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Would you mind helping with this setlist?
Short version, first date of the tour and Ian was vomiting during the show. Setlist was being posted during the show. After the show a user added songs that were on an Instagram posted setlist. I think the setlist is all Cattywampus now and I don't know how to note the illness that I believe shortened the concert. Thanks.

Like I said, they changed the guidelines recently then. They used to ALWAYS suggest putting the tour year in the tour name.

Obviously the guidelines were changed. It used to say you should add the year after the tour name since it may run into the next one. You better hope Kid Rock doesn't extend his tour into the next year or you'll be changing all the dates again.

re: Green Day Metro Setlist

Hey! Sorry for not including the source within my original edit. I got the picture from someone in attendance who obtained the setlists after the show. Here’s a link to the original Facebook post + an Imgur screenshot in case it doesn’t work.https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02S1WvJtjbUL2vA2LDvaZtGJbSHJcMEeDf7cu14fZHyuSFJMzn1ZTiz53HwzQBRJNLl&id=100023253290306 https://imgur.com/a/Bt7G0T5

to be honest I only said that at first to conceal my identity

FYI regarding @smartyman. He admitted to me a few months ago that he has NEVER been to a concert. Said watching on YouTube or a livestream counts as being an attendee. I have had to correct numerous edits he has made. Just saying....

That's what I was hoping for their spring tour! But it seems for sure that you've seen them quite a bit...

Welcome to Moderator team!

Congratulations on Moderator status!!!

Can you please lock this setlist? With my latest edits? There is a spamer who uses multiple bit accounts and keeps reverting it non stop for 3 days now...

Yes! Glad to help with the Brandi Carlile setlists, and congratulations on you becoming a moderator!!!

I'm glad you were able to solve your six year old non-mystery.
I should report you for requesting a copy of a copyrighted video.
It was an extraordinary measure to have to go to and of course
the link to the video was quickly deleted once the idiot that was
"at the show" was able to see the evidence. You are really taking
your job way too seriously and need to stop and think before you
start harassing anyone.
Now please delete your comments and leave me alone.
Thank you.

Good call out again for the ATL Bleachers note. I’ve done similar ones in the past from other Reddit posts, but may have been feeling lazy or something last night. :S

The reasoning makes perfect sense!

Thank you for the tip. I appreciate it. Have a lovely day.

The Love Rocks benefit show = :-)

Thanks for the message. You can put it up for debate in the forums if you'd like, I'm fine to go along with whatever the consensus is as long as there's consistency.

Greetings kfinch,

In regards to the Carcass setlist, which I attended, the songs were performed as medleys. Not seperately, not as intros or any other format, but as medleys.

Here's a review of that gig, written on a site covering music events based in Greece: https://sinavlia.gr/carcass-chronosphere-mortal-torment-gagarin-205/?fbclid=IwAR3Zf9vTc1ALeZgd5dOukPBRApJwSzyHGu1EZZ0yQkCqDjdZM2CcofwyNHc#axzz3VsoSiRg1

There are multiple videos of that night aswell:

The day after Athens, the band played in Thessaloniki, and their entire show was recorded. They played the exact same setlist.

Here's a video of another site, with timemarks on each song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l79wrys9XR8&ab_channel=industrykills

If there's any more input you need for that night, please let me know, I'll try my best to assist you to the best of my abilities.

I've been covering Metal events for well over a decade and I pay tremendous attention to setlists performed by every band I have to write about, since that's a way for me to pay my bills.

Sorry for the long post. Have a nice day.

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