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Hello K-ZOSMA7-S sama,

Thanks for all of your advices and links related to SOMEDAY. I really appreciate them.
I have revised the data of SOMEDAY. Thanks once again for all of your help. :-)

It's much better to put the source, where it belongs, this is on the setlist page, instead of my profile page. So everybody can see why you did the edit.

Thanks for responding so quickly and you aren't bothering me at all. You should have posted the bootleg link though or it could have been deleted if you hadn't responded. This is what I posted on your setlist:
Although this website gives the date I don't necessarily believe this bootleg listing is correct. Bootlegs are notoriously unreliable and the other venue has a ticket for it. It's possible though and they could also have flown to New York for an evening gig after the noon show.


At this point I am leaving both setlists.

Do you have a source for this show? Taberav linked a ticket that has them appearing at a different venue on this date.


Thanks for digging up old Zorn dates! If you have more, great! Post a source if you have it available. Also, for bands he's in/writes for (Masada, Naked City, etc), those bands have their own artist in the database and shows for them should be posted to the band not to John Zorn (solo).

Konbanwa K-ZOSMA7-S-sama,
Thanks for pointing wrong setlists of Ozzy Osbourne Japan tour in 1985, which should be in 1986. I have deleted all of these shows.
If you find any other setlist which should be deleted, please let me know.

> So... is it a problem to register one newly as Ian Gillan at Shibuya Kokaido in October 1978?
Yes. If you type ”Gillan 1978” in the search box on top of this page and search, you will find no setlists with "Ian Gillan" or "Ian Gillan Band" in and after September.

Good morning K-ZOSMA7-S-sama,
I appreciate you have been adding many historical setlists of concerts in Japan.
As one from those concerts, I found Ian Gillan Band at Shibuya Kokaido in October 1978.
I know that UDO ARTISTS, their tour agent in Japan, promoted them as "Ian Gillan Band", which was true when they started to sell the tickets.
So, name of the band on their posters and tickets were "Ian Gillan Band", although Ian had changed it to "Gillan" in September 1978. In such case, we should choose Gillan for the artist at the time of the show was actually done. To tell the truth, I did same as you did and asked Forum to delete it. This time, I did. Thank you. :-)

Yes it was deleted.


Good evening K-ZOSMA7-S-sama,
I am fine. How about you?
It’s nice to talk with you again. I welcome all users who try to register for the concerts in Japan. I have been working here to help them with pleasure. So, please do not think my edit as burden or something like that. And if you find any mistake with my edit, please correct it without hesitation. We are only human. Thank you. :-)

Good evening K-ZOSMA7-S-sama,
Thank you for your understanding with my offer to choose “Mirakuza” for the venue, rather than “Mirakuya” which seems to be a typo, for it was found at the single site only.
If somebody found more trustworthy info showing the correct venue was “Mirakuya” in the future, the venue will be corrected by him/her, no matter what he/she is a moderator or a user. Thanks again for your understanding with this issue. :-)

Ohayou gozaimasu, K-ZOSMA7-S san,
You don't have to worry because I am a Japanese living in Japan, too. So, I understood 100% what you have meant. I have been working here as I want to introduce many concerts held in Japan to the people, especially foreign people, as correct as possible.

I checked "Sanrakuya, Nagoya" with Kanji on web pages, but nothing was found related to music, theater or Tsukiko Amano. On these searches, many pages were hit related to "Sanrakuza". I searched further to find that this venue is called as "Mirakuza". It is relatively new venue comparing with how it looks like, because owner of the venue wanted to reproduce "Shibai Goya", a style of Japanese theater in Meiji era. With such uniqueness, many performers such as actors, musicians, and Rakugo performers played or performed here. So, it is a kind of “Oshare na kaijou”(means “cool venue” in Japanese) and it seems very well fitted to Tsukiko Amano. Please check these sites.
General introduction (in Japanese)
You can see “Mirakuza” written in Hiragana here for a Rakugo performance.

At this moment, I do not have any direct evidence that Mirakuya is just a mistype of Mirakuza. So, I do not insist to change Mirakuya to Mirakuza. But, If you are convinced with my explanations, I would like to use Mirakuza, with much possibility to be held at.

I know you changed the venue name of Tsukiko Amano in Nagoya 2002. Do you have any other source except below? Because, I think "Mirakuya" is just a typo of "Mirakuza".