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Thanks for your help. Please add:
Plac Bankowy in Warsaw, Poland
Ołowianka in Gdansk, Poland

hi, lithium song is auto changed to nirvana cover it is not, it is orig by coathangers
how do we get the update to stop , this song is misrepresented on all coathangers setlists,

Hi Ben! This seems to be an incorrect duplicate. Please remove. Thx!

thank you

hi, i have a song that keeps auto changing, how do i get it to stop changing to wrong title , thanks

Sorry about the confusion. The info is in the book, but there isn't any link for the full one online (at least at the same time- i've found I can view a few pages at a time). I think from now on, i'll just list it as "Listed in the Doug Hinman book The Kinks, page X"

hi, i just added a setlist
and made a mistake i cant figure how to change on my own, accidently added a tour (which i need removed). toadies supposedly opened for ozzy, setlist which doesnt exist nor does info that ozzy played houston, date is open but figure ozzy fans know best so didnt add ozzy but left his tour info when changed to toadies, figure toadies still played houston even if ozzy didnt, thanks

He also clicked that he had attended the show. Interestingly, the same tickets would have been honoured in the Spring when the concerts were rescheduled unless the customer requested a refund. I was in the same boat - having tickets for October and the concert rescheduled for the following March.

Palais des Congrès address is OK. Thanks !

Can you please correct all the Lindsey Buckingham set lists regarding the song 'All My Sorrows' as it should be labeled a cover by The Kingston Trio. Thank you.

Thanks for listening.

At the bottom of the history section it states "For many years, the stadium was known simply as Lansdowne Park" which supports what I have been saying. The name appears to have been informal as one other source I gave you stated the stadium was nameless for 2 decades.

Second paragraph, The Professor, was what I have been looking for as regards to Frank Clair which is the specific date the stadium took this name, 8 April 1993. This makes sense as they would have wanted the change in place for the start of the CFL season.

For the Aerosmith show the latter link settles it definitively, it was Frank Clair Stadium on that date. For events prior to 8 April 1993 I feel Lansdowne Park is the correct name and Links I have provided give enough support. However, since no name was formal (at least that I can find) I understand your reluctance to go with a public nickname so Grandstand at Lansdowne Park makes the most sense to me with that line of thinking.

Hope these links help some. They at least give you a date to start calling the venue Frank Clair Stadium.

You have changed the location of several gigs previously listed as Minges Coliseum in Greenville, NC to Williams Arena at Minges Coliseum. I don't think the Williams Arena portion of the name was added to the original name Minges Coliseum (where I attended several gigs from the early 1970's through the year 2000) until about 10 years ago. It was remodeled in the 1990's but the dedication to the Williams family did not occur until 2009 if I am not mistaken.
The various names and dates it was called those names listed on wiki page.
Clearly names Lansdowne Park and only mentions CCE with reference to the exhibition itself.

Lansdowne Park was also the name of the site which included the grounds, some buildings and the hockey arena. It was attached to the stadium until 1993 when it was officially named after legendary football coach Frank Clair.

The CCE was the name of the annual exhibition and NEVER used as a name for the stadium.

The Aerosmith setlist 29 Aug 1993 in Ottawa you changed the venue. If you scroll back there is a link to a ticket to the show that lists the venue as Lansdowne Park not CCE Grandstand. The Lansdowne Park name is supported as the accepted venue name during that period. The CCE was an exhibition that took place every year for only 2 weeks.

My question is why are you listing the show at a venue that is contrary to the printed ticket?

thanks for alias updates on blue and firewater

hi, can u delete this venue Fire Water, Dallas, TX, USA or create as alias

this is correct name of venue Firewater Bar & Grill, Dallas, TX, USA

hi, can u create alias for this venue Blue Night Club, Dallas, TX, USA
please add alias 'Blue' and 'Club Blue'

no, rechecking it is prob just the name of the festival, 'renaissance, baroque music festival ' , feel free to delete if its really unlikely, week long stays in dallas not unusual but if band not on tour that doesnt fit

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