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"whenever i go to concerts, midway through i just stand there in the crowd and im like.. f*ck, man. this is happy. this is what happy feels like. surrounded by people who i love, screaming to music that i love, seeing people that i love. dudes, this is happy"
- @feistyzarry tweet Nov 28, 2017


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Thanks. I think I'll post the question in the roadie forum, as you suggested. I don't mind doing a bunch of seperate edits (will just have to do it slowly), but obviously batch edits are easier when possible.

I appreciate your help, thank you!

Hey man! The Nathan Carter Liverpool set has been locked? Do you know why? I can see the set in the comments, can it be added please..

Can you please explain to this user that the start time on a ticket is when the support act(s) start; unless there are no support acts? I'm pretty sure we've tried explaining this to them before.



I always add the source, even back when it wasn't obligatory.

Hi kfinch,
Can I have my editing capabilities back? I've never done anything against the rules and yet all of my edits are getting reverted by bots.

Hi Kfinch, how are you? Could you please answer a question about tapes and intros? Well, the band Nickelback is on tour, and in some concert setlists, some people who attend the concert have added the Pantera song "Walk" as an intro before the band's actual intro, but I'm not sure it should be in the setlist. I was at the Nickelback concert on Saturday and I noticed that this song is played, but it seems more like a kind of warm-up song for the band backstage. This song is played almost 5 minutes before the real intro starts on the screen, which is an opening video for the song "San Quentin". I'll show you an example of a moment where this song "Walk" is played:


Now, the real intro already within the band's presentation:


In the band's own setlist this song "Walk" never appeared, precisely because it was before the band's performance began. Only the intro appears (which is the San Quentin video). Here is an example of the printed setlist:


So after all, is this song "Walk" supposed to be part of the setlist here? And if she is, what name should be put on the San Quentin intro tape? Because it automatically ends up being turned into an interlude when "Walk" is added to the setlist. This song "Walk" seems like another song that plays like several others until the show starts, but because it's so close to the show's start time, people usually end up putting it on the setlist. Could you tell me what's right, please?



Hey kfinch - responding on the Dehd setlist I was trying to correct today. This is the same one I posted on your board 9/8. I did follow the process to report a duplicate setlist and have one eliminated on 8/21, but the outcome of that was only a partial merger. If you look up the setlist one way, there are 2 songs and an Unknown Venue. If you look it up another way there are 3 songs and a Venue appears. My fix attempt today did not work to get these in synch either, so won't be trying that experiment again. Just writing this off as an unsolvable glitch.

Hi, this setlist: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/nathan-carter/2023/liverpool-philharmonic-hall-liverpool-england-5ba26b74.html#sfmsrsg53865729 . I requested to you for the troll account 'Shulace' https://www.setlist.fm/user/SHULACE to stop reverting the setlist linked above. Since I have asked it has been locked and the last person to revert was the troll so now it's been locked and there is no setlist, could you please unlock the set and either revert it yourself or I can do it and then potentially lock it again if you want. thanks

Thanks for doing that for the Nathan liverpool show, can I go ahead and add the set?

Could you help me? Since you reached out and explained how to link instagram stories, I’ve done it my additions are being taken down within minutes. I have never posted anything that was fake. I don’t understand why I’m not able to post things. A quick look at my profile will see I’ve been providing links as requested. If I’m being blacklisted, can someone just tell me and I’ll stop trying to contribute to what I believe is a great site.

Hi. How do I get in touch with you? The same setlist being taken down. I was there and wrote it all out and someone just deletes it.

People keep taking off the Nathan Carter Liverpool show tonight where I've added proof and ready to the set when Nathan starts? Why does jt keep being removed?

Do you have a discord we could have a chat on?

Hello. I am sorry for the Lana Del Rey setlist edit that I putted the name that was spread all over twitter. It's really sad that I have been blacklist from a site that I have been an user for 10y+

Is there any possibility of you umblacklisting me? I have never posted any fake setlists nor anything like that. Please help.

I do now understand the system and will be using sources as i won't be going through this again. Cs we agree that I am now doing things correctly?

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