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Why am I unable to edit the tour on this setlist?

It's a bug. The solution is to go to your settings and check the option that says “Show a checkbox to enable/disable autocorrection when editing a setlist.” Then remove the tour from the field and be sure to have autocorrections disabled (there will be a checkbox right above the submit buttons).

yo! regarding that RHCP in Reno in 1998... I was 17 years old so I don't really remember too much... they DID play I Like Dirt! that's one I do remember!

Regarding Neutral Milk Hotel, yes it's possible to mass-edit song titles. Please post your request in this forum thread:

Thanks for somehow reminding me that roadies should actually be allowed to edit locked setlists.

Thanks for the corrections on the new listings. I spent the last few days going through tapes and set lists...still have about 1000+ tapes to sort through, plus a lot of ones with no track listings. Looks like I'll be filling in some of the setlist gaps for just might take awhile.

Thanks for the heads up on that Black Flag vets hall show. I got it from my west coast buddy who taped a lot of their shows, and he must have mislabled it. I wondered about some of the songs that weren't showing up on other 1986 tapes. Thanks again!!!

I'll double check that Funky Monks on my 1991 New orleans tape. I wrote that on the track listing, but I could be wrong. I'll get back to you on that though....working the next few days, so my listening time is limited. Thanks for your help.

Great find! I believe that setlist originates from January - March 1999 personally, it may even be around the time of the Reading University gig. I've contacted the seller to see if they have any info regarding when it is from and where it is from. I'll let you know if I hear anything back, but try and download the setlist pic if the owner takes it down ;)

Thanks for reaching out to me regarding this

Hey, good to hear from you again!

I've been searching around the various old sites and I've come across at least three sets that I've added, any more and I'll continue to post them. In the meantime, I've also found these great link collections that you might be able to get some use out of:

Hopefully there's some gold hidden in one of those links!

Hey, I could use some help with something really quickly. I think I've discovered the second confirmed performance of India Rubber by Radiohead, but I'm not exactly sure. There's a review of the gig (below) in Japanese which mentions the songs, but I'm not sure what the context is. If you wouldn't mind having a look, I'd really appreciate a second thought on this one.

Thanks again! Hopefully a new set of early setlists will come around again ;)

Hi, I unlocked those setlists, you should be able to change them now. Cheers!

allenz, I hope you saw my recap of the RHCP show at the Palace Theater in New Haven. Let me know if you have any questions.

Allenz, can you send your email address to me at I want to respond privately to your Chili Peppers question.

Re:311 3-12-16 Intried editing the two songs with Mark McGrath to show that those two are Sugar Ray covers but I'm having issues with it not working right. I'm probably doing it wrong. LOL Can you add that note to the songs "Fly" and "Stay On"? Thanks!

Found a performance of Coma from 1998, sorry it took so long:P

Hey, I'll try to summarize the strategies I use for setlist hunting!

I believe that every setlist since 2005 can be discovered and that none of them are old enough to be lost to time like, for example, a Radiohead setlist from 1991 would be. Finding setlists from 2015-2005 is as easy as going on google, searching in key terms and setting the date restrictions to that year, but Youtube is also very helpful for finding individual songs.

From 2000 to 2004 is also pretty easy to come by. Usually someone will have old bootleg sites still up where you can occasionally find a setlist or a link to somewhere. If you find a link to a site, you're good to go as those ones don't need to be archived. A great example is this:
That site has 25 links, so as far as I'm concerned now you can pretty much find anything. Most if not all links you'll find from that era will be dead, so I use the Wayback Machine to dig through the sites the links just provided. Most of the time the site won't have anything whatsoever, but sometimes the useless site provides the link to another site full of links, one of which could have that goldmine of setlists.

One of the most important things I've found is the Yahoo Groups feature that was used from I believe 1998 to about 2008, which there are groups on just about anything. Just a simple check for Mindless Self Indulgence and you can already see there's at least four of these.
Often they don't have much unless they're big, but you can search for key words like "they played", a name of a song or "setlist" and that usually brings up the best that can be offered. Links can also be found to obscure dead sites, which is very helpful.

Now bands which peaked in the mid-1990s or older than that are usually harder to get any sort of info on, so normally you'd have to look in bootleg sites for that kind of information. Musiczilla often has a lot, like this link for example
But you have to consider that most aren't complete and you have to deal with the occasional one which is blatantly wrong.

Now that you've brought up those bands I'll add them to the list of ones to search for in the future. Hope this helped in any way, thanks again:)

Your wish for another confirmed Twin performance has been granted!