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Hey Ben,
I have questions about a venue that google isn't helping with, hoping you might be familiar with the venue. Gardet in Stockholm.
Its a neighborhood and grassy area/park and I'm wondering if it has named areas inside the grassy area/park. Similar to Central Park in NYC with the Great Lawn, Ramsey Playfield, etc.
Discussion here.

Issue came up with two festivals held in the park on the same day, but I'm wondering if there may be different named areas inside the park.

Hey Ben,

Do you get paid?

Hey, Ben! This is old, but I am now seeing your comment on my page - yes, that was a mistake, and the set has since been deleted it appears.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your explanation about the way works. I am fine with the way you described it. In my case: Carmina Burana will be O Fortuna.

Kind regards,


Hi Ben,

Thanks for you quick reply.
I know that O Fortuna is part of Carmina Burana from Orff. I
However TSO wrote Carmina Burana on their own setlist. Shouldn't we stick to their ""rules"?
We can put the text in the info in the setlist.

Kind regards,



I noticed you adjusted all the setlists of Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the song O Fortuna (part of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana). However on the setlist of Amsterdam (18 January 2014) "Carmina Burana" is written. I think that we should stick to this definition and put in the info of the song: "O Fortuna". I haven't adjusted it yet, to avoid a lot of annoyance.

Re Your edits to my Right to Roam 2024 submissions.

The Northern Monkey Bar is at Nelson Square Bolton and is a festival venue where they hist the Under the Bridge stage.

The Northern Monkey Brewing Co Taproom is a different venue across the city centre where they host the Northern Monkey Tap stage.

In short there are two seperare Northern Monkey venues used in Bolton for Right to Roam.

Historical listings are probably inaccurate - I'll edit where I can source. I will also add both venues addresses for clarity.

Please revert your edits accordingly


Hello there,

I have a issue with this setlist:
and I saw you are the mod for this setlist. Somehow it keeps getting reverted even tho I provided a valuable source. Could you help me keeping the setlist in it's correct state? Best regards

Ben.... Thanks very much for the RARE Roxy Music info. in Chicago 1975 & the correct Date !

Ben are you able to unblock me from making setlist for Dark White? Becoming a pain because I cannot keep note of these setlists.

I am, of course, very interested.

The Sep comment from the Moderator said "Hey. We usually add the full artist lineup (incl. backing musicians) to the first setlist of the tour, for a band that has different lineups (as in full band members) over the years / different tours." They also provided an example of a setlist in which that had been done correctly. That was the rationale that I've been using for the past year, providing that information only if it was different than the previous time that information was provided for that artist.

The feedback from maweba arrived after I wrote you. I appreciated their thoughtful feedback and replied to them to say so. If I understand correctly, the guidance is that General Info is restricted to "unusual occurrences". While that is not precisely what the guidelines say, I can see how one might derive that from "really special". I certainly did not understand that interpretation when Luke71 wrote "removed unnecessary info" or "This is not a Cheap Trick fan site," nor when they removed my inputs but left "Opening Act for Heart", which appears in almost every Cheap Trick setlist on this tour and does not appear to meet the criteria of "unusual occurrences".

I would be grateful for an explanation of your edit. The information I provided is factual and relevant. It provides unique information unavailable elsewhere in this database. It is directly related to the show for which it was posted. Which part of the guidelines does it violate?

Hello superpowered Moderator:
This song, played by 2 artists for 22 times:
is actually a cover song:

Should it all be labelled as Peter Allen cover?

Hope there are no issues or rules in posting links to Spotify. If so you can delete all of the comments in the link I sent.

Hi Ben, would you mind deleting the comment on my user page? I learned from your advice and fully understand your comment, i would never do this again as i'm happy to be part of this site. Thanks!

There is a troll who's changed a setlist I put in for a show * I was at, here in Florida*, while he lives in New York and wasn't there. There were (2) options for (2) versions of the song, like there always has been, because the band often plays an intro to that song. They did - and are on this tour - and this fool went and changed the song for the entire site, and then I'm assuming approached you about it and incorrectly told you something. It *was* played with the intro, I watched them do it and I can get any number of people who were there to verify this, up to and including the band themselves, as I happen to know them quite well. So without naming names, since I'm virtually positive you know who this is and what show it's in reference to, I'd like it reverted to the accurate way it was originally entered, because to my knowledge, accuracy is what were striving for here. Furthermore, the rules very clearly state that while you can edit a setlist for a show you didn't attend, you must provide resources to back it up. He has none, and I was there. You can even go to the band's Facebook page, and they posted (2) pictures from the stage, and there I am, in both, right at the rail. The fact that this troll is just wandering the site, looking to change setlists for shows he didn't attend, and then actually went to an admin just to lie, cheat and get his way, ought to be grounds for removing him from the site completely. How it's allowed to happen like that is beyond me...but that's your concern, not mine. Mine is that the accuracy be maintained, and I don't enter a ton of shows, but entered this one because it was the first complete one to be entered for the tour. Please revert the change he made to the song's site wide alternate, and place that back in the setlist where it should be. Thanks.

Hi. I've found another couple of phony setlists. Aliotta's Lounge in Buffalo has been gone since the 1970's, the building torn down and replaced. These are phonies:
Also, I suspect all the setlists by this artist:
are phony. The musicbrainz links are mostly dead, and when I originally looked at them, the included links to a phony creator who had used in the past. Thanks.

Hello superpowered Moderator:
This song, played by 2 artists for 66 times:
is actually a cover song:
It's not easy for me to change 66 pages one by one. I think it's better to report to you to fix it.

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