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Konbanwa, ohisasiburidesu sabwh sama,

It's my pleasure.
So did you change this one?

I was just about to ask you to change it.

Please take care in these days.

No problem with deleting wrong stuff. Excuse me if something is wrong with Hueye performances. I thought that all the events on their schedule were gigs, but i guess that's not the case. And as an European of me I don't Japanese (I wish I could) to verify everything ^^"

Thank you

Thanks so much for looking into that Painkiller release! Hopefully someone finds something about the venue eventually though

Hey sabwh,
I was wondering if you could fix this venue
It opened in 1992, instead of closing.

Sucks to hear that but thanks for looking into it! You the GOAT

Regarding the OOR- concert I have to admit, that you are right and that I did a mistake in choosing the venue - I am deeply sorry and thank you for your advice!

Thanks again for the surfer, Zushi's information! You are always there when I need help, and I appreciate it!

Hello again my friend. Just added another venue, Surfers, in Zushi. Thank you for checking this out for me.

Thanks so much for helping out with all the hardcore shows in Japan I’ve been adding, I appreciate it quite a bit

Thank you again for your help with the Egg Farm Hall venue information.

Hello my friend! I added a venue, Egg Farm Hall, in Fukaya. Could you please check this for me. I always ask you to verify for me, as sometimes the details on the Japanese venues are confusing to me. Thanks you, as always.
Checked my pix, this was the first show. Tried to add this as an @Info[] but it didn't show up. I see there's also a new @settime[] field in the docs, but it didn't seem to want me to use it?

Regarding bellow, it is 2nd set.
Thank you for your usual effort to fix setlists.

But why translate "Hôru" (in Katakana) to "Hall", but not "Sumikkusu" (in Katakana) to "Sumix"? If you go by the Katakana name of the venue, it should either be "Sumikkusu Hooru" or "Sumix Hall", not a mix of both. Since neither "Sumikkusu" (in Katakana) nor "Hôru" (in Katakana) got properly translated.

And I don't think the venue ever had an official website. But searching for "Sumix Hall ESTA" does provide search results, even on show flyers:

Sorry for my slow response. I attended the first show on this:
However, the setlist l wrote is only part of the real one. He also played some songs from the latest album of course.

Heyho, here's another venue you might need to doublecheck:

It's written in Katakana as Sumikkusu Hôru ESTA in a video of a show there, and as Sumix Hall Esta here:

So I think Sumix Hall ESTA should be the name to use.

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