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Konbanwa, K-ZOSMA7-S sama,
Thanks for correction of the Note.

By the way, I learned that meaning of 12:00 am is completely opposite in Japan and Western world.

Konbanwa, K-ZOSMA7-S sama,
Thanks for correction of the venues of DEVO in Fukuoka and Mountain in Hiroshima.
These corrections are quite reliable based on tour dates on brochures.
By the way, could you reconsider this edit?
This show started at midnight.
My recognition is “24:00 pm" is wrong, as it is mix up of “am/pm system” and “24-hour system”. Could you switch it to "(Midnight)"?

No problems for me for the two other cover songs (Iko Iko & Goodbye Pork Pie Hat).
I remember You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You was listed twice 129 times like this and 4 times in another way (incidently 4 times by Rickie Lee Jones)

The original title takes precedence over the covered title. This makes reference in the original artists songtitles statistics more coherent.
It was written in two different ways a couple of hours ago


For more detailed information isn't a valid source to add the covers to https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/rickie-lee-jones/1982/starlight-theater-kansas-city-mo-2bc5b8fa.html#sfmsesg2bd16876
Please give us a link which proofs Rickie Lee Jones covered those songs.

Konnichiwa K-ZOSMA7-S-sama,
This is the 1st step you should do.
Please see Roadie pages here. https://www.setlist.fm/roadies
Press white button of Help. You will find explanations about Roadie tools. : )

Hi. Welcome to setlist.fm team!
I will get back to you later. as I am working now. : )

Konbanwa K-ZOSMA7-S-sama,
For example, Roadie can edit venue data such as open/close date, address, additional info of the venue that helps all user of this database, or edit album assignment, etc.
If you don't feel these powers are not useful for your activities on this database, you can stay as a user, rather than becoming a Roadie. It's up to your preference. : )

Ohayou gozaimasu K-ZOSMA7-S-sama,
Hope you are fine.
By the way, I know you have been working long time to improve quality of this site.
Would you mind if I appoint you as Roadie?
I would like to do so, unless you don't like the idea. : )

Please read https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#setlistMedleys
Adding an @With, @Info or @Cover results in affecting the whole line, not just the one song for the medley you created at https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/paul-weller/2005/vox-club-nonantola-italy-2b9f50fa.html

Ohayougozaimasu K-ZOSMA7-S-sama,
Thanks for caring. I am fine too. I will dig old concerts out more, as new ones are not held much to prevent COVID-19 infection. Hoping all of us will stay healthy.

Konnichiwa K-ZOSMA7-S-sama,
Your correction to this setlist was superb. I appreciate it.

Konnichiwa K-ZOSMA7-S-sama, ogenki desuka?
Thanks for correcting Megadeth setlist that I had made wrong correction based on LiveFan data. I really appreciate it.

Konbanwa K-ZOSMA7-S-sama, ogenki desuka?
Thanks for your gentle follow up to this setlist. I appreciate it.

Konbanwa K-ZOSMA7-S-sama,
Thanks for your gentle follow up to this setlist. I appreciate it.

Please try talking to the users directly

Hello K-ZOSMA7-S sama,

Thanks for all of your advices and links related to SOMEDAY. I really appreciate them.
I have revised the data of SOMEDAY. Thanks once again for all of your help. :-)

It's much better to put the source, where it belongs, this is on the setlist page, instead of my profile page. So everybody can see why you did the edit.