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just put up about a half dozen 1976 to 1988 Pere Ubu setlists as promised. More to come...(:

Hello on a Saturday Ben!
Going back and adding sources for my edits...19 pages down....200 more pages to go...then back to the setlists themselves...still several thousand tapes to go through...m,ore later...(:

Hello again!
the aztec camera show was at the CU events theatre. I got a tape of it from a friend who was there that night and taped the show. I put that in the comments section just now. thanks again, and hope I'm not keeping you too busy with revisions...More later my friend. (:

YES!! That "Rockprosopography" site will give me plenty of reading this weekend! THANKS again! I'll get you some other website that might come in handy. The Josefus info is mainly from Dave Mitchell (the guitarists) excellent book, plus ome recent gig listings from their facebook page. It makes me very happy to see the GREAT Josefus on the site now! Trying to keep a lot of the more obscure band's memories alive and preserved.
More later...(:

Hello Ben!
If you go to you get to the "Keeping It Peel" page. Or you can Google "Keeping It peel". This lists quite a few of the Peel session dates, band personnel, producers, and what day it was recorded, and then originally broadcast, as well as song titles. It is an indispensible source of info. I'll try to mention that each time I do an edit. Any other hints to help out with things will always be appreciated, and again THANKS for that great Fillmore site/date list!!!

Okay. Obviously I won't use the name and actual address without getting the permission of the host.

They are all right here. Almost every show they have played so far, but I have only been entering shows when the setlist is found/available.

I see you have changed all of the venues listed as Swamp Jam House Concerts, Plymouth, NC, USA to Unknown Venue, Plymouth, NC, USA. Is this your preferred designation? I assume that you understand that House Concerts are performed in the living room of a private residence with around 20 to 40 people in attendance. I had heard artists say they prefer these shows to performances in bars because the audiences are more attentive and pay attention to the music instead of carrying on conversations with other bar patrons. In the case of Swamp Jam, I could say "Robbie Bowen's house at 112 Hilly Circle, Plymouth, NC, USA"

That works but there's only one problem, there are several house concert series in Moorestown and you put in Jen and Dave's for every single one The Figgs played which is not correct. if you go back and look at the editing that was done you'll see which house series was played at on each date

Jen and Dave's house concerts is a legit thing many established acts have played there. Just because you have never heard of it doesn't mean that it's unknown to everybody else...same goes with Drew's House in NJ which I mentioned earlier and see up on different pages. If we were going to go by your method, Live from Daryl's house is not a venue it's a show.

There needs to be a way to distinguish them though besides a note on the bottom that says House Concert. Figgs play three different house concerts in Moorestown NJ alone. What if the venue was the initials of the hosts? J & D ...It's their house, which is technically the venue for that nights performance.

Still a bit of a grey area. Drew's House is the name of the House Concert/series. Seems to be legit on here, so why not Jen & Dave's?

So all house concerts go under Unknown Venue?

thanks for the link to the Fillmore shows dates. That will definitely come in handy!!
All the best!

Hello Ben!
Could you delete the 5 Feb 1985 Baton Rouge show by Section 25? This was a mistake on my part. They only played on 2 Feb 1985, it was a typo. Thanks!!
more later....

I'll have a LOT more setlists added to the dates this weekend. Adding some artists to the MusicBrainz database too.... You got to see Horslips??!!?? WOW, I loved them and never had the chance to see them. You are MY IDOL!!!!! seriously!!!!!

Hello Ben!
Those were Man sessions for John Peel at Maida Vale, London. I'll correct the infor/ add the tracks soon.
Thanks again!!

Hello again Ben,
On that Fairport SFCA 1970 tape, my copy is a 4th generation (and traces back to the Peter Abrams tape collection according to the guy I got it from).

Hello Ben!
I just checked the dates on the website for the 1970 Faiport Covention san Francisco show. It is catalogued as Fillmore/Bill Graham collection no. BG-247. That's the date I have on the tape I got back in the day. I'll post the setlist later today. The Byrds date may very well be wrong, since they were doing mainly weekend shows at the Tea Party. Thanks for being patient with me as a new member.

Hi Ben,
We'd like to welcome you to the moderator team, please get in touch with Michi if you're interested!

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