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We make a good Posies team :)

think the book is outdated, have two versions, and what's on the internet is more up to date.

Taped all those radio shows too from Dutch radio. Belgian Flemish radio didn't do that much, but there was an interesting program on Saturday evening where Arnold Rypens played lots of original songs that became later well known hits. We had a laugh with Boney M (don't know if they were known in USA) because the singer wrote his name as composer while they were either traditionals or older songs.
I myself try to tape all concerts I go to but don't have the time to digitalise them.

Sorry I thought you were Dutch

Sinds ik moderator ben, breng ik veel meer tijd door met foute vermeldingen te verbeteren of aan te vullen, of te vragen of de uploaders meer informatie hebben en ze die kunnen aanvullen, in plaats van zelf concerten aan te vullen.
Herinner me ook nog uitzendingen op de Nederlandse radio die we met de kabel konden ontvangen van Pandora's Box en andere live concerten. Dat waren andere tijden :)

Thanks for the info.

Usually we wait a year for Roadie appointments but I am going to make you one now. If you check out the Roadie Help page it will tell you what features you now can access. Feel free to spend as much or little time using them as you want. Any questions are best posted on the Roadie Forum.
Thanks for your contributions to our website.

Thanks a lot for posting this and all of the other good work you have been doing here.

Appreciate the quick response

Love to hear your tape of Golden Earring in Alexandria LA from 1978 - is that something you would be willing to share?

Thanks for following my link! If you're on Facebook, please feel free to give my page a like :)
Did you have a favourite Soda Jerks song? Mine is Bloodbank!

Thanks for the contributions - it's looking good!

Thanks for the Seldom Scene link, that brings back memories. I used to live in York, PA for a year, and saw them several times in the area.

Thank you so much for getting back at me :) I will be expecting your email... thank you so much!

Hey, I've read that you have a RHCP tape from the New Orleans 1991 show, any chance of getting a recording of that tape, please? :)

BTW you can contact me directly through my site,

Thank you!

So I will merge the New Orleans venue into the Avondale one as it sounds like there was only one venue and not two in different locations wit the same name.

This is the place where you post problems with venues. You should post them there where someone will always see them.

Thanks for the information.

When you make a mistake with a setlist like Ray Davies in Springfield MA instead of it being a Kinks show you need to report it to the delete setlist forum. I saw it because I follow Kinks/Ray Davies setlists.

Also, if you see any Louisiana venues that look wrong please let me know. You obviously know a lot more about them than I do.

Bonjour, à propos du concert d'ABC au Casino de Paris en 1983, la setlist me paraît encore incomplète, pas d'autres titres sur l'enregistrement que vous avez en votre possession ? Et vous n'auriez pas par hasard des photos de ce concert ? D'avance merci !

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