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Name Tom M.

Rabid music fan since birth...lover of a wide range of musical genres....avid concert-goer since 1977....proudly documenting the under-documented artists in the music world!


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Please tell me if I am wearing out my welcome for Music Brainz additions!
Maggie Antone
"Americana/alt-country singer songwriter from Virginia"
I will see her in September at Bourbon & Beyond Festival in Louisville before Neil Young.

Can you add another band for me? The McCharmlys...
"surf/beat/psychedelic rock band from Santa Ana, CA"
I don't want to open/create an account on Music Brainz.
They will also be opening for The Surfrajettes starting February 27th.

The Tailspins are currently opening for The Surfrajettes. Thanks!

Can you tell me how to add an artist to the database?
Or can you do it for me? Please and thank you...
The Tailspins (US Retro-Americana duo)

Hey Tom, can you please get in touch with me with regards to some Green on Red show recordings? the band and me are putting together a box set at the moment, thanks,
best, CM

I get the same message so probably a Bug. I doubt it will get fixed before Monday unfortunately unless it does it on it's own.

Maybe it needs more time, it won't go for me either so could be a bug. Let me know if if it still won't list in a few hours

FYI, if you add any TV shows such as 'Midnight Special' we want them listed under their recording date with the air date in an @Info. It doesn't make any sense when you look at a band's tour dates and they are in California and Minnesota in the same day. It's listed in the guidelines here:

I've been looking at your setlist for NMA on 22 Feb 1989
You've put it up from a live tape of the gig, but I'm a bit confused as I have a live tape here of the same gig recorded by a friend of mine when we attended it together, and the set list is very different. In fact the set list on my tape is only slightly different from the previous and next nights on the tour as you might expect. How sure are you that the setlist that you have osted is the correct one for that gig?

For sure. I'm not sure if there's anymore in the newspaper but I'll update them.

Hello, I don't know why, but the Flume's Mixtape “Hi This is Flume” does not appear on, but it is added on MusicBrainz, and this mixtape was released on 2019.

Ron is a good guy, also a baseball historian. A few minor mistakes on his blog (mostly dates) but if you see an entry here I made, I usually mention the discrepancy and already double checked it.

might be of some assistance too, but maybe not so much for these bands

Searchable by county. Using quotation marks for multiple words works. Doesn't take too long to figure out website's quirks. Feel free to ask me for any assistance you need.

They could have played two shows that night but I am having a hard time searching the NYS site now that they've 'upgraded it. If I find something I will add it but I think we should leave your edit as that was a more important gig than an appearance at a local bar where they were regularly appearing

Thanks for your help. I knew I was doing it right. I sent a message to a couple of roadies and a couple of moderators. One roadie replied fairly quickly.

This guy isn't being a troll and doing it for giggles, but he is being annoying and refusing to back down. Even though another roadie told him he is incorrect. He is being reported to moderators.

I've attended almost 4500 shows. I count a headliner with one or more opening acts as just one show! so my numbers on are skewed and inflated.

Since you mentioned can I become a roadie?

Can you please tell me how to list a song that includes a reprise? Some clown keeps changing a setlist that I entered (and he did not attend the show). I was under the impression that songs are not supposed to be listed twice on one setlist. Incorrect?

Ex: My God > Palladio > My God (is "My God" listed twice in this case?)

Also, is the use of (>) to indicate a segue incorrect? I've been using them for ages, and now someone tells me they are incorrect.

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