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Massive help thankyou! I don't suppose you know the whereabouts of any of these tapes do you? I cant find much online

Hi. How did you come by the setlist for the sugarcubes show In new Orleans 1988 please?

Thanks, yeah, I saw it re: Peter Mulvey. Cheers! :)

For sure!! They’re buddies, so love to help document their stuff :)

Also, thanks for the Bday wishes almost three years ago!! I am terrible and just reading my “wall comments” hahaha

zz openers for my show r pat green and zach bryan, i was at the raining day stones in 1981, had tix for 2nd day the sunny day also but gave them to friends, was too tried after spending the night in line 1st day (had floor tix got a good spot) in the rain and then all day show, was exhausted no energy to go again, tix for 2nd day was lower section friends said the crane with jagger stopped right in front of my/their seats and weather was wonderful and of course reserved seats so no camping in line needed

how was zz top without dusty, i bought tix the morn after he died, didnt hear about it till i after purchased, now wondering if i even want to see the show, isnt going to be the same as good, unlike u i have been going to a lot of shows since march, but i am also very happy live shows r back

just saw the official msg, no people allowed, stream only, disappointed

called poor davids and someone answered that never happens, i asked and all he would say is "up in the air" and will be info sent out later today,

hi, hope things r good with u, i see ur postings for nobodys girl so guessing ur a fan and maybe u know more than i can find, i was planning on going to see nobodys girl at poor davids sat 7th, had not bought tix yet but checked last night and they still had available, this morning tix seller list show as stream, not tix doesnt say sold out, poor davids and nobodys child and solo online info, has no current info on show, not sure if its sold out over night? or if show is now only a stream show and not even at poor davids, i did see something on betty soo site made it sound like she might now be there but was a few days old, thought maybe u were on close terms with them or know for sure about the poor davids show, im sure something will pop up b4 saturday , but im impatient and disappointed i didnt buy tix last night if sold out, i rem u said u be chatted with some artists during shut down and streaming times, thanks for any info

Agreed. The site will ask me for a link to where I found the information and it’ll be a show I found on a picture of an old flier somewhere....

Thanks for the New York Dolls correction. It was getting late and I had straightened out 6 shows they did during g a 3 night stand and evidently missed changing the year on one of them.

Can you post it on the Problems with Songs Forum? I am on the phone and I don't like doing those edits on it. Old phone + old eyes make it hard. Also that way there is a better record of it. Hope you are doing well.

Hello, basically, the venues look alright with some minor change of capitalization later. : )

I have put the translation for most of Flemish cities in French and vice versa in Belgium as an alias.


The city of Lier in Belgium existed in the province of Antwerp, so no need to create another one. with only one venue.

I did, I covered all of the larger hospitals in Louisiana. How long have you been in Health care>

hi, so i noticed this artiist id never heard of listed in the Texas top 20,
your in love with Lex Land, looks like ur doing all the entries, whats ur connection,
even my fav bands i dont want to watch or listen to every day
in another 3 months doing daily shows, will be in top 5, listening to music now
so at least in 2 more years of entries i will at least know who tops even Joe Ely for most shows

Are you feeling any better? After I got Pfizerized I felt great. Next vax 4/2.

Not a problem at all man! Thanks for the kind words about the band! I'll be sure to let you know if we ever make it out to Louisiana! Rock on, my man! \m/

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