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I posted in the forum about the character count issue if you want to check it out:

Character count in upper right corner at zero(full):
Character count with 13 remaining:

Hey, is my again...
I'm just wrote you because i recently open a topic about Linkin Park theme in the Website Support section of the forum. It was my next step after not receive a answer of the 'problems with songs' topic (that was closed a few days after i make the post). And one of the admins of the page says me to get in touch with the persons with i speak the issue (that's mean, you... and nothing more really... the real life can be a bit bussy, hehe).
Hoping that you can join and maybe we get an answer.

Well, i recently search in the forum and nobody ask for it, so i going to mention this on the 'problems with songs' topic (that i'm just recently discovered) and maybe in that place i can get something more about this.
Thanks for the reply, and for the words about my English :D

Hello, i'm going to ask you about something that makes me a question, is about Linkin Park and some of their remixes songs register here.
This are:
P5hng Me A*wy (Pushing Me Away remix):
Frgt/10 (Forgotten remix):
Wake 2.0 (live remix of Wake):
The think is, i view one of the setlist that you edited (this one: speaking about this subject.
And my question is how they treatment that subject with the remixes song above, because this song are listed in that way for a long time (at least at the time i started to use this site) and, according to the guidelines, that's not allowed.
I'm not sure if someone already speaks about this songs, or if they agreed to leave it like that or something like that. That's because i'm also wrote to you, because i don't want to make something that generate some problems in the page.
If you ask me, i agree to put this remix back to their original title, anyway, P5hng Me A*wy is still Pushing Me Away, and so.
I'm waiting for a answer, thanks in advance, and apologies for my sometimes bad english...

I do you have any rare soundboard tapes? I am a massive collector with many uncirculated gems

Hi allenz, I've seen you helping with a few Coldplay setlists here so I'm wondering if you would know the answer to this. A couple years ago, a user who you've previously interacted with changed all instances of the unreleased "Ladder to the Sun" to "A Ladder to the Sun" - no source provided.
Everywhere I look online, including images of printed setlists from the Rush tour, says the correct title is "Ladder to the Sun" (including Musicbrainz -
Do you have any insight on which title should be used? Thanks

That does answer my question! Thanks.

Hello sir - noticing your edits throughout Smashing Pumpkins 2018 setlists. Out of curiosity, did you ever see proof that MCIS is performed live and that Disarm is NOT solo acoustic or did you just give up on trying to correct brucefan? Curious if something changed your mind or you just moved on. I've been reverting a bunch but don't have the time to change them all. brucefan keeps saying to refer to the first few shows on the tour, which have an explanation, but no link to document.

Easy, no problem there. Please just reply to the forum topic so that kfinch knows that it got reported and deleted by mistake - and to have all issues for the topic collected at one point. Thanks!

Hi, could you please join the discussion at: ? Seems like there's an issue concerning SNL dress rehearsals in front of an audience. Thanks!

I'm going to wait to delete that Slipknot show and see if he provides a source. Please resubmit it if you think I have forgotten it.

And Garberville to San Francisco will take you four hours to drive so I doubt there would have been two shows on this date.

Just wanted to point out that ExecutiveChimp has reverted The Who setlists from 2016 except one - which appears to be locked. The setlist in question is this one:

Since a tour cannot consist of one concert, I suggest it should be renamed to be consistent with other concerts on the tour to "Back To The Who Tour 2016" as well as the other Desert Trip concert from Oct. 9.

There's also a poster announcing a three day festival on so I linked those two venues and created the festival.

I doubt is reliable since on the same day as Blur he attended a concert in the same city but a different hall (which was incorrect)

You rock! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!!

There are a lot of things I remember about that show and that night, but actual songs played aren’t among them. Believe it or not, I knew the Softies, who he opened for that night, way better than Elliott!

You just need to make sure that you mark the releases as Official on mb (which you seem to have already done), then import the artist to

Depending on the order in which things happened, you may need to use the Update Now link on their page for the releases to appear here.

Let me know if you have any issues with it!

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