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Also, I know for a fact Pearl Jam releases tickets day of show all time that don't get sold. That would no longer be a sell out then.

Hundreds, if not thousands of conncerts were pandemic is not mentioned as well. Sold out mentioned? I guess I need to go back and list that on a few hundred concerts I've been to...

Need your help, at a show not sure if I'm doing this setlist right
They did the whole album, then "Reverend Horton" announced they were doing some of their "Subpop Records" songs. They then finished with "Ace of Spades". No encore as they're opening for The Toadies. Fix if needed please.

thanks. I was just getting ready to do that.

have a good one.

Thank you, as always YOU ROCK!!

You scored, great setlist. I'm a little jelly you got "Piggy" and "Even Deeper" both faves of mine.

Your are in for such a treat tonight...HAVE A BLAST!!!

Without actually hearing this don't you think that this might be better listed as "When Big Joan Sets Up" @info [with bass solo introduction]? I don't know if the solo was just a snippet, most of the song or the entire song. Maybe you've this or something similar from another show on the tour but I haven't. Your call though.

Songs listed as “reprises” are supposed to be listed as such in the info correct? Rather than the track name?

Having a bit of an argument here

That was me @allenz, I videoed because you mentioned "Me and My Friends" in a post. I've received lots of feedback on that song. Thank YOU!!!

I say pull the trigger on 2022-23 Global Stadium Tour. That covers it all and is verified. If you need help changing all the setlists please don't hesitate to ask.

If you consider Wikipedia a reliable source I'm all for Global Stadium Tour throughout...

Top of my list is always "Sir Psycho Sexy". Next would be "Poster Child" off UL. They haven't played it yet so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I would definitely have some Unlimited Love for them if they pulled a live debut of that!!!

Sounds good, better hope they don't play a new song at that last show. I see them here in Seattle in a week and hope they will ;)

FYI- I originally called it the UNLIMITED LOVE tour then someone changed it to GLOBAL STADIUM TOUR in the first setlist Someone at a later show changed it back. I think you bring up a good point IF/WHEN they start plaing songs from the newest album.

I fixed Dot Hacker as you requested, but next time please report any artist issues in this thread: