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Did the recording of the Posies New Orleans show turn out well?

Also virtually every venue is capitalized. And many are already in the database. Do you know if this show was at the CU Events Theater? It needs to have a source in the comment section.

This is another website that you might find interesting. I have found it to be quite accurate too when crosschecked with the few local newspapers that are accessible on the internet

I really would appreciate it if you would put a source for your edits on the setlists that you create. I'm quite sure that they are accurate but some user/spammers post ones that aren't. Also, when I see a setlist that I or another user might be interested in learning more about (like the Byrds, Boston or Tomorrow, John Peel Session) it is impossible to know where to look. Really, all shows need to be sourced though it seldom happens.

No problem! :)

Alrighty, I gotcha! I really appreciate it! :) Personally, as awesome as another performance of "Funky Monks" would be, I honestly think that it wasn't played and it was just confused with "Funky Crime" from the Uplift album. But yeah, I could be wrong, too. Just get back to me whenever it's convenient for you. I'll make sure that no one touches the setlist. Thanks! :)

Thanks for your response. I see that you also put the information on the setlists themselves, which is great. I see from below that you are probably now aware that we don't list recording sessions or canceled shows. I noticed that you put up some Man setlists from the Maida Vale Studio, Wales. Do you know if they were live shows or recording sessions? I can delete them if you tell me they were only recording sessions.

Do you have a source for this show? It is not listed on the venue or band's website. The club seldom had mid-week shows at this point of time although they occasionally did have one-off appearances.

Also, you added a show for Fairport Convention at the Fillmore West in 1970 without any source given. I looked up the Fillmore's shows and they did appear there on that date but you really do need to put up a link to where you got your information in the comment section or a written comment saying something like "listed on the website" or the shows may be deleted.

Please do not use {Interview} in setlists. It is not a song. Thanks.

Please do NOT add cancelled shows or TV interviews. If the artist did not perform than we don't want it on the site. Thanks.

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