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Hey Ben,
you're right. The first 4 Songs of "The Kinks at Halle Gartlage in Osnabrück" are "Ray Davies Solo".
Thank you.
Greetings George

's Gravendeel was correct as being in South Holland and renamed 't Goy (the accent was missing) and linked it to the municipality of Houten in Utrecht.
Noticed that for two provinces in Holland it's preceded by province while the others only have their proper name.

So you like "Pink Floyd"?

If that bothers you I want you to know that for the ones that I do change songs. I do put it back. I take a picture of it before I change it and when i'm done I look at the picture and put it back...

I'm sorry.... I like to see average setlist of when they play at the same venue at different days

Hey. You've recently changed some shows from Celebrity Theatre, Las Vegas, NV to Unknown Venue because you say there was no venue named that at the time. There definitely was ( It was on the corner of 3rd & Odgen. I think the Melivins show in 2006 may have been the last (as listed on their website It is now Pizza Rock - a restaurant.

Street names are always capitalized whether it's a proper name or not. The only case in which words won't be capitalized is when the street is the street of something. I used to live on rue de l'Escalade. We don't capitalize de l' but Escalade yes.

This venue used to be located in Outremont.

Google still locates it in Outremont but wikipedia doesn't.

I can make the correction myself now.

Hello. The venue for the below concert was incorrectly changed. The venue (as stated on my ticket stub) is Auditorium Theatre, 14th and Curtis, Denver, Colorado. That venue has since been remodeled and renamed Elle Caulkins Opera House (see below), however you changed it to Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre, which is incorrect (though part of the same arts complex).

What might have been confusing is that the Denver Auditorium ARENA became the Temple Buell Theatre in 1990, but that was a different space than the Auditorium Theatre. (see 4th item under "Renovations")

I hope this information helps.

Can you please change this back to its correct venue, Auditorium Theatre? Thanks.

Thanks for your comments. I suppose I can agree with not listing the original concert in addition to the rescheduled concert, but it would have made more sense to change the May 3rd concert to the rescheduled May 20th concert. Now the comments for the May 3rd concert are attached to an unrelated concert. livemusicfan didn’t really think that one through before making the change.

I have a concern about another concert. I had purchased tickets to see the Eagles on May 3, 2018 at Vivint Smart Home Arena, Salt Lake City, UT, USA. User livemusicfan created the May 3rd setlist. On May 2nd I received an email notification that the May 3rd show had been postponed to May 20, 2018. I edited the setlist with an @Info statement of the postponement. Today livemusicfan changed the May 3rd setlist to May 14, 2018 at Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, AB, Canada. I feel that the May 3rd setlist should remain because postponed and cancelled concerts are interesting and should be documented. However, I’ll leave that decision up to the moderators. I would very much like to know your thoughts on this.

Thanks for updating the Capital Theatre venue name. The changes you made look correct to me.

Thank you for th job fut you forgot to correct this one

the right spelling is
Palais des congrès

You actually should've been cutting the capitalize on all of them except for the first word.

On 27 Apr 2018 you changed the venue name for the Peter Frampton concert on 5 Apr 2018 in Salt Lake City, UT
The venue for this concert is currently being referred to by three different names.
1. Capital Theatre
2. J Q Lawson Capital Theatre
3. Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre
The following link provides the history of the venue.
The link above states that in its history the venue has had three different names.
1913 Orpheum Theatre
1927 Capitol Theatre
2013 Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre (aka: J Q Lawson Capitol Theatre)
When I created the Peter Frampton setlist, I entered Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre for the venue, but it didn't exist. After reading the history of the venue, I decided to create a venue titled Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre. When I went to create the venue, the name J Q Lawson Capitol Theatre was offered. Since this was the venue name shown on my ticket, I created the venue with that name. I personally feel that the official venue name should be Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre, but I will let the moderators make that determination.
Also, there are ten concerts (including the Peter Frampton concert) listing the Capital Theatre as the venue since the name was changed in 2013.

Well you know, numerous of the cities that had merged got their autonomy back within a few years through a referendum. That referendum had happened in Hull as well and I remember that I had voted to get back to the way it used to be. That referendum didn't passed in Outaouais but numerous other cities got their autonomy back.

How long has been going on? If it had existed back then, maybe some user would've asked for these old cities to be merged. The government said it was unreversible but they went back in several places. There were four cities on the southern shore of Montreal that had merged. They all went back to their former status.

I do confirm that numerous municipalities in Québec merged.

This thing had happened in Ontario before.

I’m only talking about cities in Outaouais, there had been merging all over the place and 200 cities disappeared but some came back. The ones in Outaouais didn’t.

So there are probably numerous cities on that don’t exist anymore.

You can see all the details hereéorganisation_des_municipalités_du_Québec_de_2000-2006

All these venues or events are located in what is now known as the greater city of Gatineau.

I won’t do the other ones but this former city, is now part of the greater city of Sherbrooke

Hello Ben!
Found a site you might want to peruse. Lots of venue information that could come in handy.
More later! :)


Phoenix Show Palace most certainly did exist for about a 6 month period from approximately Septmeber 1974 to Spring 1975. Concerts, live and close circuit TV boxing matches and live lectures were at this venue. Address was West Indian School Road at 38th Ave Phoenix, AZ. Phone number at that time for the venue was 278-6583

Hope this helps.

Hello Ben!
here's a very useful list. Its from the Terry hammer tape archives. he taped a lot of the shows in San Francisco that were broadcast on KSAN.
More later :)

My apologies regarding the Jefferson Monument Park shows (the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, that is). The reason I did so is because nearly, if not every, show listed at that Park was played specifically on the Arch grounds, making the two locations essentially interchangeable. And shows that took place during the same summer series were listed alternately at both locations. I thought that merging the venues would allow for greater consistency for visitors looking to view past Fair St. Louis/VP Fair/etc performances. If I'm incorrect, I do apologize.

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