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Hey sabwh, I just checked and it's RUIDO K4 in Shinjuku

sabwh sama.

After reading your comment and sending reply to you,
I have been thinking, "Wait a minutes, sabwh, is he a Japanese??? He knows too much about Japan..., too much...".

Well, after reading the articles and pictures on 3 web sites you tell me,
I'm starting to think the same thing too, maybe it's ADMIN.'s mistake...

So... I will leave final decision up to you about this case and follow your judgment.
Because you are Moderator but I am just User.


Dear Moderator sabwh.
Oh! we see the same source!!!
Anyway, last letter of KANJI of that venue name is "ya", not "za".

And I am Japanese in Japan.
So I searched that venue's information, but found nothing.
There is a possibility of special pronunciation as JUKUGO and so on maybe,
well... finally I think "Mirakuya", not "Mirakuza" (or "Sanrakuya", "Sangakuya"???).
But I am not 100% sure...

English is not my first language.
If you don't understand well what I wrote. Sorry about that.

Hi, in case you didn't see the post in the forum, michi answered our question: we should be using the town name (or the nearest town's name, if the venue is not in a town), not the district/"gun".

I already changed all the Naeba Ski Resort setlists back to Yuzawa, but I just wanted to let you know in case there are other venues that need to be corrected!

Thanks for working together with me on this issue : )

Okay, no problem! Enjoy your trip : )

Hi sabwh,
Thank you for all the kind words! I'm looking forward to working with you as well : )

Now, about whether we should use districts or towns for rural Japanese venues, I thought it might be best to post the question on the forum and see what the other moderators suggest. What do you think?

Hi sabwh,
Thank you for taking the time to type such a thorough explanation! I agree that it's unclear what should be considered a city for Japanese venues, and you were right that Naeba Ski Resort is definitely not located in the city of Niigata.

I suppose that we need to create a consistent system for naming venue locations in Japan. For example, right now for most setlists, all of the 23 wards are considered to be simply "Tokyo" (which I agree is the best way to sort them); however, there are still some setlists that use "Shibuya-ku", "Minato-ku", etc. But what should we do about other cities in Tokyo-to, like Hachioji, Machida, etc.? Right now, some of these setlists use Tokyo as a city, and some use their separate "shi". (I feel like it's probably better to separate them, but since you are the moderator, the decision is yours.)

As for whether to use districts/counties ("gun") or towns/villages, there are arguments for both. In Japan, it's true that districts are at the same administrative level as cities, so it would make sense to use those from a Japanese standpoint. At the same time, when you look at setlists from rural towns in North America and Europe, they always use the town name, never the name of the district/county/department/etc. So from a global standpoint, if we're trying to keep the same across all countries, it's better to use the town/village name.

Oh, and also, if you scroll to the bottom of the Fuji Rock Festival website, they write the address as "Niigata-ken Yuzawa-machi Naeba Ski-jyou":

Again, since you're the moderator for Japanese venues, in the end it's your decision. But either way, you shouldn't include "-gun" or "-machi"/"-mura" in the location of venues, since other cities in Japan don't include "-shi" or "-to". Also, a small detail, but if you are going to keep using "Minami-Uonuma", both the M and the U should be capitalized. (According to the style guide at you were right that the "-gun" should be lowercase, since it is a suffix, but for proper nouns in English the letter after a hyphen also needs to be capitalized.)

Anyway, thank you so much for all your help cleaning up this site! A year ago, I was reporting problems with Japanese venues and festivals all the time, but now I'm seeing fewer and fewer mistakes. Otsukare-sama deshita! : )

Hi, I noticed that you just changed the location of Naeba Ski Resort to Minami-Uonuma-gun, but this is incorrect. "Gun" translates to "district" or "county" in English; the city ("machi"/"toshi") is Yuzawa.


Glad to hear! That was actually quite fast :-). Yes, we added a couple more for you just in case the one doesn't fit. Now you have some to choose from or to give away as presents, your choice :-)

Hey there! I saw some of your edits into "Amagasaki-shi Sogo Bunka Center" from "Archaic Hall, Amagasaki, Japan". Could you please add the old/incorrect venue name as an alias to the correct one? This will help ensure that setlists added in the future are assigned to the correct venue, and people don't re-create the incorrect venue name.

Hmm, that's really odd - sorry to hear that!
Let Michael know about the issue with email on his user page:
And let him know about your interest in becoming moderator too :)

Hi there, us moderators have had a chat and would like to welcome you to the team. You would be able to perform your own venue merges to clean up Japanese data. If you're interested, please get in touch with the admin team at :)

Thanks for correction (FrankMarino & Mahogany Rush in Tokyo)

I understand you concerns, however it's quite common for idol groups to perform more than one set in a day. The setlists I edit are based off of reliable knowledge, so you don't need to worry about whether the concert actually happened or not.

BiSH performed both at Shinkiba Wakasu Kouen AND at Shibuya WWW X on September 9th.
They performed two sets.

Thanks for your help cleaning up "Koseinenkin Kaikan, Sapporo, Japan". However, in the future you can report misspellings of venue names in the forum, and moderators can fix all venues in on go. We can also merge the wrong venue, ensuring no new setlist are added to it.

Thanks for the information, I've fixed open/close dates for "Tokyo-To Taiikukan" and "Tokyo Taiikukan" :)

Hello, pomes27,
I have posted requested info to Forum. Please refer this . Thank you.

Hi there, thanks for your edits on the Japanese venues.

Unfortunately we cannot simply delete the bad you've reported in the forum:

Instead, could you please let me know the correct venue for each instance, and I will merge the wrong venues?

Thank you very much :)

Hello, ExecutiveChimp. It's my pleasure to do something that I can.
I found that the rule to use local language based venue name is very reasonable. English translated name can vary in many ways by each user. I saw many cases of confusion with venue name in Japanese concerts. Yes, the rule is stated in the Guidelines. But, some people start to create new setlists before they read the Guidelines. So, I am trying to let Japanese users know by showing them many Japanese-based venue names that they are not supposed to translate Japanese venue name into English-based one.
Thank you.

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