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I posted 2nd show. Thank you for adding the info. :)
Sorry to have not replied sooner.

Hi, sabwh
The problem's fixed now but I couldn't add a setlist to BABEL because for some reason the venue's open/close dates were messed up.

Thanks for looking into it. I had found "Act Theater Akasaka" too... but didn't feel comfortable setting that as the venue. Also, I think I found a page that said that one wasn't opened until a couple years after the Frisell show.

Thank you!! :-)

Thank you! :)

I've made a wrong setlist. The artist is different from what I entered.
Would you kindly delete it or teach me how to delete it?
I really appreciate your ardent work.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

No worries, I think I have it almost figured out and it's not important for anyway^^ But another thing: I posted in the song title corrections thread a while ago, regarding the correction of Dir en grey and sukekiyo titles. Could you please look into that? Currently, all Japanese titles are in allcaps and normal titles don't follow artist intent. afaik, that's wrong, isn't it?

Something else: I'm looking for a specific live house that's supposed to be in Osaka. The only information I have is that the audience area is on some kind of slope and that there's no 2nd floor. It's likely one that's on this list: (hope you can see the picture lol).

Do you know which live house this could be? Or do you have friends in Osaka you could ask?

The magazine in question is called "Vi:lletté vol.3", it's the red one here:
The problem I encountered is the French title. I can't manage to get through the standard French results to reach some Japanese results. Maybe it's easier from the Japanese side?

Hey, you do live in Japan, right? Would it be possible for you to find a certain issue of a certain magazine for me? I've tried Yahoo! Auction and mercari already, but no luck. And I lack the Japanese for a more thorough search. Plus, the title is French and it's rather old... if you don't have time, I understand, of course! Just thought asking doesn't hurt^^

Thanks for the info. I have heard that Renaissance is still going strong. I haven't seen them in quite a while unfortunately though.

Hi...The English prog-rock band is on tour in Japan right now and I follow them. I noticed this setlist at a venue in Tokyo with only three shows there and was wondering if it is named right. If you get a chance maybe you could check it for me.

Re: Peter Evans... perhaps the one with the dancer is the one he noted as "solo" as in the only musician performing, per his website:
"16 Jazz art Sengawa - solo"

That Ten Years After concert looks like it was rescheduled a couple of times but they give no reason why. It certainly makes it hard to pin down.

You're welcome! I will definitely be asking for help on Japanese venues, as I said before, they can be very confusing to me, and I always try to be as accurate as possible! Thank you again my friend! Tom...:)

Hello! I went by the recording information listed for the Alison & Spike "Maple Snow" CD per the Discogs website. The link is here:

According to the Discogs site, the entire CD was recorded at Muse Hall, Osaka on 14 December 1994, except for the song "Empty earth", which was recorded at the Shinjuku Loft, in Tokyo on 11 December 1994. Hope this clears the source up. Always happy with help on the Japanese venues, as sometimes it gets confusing to me! All the best and more postings later. Tom...:)

Thank you for changing CLUB SEATA venue!!!

f you see anything that doesn't look right please feel free to correct it and/or let me know.

I am going to continue working on them. It seems that some UK cities have a lot of information on their venues and some have barely anything at all.

Hey sabwh,
This is where I got that date.
However, it's just a fan site, so it's not any more a reliable source than wikipedia. There might be an accurate tour schedule on a magazine from that time period but I don't have any readily available at the moment. So I'm honestly not sure which date is correct at the moment.

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