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Thanks for your help! I found the guidelines using your link. I had no idea what I was doing.
no exact info yet, but Trees closed On Jan 2 2006 and reopened in 2009 by looks of shows listed, also found info saying that it would open as The Club in 2007 but have not found any listings for shows using that generic name, i do rem it closed and reopened later, i did not attend any shows at Trees bldg using diff name but it may have had some shows there, Trees was owned by same people who owned Gypsy Tea Room, all of there interests went bankrupted during mid 2000s, here is part

January 12, 2006 | Dallas Observer (TX) - At precisely 2:38 p.m. on December 28, U.S. District Judge Harlin DeWayne Hale officially pronounced Trees dead. With a few dry, muttered words offered after a few moments of silent deliberation, Hale informed the attorney representing the owners of the venerable live-music venue in Deep Ellum that they were to turn over the keys to landlord Morton Rachofsky no later than 3 p.m. on January 2. It was, to put it mildly, an anti-climactic demise for Trees. The place had survived hundreds of rock bands that tried to reduce it to splinters--there was the night Nirvana stopped playing and nearly caused a riot, the night Marilyn Manson chucked a live chicken into the crowd and on and on--yet its eventual demise was delivered by a middle-aged man in a black robe who does his business surrounded by pale blue walls illuminated by fluorescent lights. After 15 years on Elm Street, Trees got the axe.

In truth, it came as a surprise to no one. The owners--among them Whit Meyers and brothers Brandt and Brady Wood, collectively known as the Entertainment Collaborative--had been leasing the club from Rachofsky on a month-to-month basis since November 2004. In October 2005, the Entertainment Collaborative, which also owns the Deep Ellum restaurant the Green Room, downtown eatery Jeroboam and Deep Ellum club Gypsy Tea Room, filed for bankruptcy

also Club Dada closed for a while also same time period diff owner
But four days before Christmas 2005, Club Dada, which sits just across Elm Street from Trees, also went dark because its owner, Steven Shin, owes a lot of people a lot of money. To landlord Don Cass, he owes some $41,000 in back rent, according to people familiar with Shin's lease. And to the state comptroller, he owes almost $18,000 in mixed beverage taxes and another $816 in sales tax. His liquor license has also been suspended. Longtime employees and bands scheduled to play Dada had no idea the club had shut down till they arrived to find the place papered with seizure notices from the state

Hello. I'm new to & researching the history of GW's Lisner Auditorium. I'm interested in finding sources for the Bob Dylan show at Lisner on Dec. 14, 1963. Any leads would be helpful. Thanks!
April 10, 2003 | Dallas Observer (TX) has diff address
2625 Rodeo Plaza

I don't what your comments erased, i want all the comments erased, especially dirk van hamme. I'm kinda annoyed to have to see all the time all the crap he manages to say.

Please let me edit setlists. There are some shows out there that had Intermissions where it is not noted that they had intermission and I want to be able to include that they were more than 1 set.

Hi. Due to some small mistakes I made, a moderator blocked me for a long period. Now I still don't have access to make setlists after months... Could you reactivate me? I want to add some concerts I attented this summer + some online/tv performances. Now we're in a semi-lockdown I have some time to make some correct setlists :D Thanks in advance!!

Do you want me to tell everybody about that on the forum?

So you did eventually do the corrections! Kanata doesn't exist any more. And you even changed the address.

Why did you erased the message you sent me? You gonna do the corrections about Kanata now?
i dont have an exact move date but Dec 31, 2003 they r still at 1701 n. market listing for a show (after 2003 instead of 2000)

I have just seen that our account had been taken down from MusicBrainz for some reason, causing the problem. I am in the process of rectifying this but would please ask that in the meantime you do not take our profile down. Thanks


I have just seen your comments on our setlists. Apologies that not enough detail has been provided, I will try to add more information to the 'private venue' gig in order to rectify this.

In terms of the MusicBrainz account, this has not been a problem for over a year as we have been consistently uploading to I will have a look into this today, however will you please give us chance before wiping the account. I did not realise this was a problem and so will sort it out as soon as I can.


Glanced back at that Aretha list. It looks like ExecutiveChimp provided the venue info

In regards to

I was actually REVERTING my venue edit because I thought the Free Press would be more correct on venue as well. I believe that is the source cited by the moderator who actually created initial setlist.

Understood! I just saw the comment you posted on the setlist. Thanks for letting me know! :)

You left a comment on my profile about how I have posted so many Chloe setlists. I am her manager. Thanks.

@bendobrin : No skin off my back if you don’t want me to help become a more accurate/complete website by spending all the time that I have adding show listings or correcting/updating existing show listings w/helpful information. Please remember that it’s the people/users who got to where it is today.

Regarding adding supporting act information to headliner setlists, some folks actually find that information useful; it’s not the end of the world IMHO to have it conveniently located at bottom of headliner setlist. I get it that in many cases, the supporting act has its own link/listing underneath the headliner at the same venue & date. But imagine, if you will, that is still around 20 or 40 years from now. Perhaps some people will be unfamiliar with some of these bands & will have no clue who the headliner was that day at that venue. Or perhaps the supporting act becomes more popular years down the road, and it becomes unclear who was supporting whom. Some people find that information helpful. The way is designed now, there is no way to clearly know who is headliner & who is supporting act. There are bands in other countries, e.g., that I’m not familiar with & wouldn’t easily know who is headliner & who is supporting act. Adding a note/comment listing who was supporting act is not too helpful when those comments get buried far down as more comments or edits are added.

Regardless, I really do wish that you & @executivechimp wouldn’t talk down to people, though.

i have a show at desc as Jubilation in Fort Worth maybe this venue ,
trying to figure out if it was open in 1987 this stored Venue is probably
now it identifies Jubilation as being in Hurst
must be same place,
i think venue name should be Jubilation
with aliases as Jubilation's, Jubilation Restaurant & Nightclub
8204 Bedford Euless Rd on map listed as North Richland Hills
Euless, Hurst, North Richland Hills r all adjacent cities
found other articles from 2003 Jubilation Restaurant & Club still open

since u found good info on denton long branch obviously 2 venues
heres what i found on coppell longbranch , id as restaurant , not the saloon in arlington
feel good with this address now
1849 E. Belt Line - Coppell Tx and in another article from 1994
"Longbranch Country Club ...The Longbranch was a 5-acre venue of outdoor volleyball courts and rustic wooden tavern, one of the few businesses in the annexed territory in 1986. It remains one of the few private clubs in dry Coppell...The club had been around in several incarnations since the late 1960s...In November 1991, Mr. Robinson, a longtime Coppell resident, bought the Longbranch building and accompanying land. The real estate investor and former music promoter said he decided not to renew the lease then held by the Longbranch's latest owner, Mr. Higgins. The two men fought in court over the lease, but Mr. Robinson prevailed, taking over the business at 1849 Belt Line and renaming it the Lone Star Country January 1992...preparations to reopen the Longbranch..."
if u search by address u find other names for location not the music venue
Sports Garden, Bahama Beach Club, Lone Star Country Club,

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