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You rock! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!!

There are a lot of things I remember about that show and that night, but actual songs played aren’t among them. Believe it or not, I knew the Softies, who he opened for that night, way better than Elliott!

You just need to make sure that you mark the releases as Official on mb (which you seem to have already done), then import the artist to

Depending on the order in which things happened, you may need to use the Update Now link on their page for the releases to appear here.

Let me know if you have any issues with it!

You have to add then on Musicbrainz and then they will eventually show up here for compilation .

Thanks for the info. I don't follow VU setlists but a lot of them were setlists I created so I get notified about those. Again, feel free to revert and report as you see fit or leave a note on the setlists or User's profile. I'm not going to block or watch these edits as none of it seems malicious. I wouldn't be surprised if the added unsourced songs are legit too and there is a source being used but without it being provided it is correct to revert them.

This User is doing a lot of VU edits without giving sources. I got a response with a source when I requested it and have a couple more requests in the pipeline. I think they are okay and/or being made in good faith but don't hesitate to revert unsourced edits

Ok, the choice is yours. If you change your mind you have me in your corner. There's not many people that when I get an email saying that they made an edit I feel safe just deleting without checking it. Those are the people I would consider for moderator. As far as not wanting to give out any personal info... I can understand that, but I will say that I have never been contacted in any way other than email (maybe twice). Most conversation is done in the moderator forum. I think they just want to know who you are in case you ever decided to somehow sabotage the site in some way that hurt them financially (which of course would never happen). You do a great job here either way though.

Oh good. Glad to hear it. :)

Regarding the last change you made on this setlist ;
I'm pretty sure the Intro was played by the keyboardist James Richardson alone and didn't came from a tape. I can get wrong but that's what I remember from the show and that matched the setlist mention (as "James Intro").
Can you check on that and update the setlist if necessary please ? Thanks !

You're not bothering me at all. A couple of the other Moderators are handling this guy so I will wait to do anything until they decide if they want to create a new setlist or whatever. But thanks for letting me know.

I posted this note on his profile page

"Please stop adding assumed setlists just because that is what they played the day before unless you were actually there. And let me know that you saw this note and understand or your setlists will be reverted."

I am going to hold off locking the setlists right now and see if he responds positively and watch him. If he continues on other setlists I will have his edits reverted so if you see any let me know. I don't like locking setlists as they may prevent an attendee from adding songs.

Thanks. One mistake (especially by a new User) would be one thing but this was clearly trolling and the quicker it can be stopped the better.

Please let me know when somebody is messing with Pink Floyd or any other setlists or report it to the forum. If they're screwing up one artist they may be doing it to others.

Thanks for your correction on The Shakin Stevens Setlists.
Don't You Lie To Me is really from Tampa Red and not from Chuck Berry.'t-You-Lie-To-Me-1368862
We should inform Shaky because he said that it would be a song from Chuck Berry at the concert. :-)
Best Regards

Regarding The Honeymoon Song
Since I can't find neither of the composers released their version of the song, it should be credited as a cover of the person or group who released it first.

Regarding the band Loose Talk, if they don't exist on MusicBrainz you can add them at MusicBrainz. Then after a few days, they can be imported to

When you create the artist at MusicBrainz, I would recommend adding links to additional sources (Wikipedia, Discogs, etc.) to avoid them being deleted.

I myself asked this on the mod forum since I had trouble with someone not agreeing and had already seen titles in different language with cover tag, other mods confirmed it's better to list song as translation with cover tag until the song aliases problem is solved.
No problem for taking initiative to make corrections. When you do something wrong hopefully somebody will tell you.

When a cover is sung in a different language, the title remains in the original language. See all Johnny Hallyday translations.

No problem! It was pretty confusing and a lot of people were asking questions. Definitely good to double check

Hey, no worries and thank you for doing all other shows. I think that mwY Instagram post was definitely a joke. The list of songs were ones that people always ask for, ones the band doesn’t like, and ones that haven’t been played in ages. OG Messes is suggesting an early, alternate version of ‘Messes of Men’ which is not a publicly known thing. I think they just found the equipment and it was a good photo op. It’s possible they jokingly played for a second but it definitely seems like a joke list and no actual set was played.