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Re.your question about the Saving Grace Worthing venue, I selected the venue from the drop-down list offered by Setlist.fm, but I'm sure Worthing Pavilion and Worthing Pier Pavilion are the same venue. The venue was on the pier.

Hi kfinch, thanks for answering and clarifying. I was not very familiar with the sources for each edition, from now on I will be very careful and every time I need to back up my editions I will quote.
Nice day, greetings :)

Thanks for taking the time to give me the newspapers.com tip. Alas, I don't have a subscription now. I cut and pasted ads and reviews for a research project that also involved interviewing band members and going through magazines, legal docs, etc. So it's all a bit complicated, and I'm working on another band project, and I'm not sure the Executive Chimp makes it worthwhile anyway. Have a good weekend.

Sorry about the error and good pickup. Since Garth Brooks has the Chris Gaines alter ego, his name pops up with a "Gaines" search. It was Jeffrey Gaines, has been fixed. Thanks!

Hi, good night kfinch
The setlist for Ariana's latest performance for Vevo is being removed, you know why? I really do not see the reason because the information is correct, her recording date is known and that the songs that she presented will be uploaded little by little to Ariana's channel. Thanks for reading, I await your answer :)

Hello, thanks for answering:)
Yes, that is the setlist, I searched a bit on twitter and I found that the recording date of the performance was May 28, and the user who mentioned you reverted my edits (as usual) couldn't they block it? He really deserves it, there is nothing meaningful in why his actions, I really hope that some measure is taken with him, I'm already tired of making the setlists look in the best way and that he just ruins my work :(
Good night and thanks for read!

Hi kfinch I wanted to ask you to help me with an annoying user, his name is rat_pack_gal, he unleashed a very annoying edition war in Ariana Grande's latest setlist.
i'm so tired, he has been reverting all my edits, the venue is wrong, the stylization of the song 'POV' is wrong too, he removes the live debut of 'Safety Net' and a note that I had added about the performance.
I already asked for help from some moderators and they have not given me an answer.
I hope you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks kf for amending the 2 ROLLING STONES for my Hollis Brown 6/27/21 setlist here. cannot seem to tackle that feature since most recent update here

Hi, so snippet can work for the Everyday People part for Ivan Neville but I personally entered it as an interpolation because it did weave into the song and then go back into the Toussaint song.

Also I don't believe Jon Bon Jovi was in the finale. I was looking for him. But I get not wanting to list alllll the other performers; its a headache. Maybe just indicate "except Jon Bon Jovi"?

Hey there - thanks for your note on the Jon Bon Jovi / Hillary Clinton event. You're correct - I mistaking put in 2019 instead of 2009. I was at the event!

Hello again. There is a serious problem here, northwoods (the user who was restoring Doja's setlist for me) keeps restoring ANY setlist I modify. Can you do something about it? Because I don't know who to ask and honestly, this situation has tired me.

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, and congratulations on the promotion!

The general consensus reached in the mod forum a few years ago regarding venue/studio space vs programme name was:
"If it's filmed in a studio or location only used for a TV Station (NBC, BBC, MTV, VH1, etc.) then we should use the TV show's name.
If the show was recorded at an actual venue (and then played on TV), we should use the venue name."

By this logic, the McCartney setlist should be under the Letterman venue name (as the theatre has also played host to regular gigs).

However, PAUL MCCARTNEY was playing again in the same room as The Beatles' first North American performance(!). I'd like to see those two setlists linked - and they currently both under the same venue name.

So perhaps this is a special case.

Personally, I don't have any strong argument for favouring either venue name, with an Info tag explaining the performance space/TV programme information.

FWIW, Info tags in the main setlist body can be searched with "info:Letterman" in the search engine. Unfortunately there is no OR function in the search engine - so a search of "venue:Letterman OR info:Letterman" would yield no results.

What do you think?

Hi, I'm the one from Doja's Medley, in the performance, only the first 10 seconds of "Freak" are put but they are not even sung but are used as an introduction to Streets.
Here the video of the performance: https://youtu.be/Y7IYp7cJQkQ

One more thing, some time ago I changed Dua Lipa's setlist to the Brits by adding that in the Medley there were elements of "Future Nostalgia" and "Boys Will Be Boys", but guess what? Always the same user of Doja's setlist revert the setlist. Here too, here's the video of the performance: https://youtu.be/n8OxyKNBsuQ

I also noticed that he does this very often with other users too, please DO SOMETHING!

he Tubes shows must have been Oct 23-24 as I seem to remember that they were consecutive days. I no idea when the New England show was other than it was earlier than the Tubes.

I remember deleting those Tubes concerts and the New England one because they had no source and were created by two unreliable Users. If you think they were 'real' shows that happened you will have to create new ones for those shows. We can't resuscitate dead setlists at this point.

Hi kfinch! Yes, the Oct 30 2020 and Dec 5 2020 performances on Rock Falcon Studio are the same. The first streaming (Oct 30 2020) was for US american voters fueled by HeadCount. The rest of the world couldn't watch it. But in this case, the last song "Glory Box" was not presented. Later, Evanescence sold this performance for everyone with tickets, and it was streamed on Dec 5 2020 including the last song "Glory Box". You can put that info if you want, but I don't know if we're out of characters in the info field.

My pleasure! I try to go on super deep youtube dives for artists I'm especially fond of, so hopefully I can keep getting results and getting more complete DMX song stats :)

Since I follow that setlist I am not looking to lock it right now. We can always do that later. Check out the Roadie page and Forum even though the Forum doesn't seem to be very active these days. The Roadie help page is pretty good.

Don't look at your Comment on the Elton John show bebforemy last posting here. Mondays were the day the Troubador usually had auditions and weren't necessarily closed. If EJ was drawing a crowd they might have kept him on for an extra day. Doubtful but...

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