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I need your help on Coldplay's "A Head Full of Dreams" tour. Between A-Stage and C-Stage Coldplay played Kaleidoscope throughout their tour but on their new album, Live In Buenos Aires, Kaleidoscope is listed as "Colour Spectrum" so my question is should we change the setlists the way Coldplay listed it? I already spoke to Moderator "bendobrin" about the same subject and I'm gathering information with Coldplay editors such as You, Me, and some Moderators. please get back to me as soon as possible.
Thank You,

Hey just letting you know I’ve signed the Blur song “I Know” to the correct release of the “She’s So High” single as it was originally released in 1990.

Now blocked. I don't know Muse well enough to correct them. Let me know if you need help there if more extensive fixes are needed than you can do.

Yes, that should be the right email. Michi will email you with more details and we can show you how everything works once you have access to the moderator forum.

Hi. I wanted to let you know that I have recommended you to be promoted to a moderator and some others agreed as well. If you are interested just send an email to Setlist support and an admin will see it. Keep up the good work!

Why am I unable to edit the tour on this setlist?

It's a bug. The solution is to go to your settings and check the option that says “Show a checkbox to enable/disable autocorrection when editing a setlist.” Then remove the tour from the field and be sure to have autocorrections disabled (there will be a checkbox right above the submit buttons).

yo! regarding that RHCP in Reno in 1998... I was 17 years old so I don't really remember too much... they DID play I Like Dirt! that's one I do remember!

Regarding Neutral Milk Hotel, yes it's possible to mass-edit song titles. Please post your request in this forum thread:

Thanks for somehow reminding me that roadies should actually be allowed to edit locked setlists.

Thanks for the corrections on the new listings. I spent the last few days going through tapes and set lists...still have about 1000+ tapes to sort through, plus a lot of ones with no track listings. Looks like I'll be filling in some of the setlist gaps for everybody...it just might take awhile.

Thanks for the heads up on that Black Flag vets hall show. I got it from my west coast buddy who taped a lot of their shows, and he must have mislabled it. I wondered about some of the songs that weren't showing up on other 1986 tapes. Thanks again!!!

I'll double check that Funky Monks on my 1991 New orleans tape. I wrote that on the track listing, but I could be wrong. I'll get back to you on that though....working the next few days, so my listening time is limited. Thanks for your help.

Great find! I believe that setlist originates from January - March 1999 personally, it may even be around the time of the Reading University gig. I've contacted the seller to see if they have any info regarding when it is from and where it is from. I'll let you know if I hear anything back, but try and download the setlist pic if the owner takes it down ;)

Thanks for reaching out to me regarding this

Hey, good to hear from you again!

I've been searching around the various old sites and I've come across at least three sets that I've added, any more and I'll continue to post them. In the meantime, I've also found these great link collections that you might be able to get some use out of:


Hopefully there's some gold hidden in one of those links!

Hey, I could use some help with something really quickly. I think I've discovered the second confirmed performance of India Rubber by Radiohead, but I'm not exactly sure. There's a review of the gig (below) in Japanese which mentions the songs, but I'm not sure what the context is. If you wouldn't mind having a look, I'd really appreciate a second thought on this one.


Thanks again! Hopefully a new set of early setlists will come around again ;)

Hi, I unlocked those setlists, you should be able to change them now. Cheers!

allenz, I hope you saw my recap of the RHCP show at the Palace Theater in New Haven. Let me know if you have any questions.

Allenz, can you send your email address to me at spunkiejones@yahoo.com? I want to respond privately to your Chili Peppers question.