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No need to post to my profile, admins and moderators do have an eye on the forums.

Use the mdib instead of using Band Band name 54b69a1e-5065-45ff-8e38-3526377caeda

Concerning your questions on my profile, I have no idea where I took the sources from, considering this was 4 years ago. I think it must have been a mistake.

The comments from Corey's Japanese TV live stream aren't loading. What's your question?

This sounds like there was no 'formal' name change for the venue so I am leaving it as one venue. Thanks again.


The link to musicbrainz is the one to Crazy Horse, which may have been the first release (along with Rockpile). The one I put is the Neil Young Archives one which counts as the release taken into account.
I'm not responsible for people incorrectly writing songtitles on musicbrainz, that's up to the mods over there.

I verified the way Dance Dance Dance is written on the Archives release I have (BluRay) and there it's written without a comma.

And the link to musicbrainz lists Dance Dance Dance without the comma.

Thanks for the remark
The reason for the change is https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#covered-songs
Exception 1
If a songwriter writes a song for another artist or group which they were not a part of, and never records their own version of the song, then the song should be credited to the artist who released it first. If the songwriter does finally release their own version of the song, regardless of how many years have gone by, then the song should be credited back to the songwriter.
Dance Dance Dance was written by Neil Young according to
It was released by Crazy Horse & Rockpile in 1971.
Later on it was released on the Archives box which is credited to Neil Young, although the disc on which it appears is credited to Neil Young & Crazy Horse, so the link to the artist releasing it is Neil Young (without Crazy Horse) And yes I forgot the Michael Kiwanuka version.

You spoke too soon, he's back under the name Music_Lover and is already adding incorrect setlists (adding a green day show from 2017 as a 2020 show)

Unfortunately I'm not able to see deleted shows. My first pointer would be to check the guidelines that your setlist fit criteria to be on the website. If so then speak to Michi from the admin team, and/or try re-adding the setlist with a link to the guidelines explaining why it is valid (along with your source).

I agree... Just wanted to provide the guy who removed the info an opportunity to explain why, which he did not. Posted to the thread looking for an admin or mod to weigh in.

I appreciate where you are coming from, but I still believe that we should place the setlists in Ide.
There are probably a few reasons why the couple doesn't openly say that they live in Ide. One of them I think would be that it's not a widely known place - telling fans "Devon" at least gives some idea of an area.
However, I still think that it's important that we are specific as possible in organising information in our database. We try to reserve county locations as placeholders for incomplete sources and festivals not associated with a city/town/village. On and off through the years I have done my best to keep counties clean like this. Cornwall is a good example, with only those kind of placeholders left (plus venues with generic names I couldn't track down more information for).

If you would like to discuss this further, I suggest we do it in the forum so that other users can weigh in.

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