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I don't think he is being malicious either, but I agree with you that it would be nice if he were to actually respond to our messages with the issues that we address to him.

Hi! I think I reverted all of BowieBlackstar's Bruce Springsteen edits from the last couple of days. Those should not have been made without proper sourcing in the first place. Thanks for reporting.

With some Who & Why songs does not know which album they are coming from. Usually it is the case of songs from the albums 'Construction of Sounds' and 'Some Great Music' Could you help me? Sorry for my english, am german

Yeah, I usually use the forums, but the same post went unnoticed somehow. BTW thanks for your time!

Thanks for your time spent on the Coldplay festival. I didn't know a roadie couldn't do this, so sorry for my lack of knowledge, but by the way, it has already been fixed, so thanks!

Hey 'bendobrin', I think there's a mistake in both these setlists, and a festival is listed as a tour, but when I change it, a user keeps rechanging it. Could you make sure he doesn't change it again and please list it as a festival and definitely not a tour?

Hello, can you change by Star Mode, following song titles : Behind The Wheel to Behind the Wheel, Never Let me Down Again to Never Let Me Down Again, World In My Eyes to World in My Eyes and Walking In My Shoes to Walking in My Shoes ? Thats would be great.

Hi Ben,

The link works just fine for me. I tried to link to a .com domain, but it keeps reverting to the .dk one. I think it's a local Internet thing.

Page 50 from Billboard Magazine, May 11, 1968 says:

"Linda Ronstadt & the Stone Poneys, Capitol Group, are set for a June 20-29 date at the Marco Polo Restaurant, Vancouver, B.C."

The Wiki site says the Stone Poneys played their last gig together in "late 1968" but I don't know how accurate that is - I know very little of the group.


Regarding your comment on the Ian Hunter '79 show in Lenox, Mass...

Thanks for the feedback. Definitely not from memory! I have been going to shows since '74 and in the early days I used to either memorize or write down the setlists as they happened. This Ian Hunter setlist was written days after that Kinks show in Lenox. That was a cool show. Outdoors. The coolest thing is that the Kinks live double LP (One for the Road) contained a poster from that show. AND, a good friend of mine was clearly seen in the poster! Here it is, if you've not seen it:

Anyway, as for the setlist....yeah, I just recently finally input it from my records from back in the day. It may not be perfectly correct, but I'm guessing it is mostly right. I knew all his songs and wouldn't have put anything down he didn't play. Possible I may have left one out. But the setlist number looks right. Nine songs as a backup band sounds about right. I saw Hunter back up Heart a year later and that's about what he played.

Rock on!

Hi there, I've just appointed you Roadie :)
Please take a look at the Roadie help guide, to familiarise yourself with the Roadie tools.

I realise that some of these aren't so useful for the type of edits you've been performed in the past, but I hope that the promotion can be of some help!

Hi. I wouldn't change "Guitar Solo" to @unknown[Instrumental]. @Unknown is intended to be used when people don't know or can't remember a song title. A "Guitar Solo" isn't an unknown song.

Another source calls it the "Old Opera House", however I think this may just be a colloquial term to disambiguate from the modern Sydney Opera House.

Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
The only other Opera House in Sydney I knew of was the New Tivoli Theatre which was known as Grand Opera House from 1915-1932:

I've found a 22 Feb 1887 article mentioning the New Opera House, so let's move forward with that venue. I'll see if I can find a closure date to lock off setlists being incorrectly attributed to it.

I'm a bit disappointed that you've been able to smash my previous oldest Australian concert of 1921, however thanks for your contribution anyway! :P

Hi Ben. Not to be eavesdropping on your conversation, but I figured I should let you know that you can add shows from before 1937 yourself if you want. It's not widely advertised on the site since it's highly unlikely that anyone who uses this site was alive back then. Also, any shows added from that long ago NEED to have a source given for the information, and for some reason people sometimes have a problem doing that. I for one feel we should preserve as much musical history as possible regardless of how old or irrelevant it may seem to a modern audience. Here's how it's done:

Click on "+Setlist" as usual
At the top of the page is should read ""
Next to that address add "?date=" followed by the date you wish to use
Make sure it's year/month/day
Example: to add a show from May 2, 1924 the address should say:
Hit enter and the page should reload with that date put in place

I know you dig up a lot of old shows, so I just thought you might like to know! Let me know if you have any questions. :)

Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for the Ink Spots date. Will look into it.


It is not unusual for me to assign song to bad artist. The way i do it, i first group all the different interpretations of one song together to the artist used the most (even if it's not the right one) and then i will ask for them to be all assigned to the right one.

When i finally find the right one, i will correct a few of them, called them RIGHT ONE and add the link to all the other ones calling him WRONG ONE.

Hi. For cruises we generally use the boat's name as the venue and the city it leaves out of. Like this one:

Hi. Sorry for the slow response. Unfortunately we can't edit band names here, it needs to be done on musicbrainz.

Thank you Ben, much appreciated. The September 8 date in San Francisco always baffled me, as August 30 had been the last date of the L.A. engagement. Having 9 days with nothing to do on a "hype" tour seemed a bit odd to me, but it all makes sense now.

The clarity in your comments should prevent the September 1-6 dates being confused with the L.A. Troubadour dates.

I created the venue and added the setlists. I put most of the info in the Sep 1 and Sep 6 comment sections. I am kind of busy this afternoon but will send you other info on the shows later tonight or tomorrow. I did not know that Doug Weston had a Troubadour club in San Francisco but he clearly did. I don't think it was in business for long. My thinking is that these appearances got "lost" because of the venue name. They might have been listed as an extension of his Troubadour gigs in LA. and people knew that he didn't play there and assumed they were a typo. There are no hits on Google for Troubadour San Francisco but the ads and review clearly indicate that it did exist. I'll get back to you but you can check out the setlists in the meantime.

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