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Name Tom M.

Rabid music fan since birth...lover of a wide range of musical genres....avid concert-goer since 1977....proudly documenting the under-documented artists in the music world!


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Do you know of anyone who would have this tape please? Sorry its the sugarcubes at tipitinas. Thanks!


For Belgium we use for Brussels about 19 communities.
And for Botanique hall which has several different venues we use about 5 different ones

I've already created the generic Botanique with closing and end date as the same date in Brussels and Joost ten Noode, either you created a new one or deleted the dates.
Probably you got also a message if you created a new one there was already an existing one in the neighbourhood.
And when adding the setlist, surely L'Orangerie showed up since Botanique is in its name.
It's one of the top venues in Belgium with L'Orangerie having 3360 setlists already and Rotonde 2846 ones.

Hi Tom - Thank you so much!


Hi Tom. I saw your set list post for the Raindogs from WERS 88.9; I am a HUGE Raindogs fan, would you happened to have that radio performance on CD? I am good friends with Mark Cutler and have followed him from the Schemers days. I have a large collection of Raindogs live performances (I have given them all to Mark as well) and I am always looking for new shows. If you could let me know, that would be very much appreciated. I am at

Thank you.
Kevin B.

You should be able to use the "Report festival" link on the festival occurrence page to submit for a name change.

Hey, thank you for your comment about Promethium being incorrect on YouTube. I have spoken to one of the band members who is aware that, for some reason, it's the wrong city

Hi Tom.

Appreciate you adding some of my recent dates -- hope you're well. :)

hi, thanks for video post,that's a cool memory to watch. Charlie was happy to talk with me. I did radio promotions for both the Rat and the Channel. The Eggs opened for Husker Du in summer 1984. He remembered the show and that it was a one off, drove up from NYC turned and drove back. He told me to say hi to my old boss, Julie Farman, who was the club booking agent. I have a massive gig diary from the 1980s,been using it update the club shows history.

Thanks, it's still happening, now.
I've heard from bendrobin. They're looking into it.

Thanks, I'll try with those mods.
Have already messaged mod dirkvandamme and posted in the "..trolls" forum stream with a list of those reverting for no reason (how can they do it, with no submission comment?) but got no response as yet.

No problem re CRASS at Reykjavik. Historic CRASS gig info is sometimes difficult to accurately source due to many changes of date and venue and a lot of shonky cassette bootlegs. For example 'Bristol Town Hall' as a venue. No such gig venue.
Changing subject, any idea why ALL my submissions are now being immediately removed (even where reliably sourced) or reverted with no comment? Feeling unwanted here, currently.

No worries at all, you're very welcome :)

I made a forum topic a little while back to share tips like that (7 years ago!?!?!?)

Maybe there's something else helpful for you in there too!

You can enter the MBID into the artist field.

hi, in case ur really still considering coming to richardson for wildflower fest, the lineup is now set as a resident i can get $15 tickets for any day but only until May 18 - 5pm , i do have a house but im not set up for guests (so thats iffy), if u drive with me u wont have to pay for parking (if they r charging this year) , that kinda means being there all day every day, im happier now with full schedule. let me know if and when u make a decision

Hey coffinjose, the Get Smart! re-union shows were great, they played one in Lawrence and another in Chicago, plus they've got one more lined up for Lincoln, NE in June 2022.

Sure thing. I couldn't go back before 2020 on the Mountain Stage's webpage calendar. I'm sure many of those are wrong, too. Oh well. I guess we do the best we can. :)

That's great - thanks for tidying all that up. I've added a few more songs to the setlist for the 7th - I suspect they played most of the songs from their first album, but those are the only ones I can recall for certain.
Nice gig list by the way - your 80's and 90's concerts are a who's who of bands I would've loved to have seen!

Thanks - yeah, they definitely put on a good show.
Seeing as you changed the date from 7th to 6th, should you notify those who recorded themselves as attending the show, as they are now listed as attending a different performance? I've created another listing for the 7th Dec and removed myself from the original one.

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