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Hi. You edited this setlist previously.

A user that isn't reliable added an encore with 2 songs.
Can you watch their source video and confirm if the edit is accurate?


The official song title is "Bring The Sun/Black Eyed Man" as released on the limited edition 2xCD The Gate:
"The Glowing Man" is of course a re-written, modified version of the original song idea. I'm just letting you know that "Black Eyed Man" is not a fan-made-up song title...

Hey dude, since you seem to be updating gizz shows to reflect the names from MOTU I think "Lord of Lightning" is now "The Lord of Lightning"

Hey, I know it's a bit late, but do you remember what Delicate Steve played when they were opening for Tame Impala the previous November?


I saw you made the setlist to The 1988 Stone Roses gig at The Citadel, in St. Helens. Do you happen to have a recording of that show?

Please leave a medley as a medley as stated in our guidelines.

We are working on having each song in a medley counted seperately automatically when seperated by a slash. Until then please stick to the guidelines. Thx.

ooo, do you have twitter btw?

Ah, I'm going to the Reading show too! Hmm, sub89 headline sets are usually an hour, reckon they'll play about 12. Saw them in Kingston, was a good set, but I really want to hear some more of the new album stuff.

Oh fair enough. That line up is awesome. Just the one for me, Birmingham. But still considering getting a brixton ticket off ebay

Are you going/been to any peace shows on this tour?

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