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This is about Jesus Mary Chain Deventer 1985.
Finally, I found the record.
Hope you have a copy too.
Do you know where taken the last four songs on the vinyl?
Thank you.

Why so hostile ? I go to SXSW each year to discover new bands, I saw over 60 bands this year and PV and peace were bands thatt really left an impression on me , just trying to spread the word, and get people interested in great bands.

yeah when i saw Spector at Sub89 they played about 12. I do have twitter, but im incredibly boring, and i only really use it for talking to my mates, you can follow me if you want @hardrockguy

hey man, i just booked tickets to see Peace in Reading, can't wait hopefully they play a good set, they could easily play around 15 songs, as the album is now out.

No I'm not :(, i wanted to but i've blown all my money on going to Benicassim, you?

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