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Hey there. I'm new to editing setlist on here and forgot to click I was there before I did it sorry.

Thank you for taking care of me.
Thanks for your understanding of my idea. I will change the venue soon after this.

Konbanwa, K-ZOSMA7-S sama,

Long time no sees. I have come back from 11 weeks absence on this site.

I think the venue of Shinsei Kamattechan should not be CLUB CITTA' A'TTIC (newly created venue) but CLUB CITTA’ (existing one on 1st floor).

I think wrong information on LiveFans led you misunderstanding.
Check this info of BAYCAMP 202202 on LiveFans: https://www.livefans.jp/events/1360620

This info looks as if there is a NEW venue named “CLUB CITTA' A'TTIC”, covering 1st and 2nd floor of CLUB CITTA’. But this is not right. Actually, “CLUB CITTA' A'TTIC” means Live Bar on the 2nd floor only. Official info on BAYCAMP 202202 showed the venue as “CLUB CITTA' + (plus) A'TTIC”, that means they use EXISTING 2 venues on 1st and 2nd floors at the same time.


It is not clearly mentioned but from the photos on Shinsei Kamattechan twitter and official Timetable, I see FRONT SIDE and BUCK FLIP were at CLUB CITTA’ (on 1F) and FREE THROW ATTIC’ was at CLUB CITTA' A'TTIC (on 2F).

Again, my conclusion is we should change the venue of Shinsei Kamattechan show to CLUB CITTA’ (on 1st floor). How do you think about my idea?

Not a problem. Anyone could make a mistake. I'm glad it is all sorted out and correct. That's all everyone involved wanted.

Ok, thanks. Have mistaken 'actual' time for 'scheduled' time, sorry. Thinking large, well run festivals tend to run to schedule. Point noted, going forwards.

We (you, as a Roadie! :) ) can manually assign songs to a different artist's releases, without the need for cover tags.

I think this issue is more complex than I first realised, I've created a forum topic for it.

Thanks for your help. I've also added a disambiguation to the 1964-1975 mb artist.


alice cooper in 1973, was split off it was 29, the 1975+ shows r not alice cooper solo, its alice cooper and a band and a show, so what about every other band in the world that changes members, as my examples listed seems similar to me
what am saying is u guys get too specific sometimes and go against the general functionality of what we want

why r there not multi beach boys bands, with the brothers, without brian, etc
the origianl lynyrd skynyrd is certainly not the same as any version since
u r getting too specific on some of the legal ish ends of stuff

these alice cooper changes ur making make no sense to me, ur splitting my 28 shows into 2 pieces as if its 2 diff artists, then u should split up every band every time they change members, at least 3 pink floyd bands, 8 styx bands, etc


You should be able to use the MBID in the Edit Artist field :) I'll do the Alice Cooper merge and undo now.


Thank you for flagging the useless comments in this setlist. However, please try not to submit them for deletion if they are valid events.

K-ZOSMA7-S, no that Dixie Dregs medley was the band playing live, not a tape. I don't know how it got flagged as tape, but I will make the correction. Thank you!

K-ZOSMA7-S, you asked me a question about the Dixie Dregs show. I'm sorry: I don't understand what you're asking. Please clarify.

Konnichiwa, K-ZOSMA7-S sama,
No problem with your reply. I am happy to know the database will be useful for you, too.
It will be helpful for us to share marking of *, to know pronunciation of the address has been verified.

Konnichiwa, K-ZOSMA7-S sama,
I am not sure if this info is helpful for you but here is a reliable database of Japan Post.
It is useful to check correct pronunciation of place names in Japan.

I put * after Japan (as Japan *), when I confirmed the pronunciation with this database.

What am I gaining from editing a lot? I can’t sleep well so I do this as a hobby. If I messed up a source it was an accident, but any criticism I’ve gotten from a mod I’ve fixed the problem.

I’m not being competitive, I didn’t revert anything. They aren’t unrelated if you looked at my comment. I was told by another admin to use musicbrainz from now on and that’s fine, no need to get accusatory.