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Hi Ben.
Written and released by Rodney Crowell. Covered by Bob Seger.

Thanks for your reply of 14th of October!
Sorry, but you missed the point somehow...
Maybe, I wasn't exactly declaring it!
I have been 2 times in Wembley Stadium and have seen 8 artists there. But only 1 time is listed with 4 artists! The other time with 4 artists also is added as Festival happening at that same Location. This one (the Festival) don't appear in my Venue Statistics! So, instead of having 4 listed at Wembley Stadium, I should have had 8 listed! Why aren't Festivals be listed in the Venue Statistics? They are happening also at Venues!
Not having the Venues of Festivals be listed in the Venue Statistics falses the result, if you want to simply check out how often you have been at a certain Venue.

Hello Ben!
Didn't know if you were familiar with this site, but I know you've been getting addresses for venues updated. I thought this might come in handy.

More later...Tom :)

Hello Ben! Please remove or merge this 'Chicago Theatre' with the correct one. There were a few entries causing problems which I have changed. Thx!
Correct one.

I've done all the 97 portion of the tour, i'm doing the 96 tomorrow.

That blank after Love Reign O'er Me just means that they were through performing Quadrophenia in its entirety. I'm the Face is not a Quadrophenia song. All the rest apart for the encore are songs from Quadrophenia perform in the order they appeared on the album. The purpose of that tour was to perform Quadophenia in its entirety but the Who decided to perform a last song and an encore. It's okay to do things that way, moderators are fine with. I know that that one song performed after the album looks strange but i don't decide why The Who would only perform this one and then do the encore, they should have kept it for the encore.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for writing regarding the alleged The Nice show in Schorndorf on 1970-01-28.

My reference is the most complete ELP gig list on the web that I know of. Among others it also covers The Nice:

Hit 1970 to the right and you will see that they have concerts in England listed on January 27 and 29, ie. the days before and after the date for the Schorndorf show. As proof they have a ticket for the first one, and a flyer for the second one.

In addition, the website of the venue in Schorndorf has a comprehensive archives section that lists past shows that date back as long as 1969. They do not have The Nice listed there:
Maybe a show was scheduled but eventually canceled? Maybe your source can tell more...


hi Ben,
I would like to recommend that livemusicfan be promoted to Roadie.
After 100,000 edits and 5 years on setlist, it seems to me a no brainer.
(just a thought) Happy Holidays, Dr. AL

Thank you! Will keep it in mind for next time, got a bit lost in the many topics on the forum.

Hello Ben! Please remove the duplicate venue entry below. Thx! - lmf
Here is the proper entry.


As these setlists now stand "Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen" is now considered a medley according to the site guidelines. It is NOT a medley. Anyone who has been to one of these shows would know that both songs are played in their entirety. As such, the correct way to post this would be as "Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen", similar to say a Burton Cummings setlist that shows "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature" - two complete songs, one flowing into the second.

So what was the end result of the "Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen" discussion on the Ringo Starr setlists?

Many thanks. I will wait for the Sunday to show up as part of the festival before adding any more edits. Thanks again and for the link to the Problems w Festivals page.

Hi Ben,
Please could you correct the dates of the Rhythm Festival 2006, to Friday 4th - Sunday 6th August 2006.
Then I will put the performers on the correct days.
Thank you :)

Sounds good
My bad
It looked like maybe 6 setlist or less total.
Peace, Al

Hi Ben. I apologise for adding the Hologram Roy Orbison shows. Someone had added the Manchester concert. I've decided to discontinue with adding the Hologram shows.

Ok, I will do that. Thank you for your information.

Hey, I need your help on something. So on every setlist for Coldplay's "A Head Full of Dreams" tour has a track called Kaleidoscope but Coldplay is making an upcoming live album and the track is not called Kaleidoscope it is called "Colour Spectrum" so should I change the setlist to the way Coldplay called it?

Hello Ben, I see you deleted the venue. I have an event poster and an NME gig guide clipping showing GE venue as The Knightstone Centre. I done have a street address but I know it was near the docks as my Renault 5 broke down that night and I nearly rolled it into the water to claim insurance (only to realize just in tome that I only had 3rd party insurance!). Anyway called AA and got towed home to Swindon. The venue I selected selected from database looked correct. I can try and add a new venue. Any ideas?

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