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HI there,

please use the new way to report wrong festival dates instead of posting to the forum. See


Thanks for getting back to me on that. The problem I had was that it wasn't listed on the Tears for Fears website and the 'real' show was a week after their previous show.

Maybe I am looking in the wrong place but I don't see any listing for the July concerts in Chile that you tagged as duplicates. Can you help me with this.

Again: A statement is not a valid source. Why don't you use this as valid source.
Titles of non-English songs are written with small letters (except for first word and proper nouns)
As far as capitalisation is concerned: Whenever in doubt, the capitalisation standards from apply.
Songtitles in English are not written here like in normal language, nor in my native language,
Like you say for Spanish natives it may be evident, but this is a community where the largest part is not speaking Spanish.

For your edit to where you put Original by Roberto Carlos as a source it's better to proof your point by putting some real evidence like
This may be evident to you, but this is a community, so better show other users, roadies and mods the reason.
If I would tell as a comment Original by artist X and change the cover, would this proof my point?

It's pretty simple. Post a link or a short Comment. It isn't hard. I don't see what the problem is. No source means the show is unverified and subject to deletion especially by Moderators that don't know that your edits are usually correct.

You need to put the youtube link on the Santiago setlist, not only on my profile. And you need to provide sources for your edits. I am not the only Moderator who is wondering if your editing privileges should be suspended. You seem to have sources for the shows you add but don't seem to be willing to provide them. Is there a reason?

Hi, I absolutely did not know about this. Thanks for the info! Cheers!

Te hago una consulta:
Que diferencia hay entre estos dos festivales:

Se pueden unificar? a tendríamos que agregar la cuidad a los nombres?

Gracias, Hernán.-

Hola Gunszalo! Felix año nuevo! Espero que la hayas pasado bien! Ya arreglé el nombre del festival de la Semana Fresiana. Saludos!

Hola, como va?
Tenés idea si los recitales de los Decadentes en el Caupolicán se hacen o no?
Porque la venta de entradas parece normal, y ellos no anunciaron la suspensión aún.
No quiero agregarlos sin confirmación.
Muchas gracias,

Hola! Ya habiamos hablado de esto antes. Statix Rock & Soccer en Antofagasta usó ese nombre del 2010-2012. Del 2013 en adelante es Rock & Soccer a secas. Por favor ponlas de vuelta como estaban. Gracias!

You don't need to put the source on my page but on the setlist page so the inquiry about the source can be deleted.

Also when creating setlists, especially such old ones, you'd better provide a source. If you upload these, you surely have some sources, why not share them?

Again you created a venue in Belgium with an incorrect spelling, which already existed too.
Please be more carefull when creating new venue and check when you get a message that a similar named venue already exists.
This is ruining the statistics.

Again you created a venue De Roma in Antwerp which already existed as De Roma in Borgerhout, so when creating you got a warning if you were sure because a similar (or even exactly) named venue existed in the neighbourhood. Please pay more attention.

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