10. Strange Gateways Beckon
Jun 10 2023
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