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Yep. I’m a huge Oklahoma Sooners fan. Look out SEC. Here we come! Boomer Sooner!

Hi! Hope you are doing well too! The concert was amazing! Journey put on an amazing show with multiple deep cuts in a row! Def Leppard also did an amazing job! Even Cheap Trick! Thank you for asking

Oh jeez, you're not kidding… All the more reason for a Mod to get involved. They can make batch edits to quickly correct everything, if needed.

Honestly, I would talk to a Mod about that. I personally think that the one entry with the capitalized "of" should be made lowercase in spite of the (alleged) artist's intent, but I also don't want to see an edit/revert war start. If a Mod steps in, they'll make the appropriate decision and lock the setlist if they have to.

Hello! Regarding the Lucinda Williams setlist and the capitalization issue with that user, I believe they're actually correct in this instance. Despite Musicbrainz's capitalization guidelines being what they are, it is true that there are exceptions to them. Take Billie Eilish's "bad guy" and Kenya Grace's "It's not fair", for example. I definitely understand (and agree with you) that the "of" in the song "Fruits Of My Labor" should be lowercase, but if that is in fact the original recording artist's intent, then it should be respected. Of course, you could also take this issue up with a Moderator if you want to, since they have more knowledge and experience than I do with little technical things like this, but I'll leave that up to you. I hope this helps! :)

Hey. re: VIP soundcheck sets or VIP show performances (they have a few names). As long as they are ticketed events that the public can attend (via ticket purchase, radio station ticket giveaway, etc) they can be added.
They don't HAVE to be added, the performance can be included in the info note of the headline set instead - VIP Soundcheck set: "Song 1", "Song2", "Song 3"

Before we had the ability to enter a setlist 2 years in advance, they were added around the time of the show. This ensured it actually took place. The VIP performances are sometimes cut - the band may do the meet & greet and photos but not perform. If a tour's ticket sale info includes a line in the offer about how the performance may not happen, definitely don't add the setlists in advance. Let attendees or a superfan documenting via social media posts after the show enter the setlist with a source confirming it happened.

They should get a tour name (VIP soundchecks with ticketed audience is used for Paul McCartney) and I would add VIP SOUNDCHECK PERFORMANCE to the setlist's info note because every headline show night, an attendee opens the VIP setlist and starts adding the headline performance songs. It doesn't always work, but they often see the info note and realize it's the wrong setlist.

Hi! Here is the full Scorpions show at Rock in Rio Lisboa :)

As indicated by the stadium on the official website and on the Facebook page and as I specified yesterday, the opening of the doors for the Coldplay concerts in Lyon on June 22, 23 and 25, 2024 is postponed to 5:30 p.m. Coldplay app information has not been updated.

Hey! Thanks for this, it's a pleasure to help! Regarding the SIC channel, I really don't know if it is available in other countries. RIR Lisboa has practically limited coverage only for Portugal and here in Brazil we are only able to watch because there are some channels available from Portugal to hire within pay-per-view TV operators but especially this year the festival is broadcasting some shows also on YT:

The Europe and Evanescence shows are on YouTube too, but it seems to me that the Scorpions show wasn't broadcast there, but generally people record the SIC broadcast and then post it on YouTube, so let's see in the next few days :D

Were you at the second Dada show in Seattle June 2nd? There was a song right after Moon before the encore that I was completely unfamiliar with. Did you happen to catch it?

Thanks for the kind words about my posting of the Celebrating Gordon Lightfoot setlist at Massey Hall.

My confusion about consolidating the setlist is since I go to the show and post I saw the artists I witnessed there. If it is consolidated as a various artists show then the records of those artists performing is not documented when you look them up. So it is like their sets never exhisted.

Is there not a better way to have each set posted individually and submitted as one concert ad they do for a festival?

Thank you, we get to a lot of TR concerts, going WAY back...the Me/We setlist had some almost obscure selections (unless you're a long time fan...) Keep Rockin'!!

Hey! Thank you so much for your kind words! It's great to be back! :D

Sorry to bother you, I'm changing the source/comment, thank you for your comment.

Hello! Yes, I saw everything that went on with the latest Pearl Jam setlist. Lord knows I got enough emails because of it… Anyways, regarding the "tour debut" issue, it's honestly a gray area. Like @kfinch pointed out, the guidelines state that notes pointing out tour debuts are allowed, but they're not required by any means. It's a completely optional thing. In this particular case, as another user on that PJ setlist pointed out, tour debut notes aren't typically added to PJ setlists because they mix up their sets for every show and they have so many songs that they perform on a regular basis. I personally don't think all of those notes need to be listed for the sake of consistency with PJ's older setlists, but again, there's technically nothing wrong with the notes being listed. But in any case, @kfinch stepped in and locked the setlist. I'm sure he'll decide what to do about it sometime soon. Hopefully then, the issue will be resolved. Sorry I couldn't be of much help!

You are amazing. Thank you.

I don't care which way it stays, but they should all be uniform! Thanks!

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