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Thanks for resubmitting that one. And no he never did contact me about it.

I didn't delete this yet as I sent a note to the attendee to see if it is just a mistake or a different band to see if he responds. If there's no response we'll delete it but if I don't let you know in a couple days please remind me about it.

Yeah, absolutely! I really respect an artist that will do the songs the people want to hear. His show and his setlist was amazing.

"Here's something from my new album" => Time for a bio break.

Too many artists do forget what the majority of the audience paid to see....oh Clapton for example. I know, as a singer you don't get thrilled about singing the same songs for 50 + years.

I remember seeing the great Johnny Cash a couple times. He would say right up front. "We've been singing some of these songs for 40 years, but if they are what you came to hear, then they are what we want to play."

My snark was more directed at setlist's classifications. Calling "Yesterday" a "cover" for McCartney is ummm, kinda sacrilege. That is a 100% pure Macca song.

Thank you for fixing Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey! That one has always bothered me.

I also find it quite funny that Sir Paul's stats as playing 31 Covers out of 39 songs!... You'd think after 60 years in the business he could do more original stuff. Instead he just covers old songs from groups such as Wings, the Beatles & Quarrymen. LOL!

I sent a proof request for this and it will be deleted if I get no response. I didn't delete it now because they played there a few days before so it could be legit or a wrong date.

P.S. I think that Static-X can't give 2 shows in same day.

Thanks. I just found it after the setlist deletion page reloaded.

Thanks. I think I accidentally failed to delete the Beatles fake setlist but will get it later if it isn't reported for deletion again.

That User with the McCartney edits looks bogus. The clock is ticking on him and I'll probably act sooner than later. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

Thanks, that's what I thought. Didn't see it on my phone. Pretty obvious here.

This SP show is listed on wiki, and other sites. It fits their tour schedule so I am not deleting it until more info surfaces even though I have a feeling that it was postponed and played on Jan 30, 1997.

Regarding the song "Marigold" (Late!), sorry for our lack of information. It will not happen again! Our advisory is already duly informed. Thank you for the warning.
Kind regards.

I contacted the User who created that Radiohead show you asked to have deleted after I zapped it. From what he posted on my page it looks like it was legit after all so I askedd him to recreate it with a Comment so I thought I'd let you know.

You rock! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!!

There are a lot of things I remember about that show and that night, but actual songs played aren’t among them. Believe it or not, I knew the Softies, who he opened for that night, way better than Elliott!

What do we need to do to become Roadies?

Hola, gracias por el dato de Radiohead !

Hey Allenz, how are you? I Don't know how to post on the ''Contact Us'' page, so i decided to post here to see if you can correct that error.
I see you attending on a lot of Slipknot concerts, so i think that you are the right person to correct.

So, the song ''All Out Life'' was recorded on 2019 and belongs to the Especial edition of the last released album of the band ''We are not your kind'', you can confirm that on this link:

The problem is that they played that song in live and the song are going to the ''Others'' session instead going to the WE ARE NOT YOUR KIND session.

Slipknot have some songs of especial or deluxe editions that they played live and all of them are on the correct album session (for example: Purity and Get This are not in the original version of the Self-Titled album and go to the Self-Titled session even so)

So please, try to correct that and put All Out Life on We are Not Your Kind session, thank you for the attention :)

Hey man sorry I'm just getting back to you on this. Those Gorillaz Plastic Beach setlists were from so long ago, but I do recall hearing reports about those songs you mentioned on the Internet at the time (probably Gorillaz-Unofficial). Unfortunately I can't remember if I ever saw a photo of that actual setlist with that written on it, if it did exist it's almost certainly lost to time now. Sorry I can't help more.