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It's no problem, it just seemed like some kind of weird bug. When you click on the show the word disappears. I was just seeing if you knew that was happening.

Hey, I was just wondering if you have any idea why it says 'cluckhead' every time you add a new show? It's listed where a festival would be in both the email messages and in recent edits on the home page. "B.B. King at cluckhead 1984", etc.

Hello! I'm responding your your request concerning the Mitch Ryder show in Lancaster PA in 1985. I went to college there at Franklin & Marshall and was going thru old school newspapers I kept. The paper is called the College Reporter. I went thru a bunch of them tonight. Whenever I saw an ad for a show in the paper, that wasn't on already I added it. I did that a LOT this evening. I have no idea which issue of the paper mentioned the Mitch Ryder show, but I think is an important website and I wouldn't do anything to mess it up.

actually scratch that, I wont be editing anymore because on my phone and computer it says "This setlist has been locked for editing by a moderator."

thank you, Ill keep that in mind

i will from now on include words AND links

and to piggyback on the other thing on the page i saw something that said "photos from the same event" and it had DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince in another photo so i put the two together

so to answer your question about the photos listed as "july 1" but the setlist listed as "july 28th" there is a source i forgot to put it in, i submit setlists from my phone because it sont let me on my computer (no i'm not sockpuppeting) but the reason i put it as such is because BDP and Eric B & Rakim were touring together in 1988

heres an example i found

I have a question, why does my every addition or change is instantly blocked, even if I give the sources of the changes?

I understand. I had posted about them on that thread but nothing happened.

Hi Bendobrin,
Sorry it's been a while for me to get back to you but i've not been online for a few days,
Anyway, i have noticed your comments on some of the Paul Simon setlists regarding the song Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika (The National Anthem of South Africa)which after some research as you say is written by Enoch Sontonga.
However, after a bit more research i have found that this is not the song that was performed during the tour, the song played was in fact called Shosholoza, which according to the wiki article is sometimes referred to as the 'unofficial national anthem of South Africa' which could have been the cause of confusion around the song. Unfortunately, i have been unable to find an actual song writer for the song.
I think that all this information is correct and i will edit the setlists accordingly if you think this is correct.
also here's the wikipedia articles i said about

Re: Reversion of my edit to Jimmy Cliff 1982-09-11 (Park West, Chicago IL) setlist... Original poster "Willy123" started this "setlist" in 2014, with only a single token track posted. I came along almost 7 years later (on 5-22-21) and added the correct, in proper order, setlist. I provided "I was there" as my source, only to find "no source given by non attendee". I beg to differ, on both counts. If my contributions are not needed here, I will take myself elsewhere. Please look at the quality and depth of edit information I have provided in the past. As a Dead fan, I believe you may have an educated guess as to where I'm coming from, with the specific detail I bring...

hello i would like to report someone

Thanks. I'm going thru all my old concert tickets and I have a ticket stub from that show. Can send you a scan of it if needed.

ahh, sorry. I thought Mods could see delted setlist info, that may be an Admin-only view.

hi. Did The Tubes setlists have any songs listed? I know it can't be restored but just wanted to find if there was any text in the setlist and what the dates were. There was press advertising shows on two nights Oct 23 & 24 at the Savoy.
For New England - what was the date? It will help me narrow search results down from all the sports results it's returning ;) thanks!

Hi Ben,
re the Savoy Ballroom post from the Help with Venues Forum
I suspect users were adding those 1981 setlists and when they typed Savoy it auto selected Savoy Ballroom, they saw in NYC, and they didn’t realize that was closed by 1981 and was not the Savoy (rock club, Nightclub, dinner theatre - I added a comment to the thread with details and edited the Venue lsiting) where their setlist probably took place.

I found the Southside Johnny Dec 30, 1981 Unknown Venue setlist that you edited:

I searched for artists The Tubes, and New England’s 1981 shows in Unknown Venue (in NYC and every 1981 setlist) and can’t find anything. The originals: 
Were these setlists deleted? If they still exist and I just can’t find can you direct me to them and I’lll try to research and hopefully get assigned correctly?

In regards to the "Pat Benatar" song. While updating Benatar sets, I saw the song in question attributed to her. I realized it was being performed by another band and used that set to find which band. I apologize I didn't change it back, my mistake. I then fixed the other band's attribution. Here it is:

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