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Sorry, I didn't realized it was three per day.

Hi. Hoping you can help clean up & combine these two venues:
This one is more correct, but capitalization needs correction.
This is the same venue, but is missing "Amphitheatre", and is listed as being in Fort Erie, when it is in Stevensville.
Here is the website for Safari Niagara, with the address:
Thanks. Let me know if you have questions.

Okay, we have a problem. Yesterday my editing privileges were locked because of the debacle on the Genesis setlist from last night. Other than reverting the setlists a number of times for not having valid sources, I seriously did nothing wrong. I didn't call anyone names & certainly did not use profanity. There were users abusing me with profanity on the thread & on my home page. Somehow they were not banned. As far as I know, their editing privileges were locked as well. That makes no sense. Can you please help? Thanks.

actually event_monkey fixed it so nothing's wrong anymore

can you unlock this setlist below real quick, there's a song title that's not correct

I'm specifically referring to Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)
r the same venue spelled both ways in ads, not sure which should be official
theatre or theater (smaller)
but not the same as DCC which is dallas convention center arena (large), same address and complex bldg
currently called

Hello Ben,

Thank you for getting back to me on that Toby Keith setlist in Saudi Arabia, I couldn't even find a article or source about that concert which was aggravating me but now that I at least have one source I believe that show happened, the reason why I doubted that show happened in the first place was because I had a feeling that (based on what I know about Toby Keith) the only reason he would perform in the Middle East is if he was doing a USO tour

I'm not sure what you want here...I have been putting in the correct setlist to shows that I have been to (Almost 1k now) and you keep deleting them. I thought this website is for fans to see what is actually be played. I don't put any misinformation in here or jack up set lists for the hell of it like I have seen people do. There is nothing more important than music today and the correct info. I just added the Firehouse show in Gibson City that is tomorrow for fans to see that may not know about it and it is now gone. I even added the link that you requested and that I did not know I needed to do when you took my privileges away. It would be great to be able to edit this website again for myself and for fans. Thanks
it doesnt seem to make a diff on search, but alias chapter 11 has a single quote in front of it

Um, did you see what they said on regards to my mother?

Super, my bad, even tho it was on the same festival and the small event was not "a concert" in the program. Can you delete your message on my profile?

I was updating several songs from an old Hall & Oates concert I attended. It was going well until hit edit. I thought I deleted whatever happened to Italian Girls, but then all the updates came down.

Thanks. Really thinking about these sets has taken me down memory lane.
I think the 16 songs on the Run-DMC set are finally complete, but the middle of the show may still be a little out of order. I know the set list was the same every night, with the only exception I remember being the night the Beastie Boys joined them on stage at the Greek.

Why do you continue to delete the Dee Snider setlist from someone the was at the illinois state fair show

Hey Ben,

I tried to post this comment on LetMeEdit's page about a 1988 Run-DMC show at UIC Pavilion, but it wouldn't post. Trying again here.

Responding to bendobrin's question on 6/9/2021 19:55 about the date of the UIC show --

I was a roadie on that tour. I don't remember the exact date of the UIC Pavilion show, but July 29, 1988 sounds right, and July 1, 2021 is definitely wrong. I know that because the morning of the UIC Pavilion show was the morning the lighting director for Run-DMC got sick and had to be hospitalized in Chicago. He missed the last four dates of the tour, which ended in Providence August 3. (I was the L.D. for opening acts E.U., JJ Fad, Public Enemy, and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. I was pissed I didn't get the call to sub as the headline LD -- that gig went to the tour master electrician, who was the headline LD's buddy and had a lot more seniority than me.)

(On July 1, we were somewhere in California, I think. Maybe the Greek Theater? That would have been the last show before the mid-tour week-long break, which was due to slow ticket sale cancellations. I remember flying out in time to make a July 4 wedding in NY, then flying back somewhere to resume the tour.)

LetMeEdit's list of other acts on that UIC Pavilion show also sounds right. The ones I listed above were the ones who were on most or all of the tour, but pretty much every rap act that was on the road that summer appeared on one or another of our bills at some point. Boogie Down Productions, Heavy D & the Boyz, Stetsasonic, 2 Live Crew, E.P.M.D., LL Cool J, FILA Fresh Crew, Monie Love, Beastie Boys, on and on. The ones LetMeEdit listed definitely appeared on the show at one point or another--I'll take his or her word for that night.

Hope this helps.


I just wanted to apologize for the California Raisins setlists, I thought since they actually toured they kinda counted but I was never really told much about rules with fictional groups, for example Gorillaz is fictional yet they tour quite a lot therefore I was confused

Hey Ben,
You changed the date of a setlist I added with the comment:

"According to this reliable link this show was in 1993."

But the byline on the article you linked was "Steve Morse, Boston Globe, November 23, 1991". The WBCN show was definitely in 1991...I was there! Someone else already fixed it...

Hey Ben, not sure if this will be considered a duplicate, but I've seen several websites list the outdoor venue of the ICON Music Center (in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) as "The ICON Festival Stage at Smale Park," so I added a separate venue for the outdoor shows. The current capacity for the outdoor venue is 8,000 (though this will likely decrease) and the capacity for indoor venue is 4,400.

Despite the name "Festival Stage," the stage is a large, permanent structure. While it is technically in Smale Park, it is on the complex of the ICON Music Center, and doesn't connect to most of the park. The address listed is the same as the ICON Music Center; 25 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Thanks Ben! Hope this helps! Links and sources are below:

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