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Hi! Please be very careful with addresses. This is the address that you put for Siete Family Foods in Austin:
3571 Far West Blvd., #200
Austin, Texas 78731

That address is a mailbox in the PostNet office (kind of like a PO Box):

If you don't know the actual location of those broadcasts/webcasts, it is Ok to use the name of broadcast/webcast in its place (In this case "Café con Siete").

Beat Beat Beat:
I think on this page you can see only the broadcast date, when it was shown on TV. Not the really date of the show, when it was recorded. But this is the problem of the most shows on TV on setlist.
You posted a setlist for Terry Reid's opening performance at the Stones concert in Boston 1969. Would you know where I might find a recording of Terry's set?

Konstanz 1970:
The performance days don't have to be right. If you find more information, please fix it.

Certainly. I think I got a phone call right as I was checking it out. I am still working on the Belfast venues but when I finish that all the major NI venues that I can find information about will be done.

Hey Tom.

Thx much for adding the YouTube links, that’s very cool. BTW, you might like Past Shows section of my website. I need to catch up on some of the recent ones, but for most of the older shows at least, I’ve linked to set lists, and audio and/or video recordings where they’re available, and if there was anything that I released from that show, i’ve linked to the release.

Mannheim Eisstadion 1971:
no problem, thanks
(my source is offline)

Hi Tom!

Yes, this is indeed Adam. I like using this site as a personal database of what I played when and where, very glad to hear it's of interest to anyone else. :) And appreciate your comments re: the Droneworks series. The tapes are indeed gone. But got something new along some similar lines percolating away just off on the horizon, so keep an eye. Thanks for reaching out!

Hopefully they will answer.
Found some info in Brussels about Nepomuc being a saint or church that got destroyed long time ago.
Went to see the Posies last Saturday in Holland at festival, over three hours to get there (traffic jam on Antwerp ringroad) left at midnight. The only played for 50 minutes. Met Frosting rhythm section and got some LP's signed by them. Ken admits I have more Posies related discs than him (almost 600)

Contacted Puddle Parade because there's no info about the venue Nepomuc in Brussels. I suppose you based your setlist on a tape you received?

Thanks for your quick answers and I am sorry that I had missed to pick up the info explaining the answers on your source. Anyway, I would be of help when you want to know something about Japanese venues, etc. :)

hi, i never got to see denim so i cant give my opinion, i have just been reading old Buddy mags a dallas based music mag, then started entering missing events from my area, i bet ur area had a local free music mag paper also that listed weekly monthly shows in ur music club district, great source for many unlisted events and opening acts for those headliners already enetered, reviews with some songs played at shows, very little to none of the buddy mags r online yet, started with copies i kept myself with fav bands on cover or reviews, now going thru hard copies from library archives, i find so many shows that im kicking myself for not going to mainly cus at the time i wasnt into them yet, some combos of bands opening for others that u just think that had to be an amazing show, cant complain too much tho i have seen many great shows

hi, joe ely, after u view the site and verify show u r concerned with, if u really want to fill joe ely dates past what i am doing, which is the easy dates with mostly full venue info, i didnt do research on most of the non america tours, freq site will just have date range and say italy, or a city with no venue, so lots of venue unknown added, and some years in us site didnt lists venue, im leaving some holes in dates, i started loading his dates kinda by accident, i found this site while researching shows i went to in lubbock, just loved the way this site has almost everything he did since begin of his career including non show info, have fun

I corrected the Rembrandt Theater already. There was another theatre at the same square, which was operated as a cinema called Rembrandtplein Theater between 1966 and 1986 is a discotheque Escape today. It is very plausable that was the theatre the band played in 1965. Because it is unknown what the name of the theatre was in that year, I assigned the gig to Rembrandtplein Theatre -

Hi Tom,
I have gone through your recent edits for The Outsiders and have a couple of comments:

When creating new venues, please Google it to verify spelling. For example, you used the English spelling for Rembrandt Theatre, even though the Dutch word is actually Theater. Then I found a Wikipedia entry stating the theatre burnt down during the war, so The Outsiders can't have played there.

I noticed the book you are using is available online - are you using the online version? If so, please include a source link to the page you found the info, which will make it a lot easier for me to validate. For example searching for "Instuif Carna" brought me to the book you are using:
A bit of googling showed me that "Instuif Carna" is actually the name of an event, rather than a venue. (Instuif is an old-fashioned word for party or gathering)

for the rest: good work!

Cheers, Bart

sure, no problem. Send over whatever you need.
Just note that I am away this weekend so won't be able to look at anything until early next week.
Cheers, Bart

I told Biedjee you were going to add some Dutch shows and he said if you have any questions about the venues to feel free to contact him. I'm sure dirkvandamme would help too.

Cool. The guy doing the Small Faces page is pretty sharp. Those venues aren't easy to dig up.

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