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Hi FFalex, you just commented on the Peter Combe Canberra Concert for this Saturday. I sent a email to Peter last night and send sent me a copy of the setlist at 6:53am Sydney Australia Time this morning. So that why I've put the songs in the setlist.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I appreciate your efforts on setlist.fm. Let me help you in case you are in need, as I really understand how hard it is to create a new venue with local language basis. : )

Hello FFalex, let me explain about how we discribe a venue location in the city of Tokyo.

Basically, Japan venue location on setlist.fm is consist of [venue],[city], [country].
For example, "Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan".
([city] level is replaced by [town] or [village] level, only in case if the venue is not located in a city, as you might know.)

There is one unwritten rule about the city of Tokyo. The city of Tokyo is consist of 23 special wards such as Shinjuku-ku, Shibuya-ku, Minato-ku, etc. So, a venue located at any of the 23 wards is supposed to be stated as [venue], Tokyo[city], Japan.
For example, not like Nanahari, Hatchōbori [town], Japan, but Nanahari, Tokyo [city], Japan.

Thank you for letting me know.

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