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If there is an update, I will definitely tell you.

You can send an email to to plead your case.

I have raised the issue, and the moderators have noted it. I have not been given any information about who decided to restrict your account. This kind of information generally isn't available to Roadies in any case.

If I get any more information, I will let you know. Beyond that, this is truly all I can do, and with the limited amount of time I have to spend here, I really can't afford to be spending much of it on one User. It’s definitely not something that even fits the role of Roadies here.

I don't know who restricted your account, and there is no way for me to see this kind of thing. But I will raise the issue on a forum. I'm doing this on the basis of understanding that you know exactly what the problem is and are not going to repeat it. I really don't want to be in the position of going to bat for someone who is going to do the same thing again.

Are you sure Djavan's songs "Sa..." and "Sa" are the same song, or are they different songs?
Musicbrianz is "usually" good about noting when a song is a version/cover of another song. I looked at the album art for both song's album releases and it's very specific to include the ellipsis (...) or not.
Not a problem to leave messages on my page with edits. You can also post in the problems with Artist Forum (or festivals, venues) too.

Roadies have no access to information about restricted accounts and we are urged not to get involved in these kinds of situations . All I can say is that people's editing privileges are usually restored eventually, unless they create a bunch of accounts to try to get around the restrictions. KFinch's comment below is 'If you're unable to edit, I suggest taking a break,' and that is the best advice in this kind of situation. Try back in a few weeks and see what happens. If your account is still restricted, I think it's fair to ask a mod again.

I only check my page about once a day. I left you the message below, I don't know what happened after that. If you're unable to edit, I suggest taking a break.

You have to stop telling people "What you can do is create a new account to edit and then try to regain editing privileges for that account later."
YOUR account and editing privileges will be disabled if you do this again.

I know you didn't, I was just clarifying why I reverted it back. Thanks!

thanks for the heads-up about the false editors.

Since photos and videos are time stamped now, I see it as a reasonable way to add set times. Thanks for checking in.


Didn't know that, thanks for the heads up!!

Yes, your comments are visible.

Your Troll comments are there, so can be seen by Roadies and Moderators.

Are you 'Troll Secratary' or something? Don't bother me again about any more about other people's problems or I'll mark you as a troll as well.

if an album is played in its entirety, regardless of the order performed vs the order of the songs on the album release, the set title is only the name of the album. There is no need for "out of order" added after the album name in the set title
entirety = the whole thing, regardless of order

Hello, regarding szymmirr, ExecutiveChimp is the moderator you should talk to.

Yes speak to the moderator and worry about the "what ifs" later.


1. Known issue, there are many ways to deal with users like that and most of them aren't visible to the general public. So it *IS* best to do what roadies and moderators suggest to do.
2. That's quite simple actually: I'm a moderator too, I do deal with trolls and malicious users on a regular basis. The ones I deal with myself, I also resolve myself if applicable. I won't override another moderator's decision however. I suppose snarky remarks by the user (see below) won't help either.

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