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Thank you so much again! :)

Thank you so much for sorting through that so quickly! Happy new year :)

I just uploaded a setlist with a new venue
On the site the recording was posted there was no mention of Tokyo only Gabowl Shibuya . Could you eventually rectify this?

Hello my friend! I just added some venues for Fred Frith's 1981 Japanese concerts. The venue names were per the album linked from the Discogs site. Could you check those for me? Thank you as always.

The only 1987 shows I've known to be released in complete pro footage is Tokyo 9/14/87, Yokohama 9/26/87, and Osaka 10/10/87. Thank you for letting me know and responding:)

Hi there! I was wondering if you may have filmed or known anyone that filmed the Michael Jackson show in Tokyo 1987. If not, I understand since these were harder times to film, but there is no full show footage from this specific concert on YouTube.

I always submit them for deletion through the official way at first. I just noticed that this time, it took so long, so I thought maybe nobody wants to delete them lol. So I asked you. Will submit the others officially first as well! :)

Thanks a lot! :) I think there might be more for 2001, but I'll have to see to those later.

On a related note: It seems like both Linkin Park and Hybrid Theory, and Linkin Park and Xero are somehow connected, but not Hybrid Theory and Xero. I don't know how setlistfm works exactly, but wouldn't it be possible to list all setlists for all three bands when searching for either of the three?

Heyho, there are four Linkin Park setlists I submitted for deletion, with an explanation and proof, but it appears they haven't been deleted yet. Could you delete them please? - no proof provided by the submitter and not listed on - no proof provided by the submitter, the link in the comments is for another band, not listed on - no proof provided by the submitter, they added a LOT of fake setlists like that. It's not listed on either - another one without any proof, same submitter as the first one

You can find a more detailed explanation for each setlist in the deletion reports, hopefully. :)

If you could change it that would be great (if it's not too much trouble)

Hi sabwh,
You're right, it's the same venue as the one you showed me. Sorry for the mistake.

As always, thanks with your help with Japan venues!

I asked a friend who had been to the show and he says that he recalls it being in Tokyo, so I believe you were right about this show being the Tokyo venue, and not in Osaka. I have updated the setlist to reflect that information:
Thanks so much! :)

Thanks for updating the NRBQ set list from HOB Cambridge,MA from 2000. I hadn't even noticed that it listed the show as part of their Japan tour. Don't know how the heck that got in there. I certainly didn't ad it. Guess I should have paid a little more attention !

Heya, just wanted to let you know that I've added two new venues I wasn't able to find on here.

In case you want to double-check them. I don't know why the district name "shinsaibashi" is written in lower-case, but I think it should probably be "Shinsaibashi BAHAMA, Osaka, Japan" anyway.

Thank You for the help on that Rebecca Loebe venue. You are always there to help me, and I really appreciate that my friend !

Thanks for the help on that Jud Newcomb setlist. I did that before work yesterday and had meant to messgae you for help on the venue. Once again, you are THE BEST! I always look to you for help on Japanese venues.

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