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Thank you, Isaac thanks you as well.

Good morning, Bendobrin. I am not sure whether or not this can be done, but could you please delete all setlists for the artist Isaac Burdiss? As I now know, some, but very few were actual live performances. I happen to know Isaac, and he wishes for personal purposes for the setlists to be removed. Afterwards, the few valid ones will be added back. I can provide any needed information, and understand if this is not possible. Thank you!.

As a Moderator, maybe you can look into this. It would appear that on online band presence has been created for an artist (Egg & Fosh) that may not really exist as a touring band. I can't confirm these shows by searching around. They have posted setlists before that have been deleted. It has started again, using venues that have not existed for some time. For example:

This venue burned down in 1991.

This venue has not had concerts since 1962.

Similar activity for the Buffalo and Hamilton shows. I'm not 100% certain, because there are "songs" on streaming platforms but they are home creations. Maybe discuss it among Moderators? Thanks.

I saw your comment on my profile and I'm sorry that there is some confusion. I have been using a website called Forgotten Yesterdays (link:, which says these songs were played, as a guide to these edits, while also using the wikipedia link to clarify it is called "The Solution" and not "Open Your Eyes Ambient Track" or "The Source". I am very sorry there was some confusion. May you please un-revert my edits and give me my editing permissions back?

Thanks you for your time. I sense there are a few problems going on, for example the fact that almost every time I try to edit the system bounces my back by telling me "the setlist has been locked by a moderator", which is definitely not the case.
Just a few examples:

Hi again Ben. I am beyond saddened to see that I am still not able to submit my edits... I did my best to motivate those with missing sources, and in general to make up for my lack of clarity. If the problem is that I often use Instagram stories as a source I will stop doing so, even though it can be a very useful tool sometimes, especially with smaller concerts when it gets very unlikely to have a setlist user in the crowd or to find footage or reports online.
Nevertheless, I am fully committed to make ammend for my misbehaviour and I hope I can go back to edit and keep track of my favourite artists' setlists.
Thanks for your patience.

Good morning sir.
I noticed your comment on my profile about assuming setlists. I admittedly have been there in the past, but I can assure that this is not the case anymore: I did type "2023 tour setlist" on a few edit notes probably out of laziness, but in each of those cases I was either in touch with the actual band members (as with BardoMagno) or checking reports and videos by concertgoers (as with Obituary).
Sorry for the inconvenience, I will be more precise when noting my sources.

I never actually saw any warnings about changing these setlists under being assumed, totally missed any warning of any kind and didn't realize i couldn't do that. If i had received anything until now i would've stopped. i will definetly not do that anymore and hopefully i can get the ability to edit again. thank you.

Hey Ben - just a quick note to say that I’m enjoying all the links you’ve been including to old music publications in the 70’s that confirm concert dates, etc.. It’s like being in a Time Machine. I’m that guy that still has a good number of Circus and Creem magazines from that era. And I used to read Billboard magazine from cover to cover in college. Thanks for all you do as a moderator. is awesome

Hello Ben - As the artist (Arlo Guthrie) I was hoping to fix a couple of unintended mistaken gigs listed here, and add more dates so that others could help add setlists (if anyone can remember). A number of venues don't exist anymore, especially the folk clubs I played in the UK during the mid to late 1960s. I've tried to add them to the database.

Hi. I will be updating this setlist soon.
I attended University at Buffalo at the time, and I remember that the review in The Spectrum was not accurate. I have the stage setlist and the review from The Leader, the Fredonia college newspaper to support my notes from the show. Thanks.

Can you please stop ignoring me if you are?

Hey, hope you're doing well. My account seems to be locked. I do not know why for this because I've always been adding sources. Can you please look into this? Thank you.

Hello! There seems to be some bot removing all of my edits, including concerts I've recently attended & your recent comment on my profile makes me believe it might not be a mistake..? If you could assist me by removing it, that would be pretty helpful.

I have also been sourcing every single edit for the past few days, so not sure what that's about

Thanks for the clarification! Is there any thought to some way linking venues which are actually duplicate, but have a different name?

Oh, okay, I didn't know. This is the first time I edit a venue. Sorry :(

I've got a query re the August 8th, 1964 Joan Baez/Bob Dylan concert at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in New York, which I think you created the original setlists for. I got the NYTimes review of the show. It was Baez's show (an ad for the Forest Hills summer program doesn't list Dylan). She brought Dylan on for duets on three of his songs (these are posted on YouTube and are the songs that are noted on the separate Dylan entry for that date). These, however were actually part of Joan's set, not Dylan's, shouldn't they be listed on her setlist? However, she later left the stage and Dylan did indeed perform solo, which should probably be given a separate entry under Bob Dylan -- however, at least at the moment, I don't know what songs he played (the scoffing Times critic didn't list them in his review). Just wanted to make you aware of what went down. You can decide how you want to ultimately deal with it.

You helped me with this concert several months ago. The user making the changes finally gave up and deleted their account.

We now have a new user making the exact same changes for the exact same reasons.

I wanted to see if you could step in and and stop this.

They are also making the same stupid changes to every other Kenny Loggins setlist.!+-+His+Final+Tour+2023%29

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