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No, the band is from Pennsylvania.

Sir, in reference to your comment on my profile:

"And exactly who is this Easily Amused band? The band that the setlist in question that you used was formed in Winnipeg in 1998. Is it that band or did you waste a lot of people’s time editing this setlist"

I'm not certain what I did to deserve this attitude from you. Are you here to help or to be rude and make threats against the user base that your role entitles you to serve?

My goal was to come here to record a setlist as it was performed and all that I've gotten is abuse. If I have mistakenly chosen a band with the same name from the database that doesn't match the reality, perhaps it's not just me, but the UI.

So, are you here to help or would that be a waste of your time?

HI Ben,
can you help me delete a duplicate artist?
I sent it to the thread a few years back and no one ever fixed it.

Badfish (keep this one) Badfish- A tribute to Sublime (delete this one)
They are the same band.

All best, DR. AL

hi, is this guy EvanC015 a problem? i corrected his link was for diff venue and i validated my info in case the show was rescheduled, i think my date is correct, but he changed it again commented "Well you're still wrong because their 26th May date was in the 3Arena, not Dallas. Changed to the correct date." with no link to prove anything, i dont want to deal with it but its wrong date

Hello Ben,
Sorry for my late reply. The Yes show in question is not a duplicate. They had 3 shows in Tokyo, 5, 6, and 12 of September. All of them were at Orchard Hall. The backend had been completed by someone before I checked.

hello from railrat -

just a quick thank you for your help - without folks like you this site would be much less - it may sound silly, but this old man really needed some simple guidance - and your tips allowed me to move forward (confidently) with my goals on this site - so much appreciation from me sir

i will likely not need any more assistance but it is sure good to know that you are there in case i have questions!

Hello sir,

Thank you for your concern and I apologize, I mean I was a roadie here for about 20 minutes and also I happen to have OCD so that's what one thing prompted it

hello from mister railrat - i feel so fortunate to have your help thank you sir - i am super excited to continue without mistakes - but before i do i will personally delete all of the support acts - from where i inserted them erroneously in the setlist notes area - one last thing here is the two links - examples of acoustic sets (within a set) - one links to a show that you attended - and one to a show that i attended - i would like to know how to achieve it your way if possible - thank you sir

hello again sir -

i think i have jumped the gun - sorry for being overzealous and i admit i need assistance
perhaps a lot because i have a ton of info to post and i would like to make certain that i am following protocol

for example - one of the shows you attended - hot tuna november 28, 2006 - has separations for acoustic sets within a set - and i attended the allman brothers on october 5, 1991 and i edited the songs (that were performed acoustic) individually rather than in a group like yours - please help this old man when you get a moment - you have my gentlemen's word that i will not edit or post again until you guide me and i will remove or change any damage i may have already done... thanks in advance sir

hello ben!

i am very new here - and i thank you for letting me know about the history of not posting opening acts in the setlist notes - and it seems we have very similar music tastes sir! anyway i was wondering - since i view opening acts as an extremely important part of the concert and i have been documenting my shows since 1975 - why not have the opening acts posted where visitors can easily see them (and then they can check those setlists as well if interested?) if the opening acts are not easily visible, then visitors will have to check the comments (in their entirety) to see if someone has even posted this info at all - so if i am unwelcome to post opening acts in the setlist notes (which conveniently happens to be perfectly suited for this) then where can i post opening act information in plain sight without having to have visitors seek it out?

HI Ben,
could you create this venue?
setlist would not recognize Spring, Texas


Please have a look at my new comment on The Beat Sept 10, 1981 Reseda Country Club setlist. There is definitely confusion over both this particular show and the way the venue itself is being listed. I've submitted a hyperlink to an ad from that time that lists the venue as simply Rissmiller's. There is no sub-head at all for just Rismiller's, and shows at this venue are listed randomly either as Wolf & Rissmiller's Country Club or as Reseda Country Club, which is extremely confusing. For example, R.E.M. on Sept 10, 1981 is listed under Wolf & Rissmiller, while The Beat is listed under Reseda Country Club (despite it being the wrong date...Gang of Four was actually the headliner on Sept 10, The Beat on Sept 4.) Anyway, a decision needs to be made as to this venue's name and maybe as to the dates when it was called one name or another. Thanks. arfhound

I disagree, here is what the guidelines say about this:
Location names should be in the local language (e.g. Olympiastadion instead of Olympic Stadium). If the location contains letters not supported, please use the transliterated version (e.g. Olimpijski instead of ???????????).

In Canada both English and French are coofficial languages, however in general I would not expect venues in Vancouver to be named in French nor would I expect venues in Montreal to be named in English (there are exceptions to this of course). I think the same argument applies to Puerto Rico where Spanish is the overwhelming primary language. Venues should be named according to the primary language whenever a name in that language exists. The names in other languages can be used as aliases.

Hi Ben, Puerto Rican venues in general should be named in Spanish (unless there is an English only name). Spanish is the primary language for 90+% of the island's population and it is spoken by 95+% of the population:

so it follows that the primary venue name (when there is an English and a Spanish version) will be in Spanish. Thanks!

hi, several users complain about a user named SHULACE because he deletes setlists even though a concert has taken place. Or if you edit something, he undoes everything. Can you ban him from the website. Otherwise you can't use the website mert and it only annoys

I think that makes more sense, actually, to attach that information as a note as you suggested. I'll make that change right now. Thank you for bringing that to my attention, Ben! :)

Respect to you for the changes you made for Bosnia and Slovenia

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