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Appreciate the quick response

Love to hear your tape of Golden Earring in Alexandria LA from 1978 - is that something you would be willing to share?

Hey! You have a tape of Pussy Galore at Jed's?

Thanks for following my link! If you're on Facebook, please feel free to give my page a like :)
Did you have a favourite Soda Jerks song? Mine is Bloodbank!

Thanks for the contributions - it's looking good!

Thanks for the Seldom Scene link, that brings back memories. I used to live in York, PA for a year, and saw them several times in the area.

Thank you so much for getting back at me :) I will be expecting your email... thank you so much!

Hey, I've read that you have a RHCP tape from the New Orleans 1991 show, any chance of getting a recording of that tape, please? :)

BTW you can contact me directly through my site,

Thank you!

Saw your comment about Hanoi Rocks in Liverpool. Can I get a copy please?

So I will merge the New Orleans venue into the Avondale one as it sounds like there was only one venue and not two in different locations wit the same name.

This is the place where you post problems with venues. You should post them there where someone will always see them.

Thanks for the information.

When you make a mistake with a setlist like Ray Davies in Springfield MA instead of it being a Kinks show you need to report it to the delete setlist forum. I saw it because I follow Kinks/Ray Davies setlists.

Also, if you see any Louisiana venues that look wrong please let me know. You obviously know a lot more about them than I do.

Bonjour, à propos du concert d'ABC au Casino de Paris en 1983, la setlist me paraît encore incomplète, pas d'autres titres sur l'enregistrement que vous avez en votre possession ? Et vous n'auriez pas par hasard des photos de ce concert ? D'avance merci !

Too bad you don't have addresses for those places. Maybe LSU will put their student newspaper archives online someday and we can find them.

Was the name of the gumbo place actually "The Gumbo Place"? If that's the case then we definitely want to use it. I was afraid it might be a nickname.

The Junction Wrestlethon seems to be two different venues. I can find references to a Wrestlethon Arena and The Junction but not "The Junction Wrestlethon".

I have merged Buckhead Roxy into The Roxy and included it as an alias so if someone else looks for it they will find it listed. You shouldn't add it as a venue now.

The others should be fine. I am sure they are legit and that information on them isn't available because they have been closed for so long.

Also, some of them aren't venues or there is no indication that the venue is listed that way anywhere so if I change any of these back to Unknown Venue please leave them as such or ask me specifically about the individual venue.

Thanks for working with me to get these right.

Actually I just realized that you don't have to notify me for ones that I changed, just for ones that I didn't as I am notified automatically for my edits.

RE:Non-Capitalized venues
You may have to get them out of the Unknown Venue setlists for the city as I probably moved there there if I couldn't find a listing for the venue.

Please let me know which ones you change or tell me which ones the you are sure are correct so I can delete the erroneous ones from the database.

instead of sending cd'r you can upload them somewhere, saves the postage
the 2000/2001 tour was known as the tequila tour :)

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