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Hi, thanks for helping fix Shelter Nanyou Hall! Just a reminder: please remember to copy all the venue aliases to the new venue when you update a venue's name.

Thanks again for all your amazing work with the site,

no problem

Hi.I have posted about the 2nd show of the day.

Thanks for the information on that Helen Merrill venue.

Hi there, can you help out with something please. Someone is repeatedly reverting a set list to an incomplete version. I have confirmed the set with someone who is there and mentioned my source in the comments. The account of the person reverting looks like a fake account (0 edits, 0 concerts since 2013). Just now I also added an upcoming concert by another band. Again, source notes and rveryting was correct. This was deleted within minutes. Therefore I suspect it is actually a moderator who has issues with me doing this.

Could you help out with this set list: ?

I've posted 2nd stage.

Thank you for the information!

You rock, thanks!
I posted 2nd show. Thank you for adding the info. :)
Sorry to have not replied sooner.
I posted 2nd show. Thank you for adding the info. :)
Sorry to have not replied sooner.

Hi, sabwh
The problem's fixed now but I couldn't add a setlist to BABEL because for some reason the venue's open/close dates were messed up.

Thanks for looking into it. I had found "Act Theater Akasaka" too... but didn't feel comfortable setting that as the venue. Also, I think I found a page that said that one wasn't opened until a couple years after the Frisell show.

Thank you!! :-)

Thank you! :)

I've made a wrong setlist. The artist is different from what I entered.
Would you kindly delete it or teach me how to delete it?
I really appreciate your ardent work.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

No worries, I think I have it almost figured out and it's not important for anyway^^ But another thing: I posted in the song title corrections thread a while ago, regarding the correction of Dir en grey and sukekiyo titles. Could you please look into that? Currently, all Japanese titles are in allcaps and normal titles don't follow artist intent. afaik, that's wrong, isn't it?

Something else: I'm looking for a specific live house that's supposed to be in Osaka. The only information I have is that the audience area is on some kind of slope and that there's no 2nd floor. It's likely one that's on this list: (hope you can see the picture lol).

Do you know which live house this could be? Or do you have friends in Osaka you could ask?

The magazine in question is called "Vi:lletté vol.3", it's the red one here:
The problem I encountered is the French title. I can't manage to get through the standard French results to reach some Japanese results. Maybe it's easier from the Japanese side?

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