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Hey there,

is there a source saying the Soulman 2014 Japan tour was cancelled because I just want clarification

OKAERINASAI!, sabwh sama,
I was worried due to you hadn't logged in for more than a month.
Now I know the reason why.
Anyway I'm relieved to hear from you again.

By the way, I think your idea is 100% correct regarding the venue for that show.
I was totally mistaken about it as you said.
On second thought, that small venue cannot be the main stage of the festival, can it?
Could you please change the venue name promptly without hesitation.

Okidoki, thanks for explaining! Have a nice day :]

Hi, just saw your edit. So you don't want to make a separate venue for the Dai Hall?

Hey, I added this venue:

But I think the city is wrong? I'm not really understanding all the different versions uses^^ The venue is the Big Hall of the Niigata Kenmin Kaikan, it was missing on


Thank you very much for your message ! No problem, take your time ! If you need any other links to SCANDAL HEAVEN with SCANDAL's songs romanisations, don't hesitate to ask ; I will share them. Actually, you may be able to find the list of the songs on which I noticed some romanisation problems on dirkvandamme's profile, who I first messaged on this topic.

Do take your time, and don't feel bad if you don't answer quickly, I understand the matter. The most important is that we'll get to the bottom of it hopefully ^.^

Hello sabwh,

Messaging you because I've read from michi (admin here) that you're Japanese ; I therefore thought you would be of help on the following topic I've created : It's about several romanisation mistakes on songs by Japanese band called SCANDAL. The point of view of a native Japanese person like you would probably help, and I also mentioned a source to absolutely rely on for SCANDAL's songs' romanisation.

Please participate in the thread if you want more details and if you're willing to help to get the mistakes corrected. Thanks in advance !

Ohayougozaimasu, konnichiwa or Konbanwa, sabwh sama,
I did the same mistake again...
I'm so sorry for the late reply.
I don't usually see my profile page, so I didn't notice your useful information until this morning...

Whenever I register a new venue, I used to refer to Wikipedia and the official website of the local government etc for its pronunciation until now.
From now on, I will use the database of Japan Post that you introduced.
(I don't have anything to come to mind, but have I made any mistakes in registering address of venues recently?)

By the way, my long held doubt was cleared up now.
That's what the mark " * " meant.
I have put that mark on it without knowing the reason, but is that okay?

Hi, can you communicate with me? Someone is deleting my setlists for some reason

Hi! Ok I was told by another mod that Setlist links were fine. But if you say so I’ll use musicbrainz links instead

hey there
Thank you for beating me to editing that Herbie Hancock setlist, I was going to do that but then my wifi went out but thanks for doing that

Heyo, thanks for correcting the name of "Kubitsuri Yuugu". Can't believe I never noticed it myself^^

On that note, some of sukekiyo's track names should be properly translated, I believe. Such as "Aoguroi Hisuteria" to "Aoguroi Hysteria". I don't know if you can do it with a batch edit? If not, I can do it manually.

Ohayougozaimasu, konnichiwa or Konbanwa, sabwh sama.

I'm so sorry for my late reply,
I didn't notice your comment because I didn't visit my profile page...
My answer is YES.

By the way, I totally agree with "I don't think MusicBrainz is always right."
Also this is my personal opinion...,
I don't know who registered this song in English on Musicbrainz,
but I don't think there is a clear reason to make this song title all lowercase.

In the case of Japanese song titles using Latin characters, it's easy to talk about it.
We know it when we see it.

In fact, I usually check its actual notation on official products.
I know the song "innocent world" you show me as an example,
and I've seen its notation on the album and the single both so I can recognize it.

On the other hand,
in the case of Japanese song titles using non-Latin characters, it's hard to talk about it.
Unfortunately the official English notation for this song was not found so far.

Sorry for my lengthy reply.
Anyway artists' and songs' data on are synchronized with MusicBrainz,
so I will do it right after this.
Please tell me if you have any suggestions for edits I did in the future too.

Take care.

Dear sabwh,
Thank you as always for your informative support. I will use the suggested sites for future searches and references. Thank you, RocknmeJP

Heyo, just dropping this here in case you want to make any changes:

Hi, can we move this discussion to the mod forum please?

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