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I don't know what you mean by redundancy as I didn't look into it in too much detail, but if it's an issue with a festival, you can post about it on a forum and a mod/admin (blue & red stars) can fix it or help out. they have more admin rights to fix things in bulk, etc.


Hey there - I did update that modernlove. show at Bumbershoot with the 4 songs I could positively identify.

Best, Kevin

Hey! Userqman here, I added 11 songs of 20 that I could find for the show in Coeur D’Alene for Journey. Hope you can find some more and thanks for creating that set! :)

Thanks for confirming that Doobies set with me (and updating it to the instrumental info. I could have gone on forever going back and forth correcting the set list that dude kept changing!

And deleted duplicate setlist for 1975. If you find any wrong edits of mine, the easiest is to write acomment on my profile. I'm doing batch edits where I don't get notified per email if some change is made afterwards. Could you please check the third one I changed to the correct artist. This should be ok I think:

Changed back to original artist (Chicago: psy-trance DJ and producer David Potter Christman), thank you for your comment. I think you're right.

Since you recorded the whole US Festival, can you confirm what other Little Steven songs were played aside from the three that were broadcast on the radio? I need this information for a book project. Cheers! Email:

Too bad we didn't know each other back in the 70's, we could've gone to some shows together! I've probably only got about half of the concerts I've attended on setlist. One of these days, I'll have to get caught up. Take care, John

Hi Rockharder ...thank you for teaching me the proper way to notate BOSSA NOVA VERSION at TODD performances. I amended the one song played in that style for August 2013 Tarrytown now too. Do you think I should go back to 10/27/2001 BB KINGS and do same for all 11 songs or us my complete show note regarding the entire lp sufficient? Thanks, Benny

Thanks and no worries. I don't *need* to book them all. So feel free to still edit as you feel necessary. I just note usually when folks update that venue they skip things as it's non-standard. Cheers. :)

I tend to make sure that all of that Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley shows get booked. I noticed you’ve started to book some recently. That’s all fine & good, but make sure you book *ALL* of the shows that happen. Several nights out of the week there are multiple shows. You won’t find this from the base calendat, you have to go into each individual link of dates by the artist. It tends to be Fridays and Saturdays, but not always. With that being said, I always make sure everything gets booked.

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