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Thanks, Ben!

My apologies regarding the Jefferson Monument Park shows (the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, that is). The reason I did so is because nearly, if not every, show listed at that Park was played specifically on the Arch grounds, making the two locations essentially interchangeable. And shows that took place during the same summer series were listed alternately at both locations. I thought that merging the venues would allow for greater consistency for visitors looking to view past Fair St. Louis/VP Fair/etc performances. If I'm incorrect, I do apologize.

Hey Ben!
Here's another link that might come in handy for some more clubs.

Hello Ben. Just re-did the link for some Texas shows from the 1970's to 1990's. Lists support acts, venues, etc.

Wow! I don't know what to say. I've been trying my darndest to add some of the under-documented groups to the site and keep their memories alive. I've heard from a few of these bands who are flattered, and can't believe anyone is going through this much trouble for them. It makes me feel like all those years of a "miss spent youth" are now validated! I'll do my absolute best to keep things accurate and keep adding links to posters, videos, etc., to make this site historical archive it is!! THANK YOU so much for your faith in me!! More later :)

Hello Ben!
My pleasure. I took a little time off to see some shows and am now back, and trawling through the tape and memoribilia archives. Looking forward to adding some more info to the site. Just beefed up the Woggles, and Palmyra Delran gigographies in the past week. More later :)

Hello Ben!
Just posted a link for the poster of that Sleep Chamber gig from Worcester, Massachusetts in 1989. I don't think Sleep Chamber ever played the UK, though John ZeWizz from from England. I haven't talked to him in about 10 years, but used the extensive collection of memoribilia he sent me over the years to piece together the gig list that I have put on the website. Hope this is of some help.
More later :)

Thanks for the comment — I'm relatively new to inputting things here and wasn't sure the best way to alert you about the difference in the date. So I'm glad the comment disappeared when you merged the two entries!

For the Small Faces show, it was a local Oakland band called Small Faces. I wasn't aware that there was an older band with the same name

What happened to all the Alan Jackson concert setlists?

I was misled because the way it was structured made me think that was the set for all gigs on the tour.

I understand.

Thank you for changing that Watchmen Setlist to the Walker Theatre!! The ticket stub says Walker and in the Bootleg they say Walker!

Thanks for all the maintenance you do on this site!

Ben, regarding the Dylan December 7-9 SoCal shows, the LA Times has no ads for those dates, only 12/17-Long Beach, 12/18-Pasadena, and 12/19-Santa Monica. There is also no doubt that a 12/8/65 show scheduled for Costa Mesa was canceled. I also checked some of my Dylan reference materials (Heylin, Borner, Krogsgaard) and none indicate the 7-9 concert dates. I saw a couple website references to those as "phantom dates" so, based on contemporaneous SoCal newspaper advertising, I'd stick with 12/17-19 as the correct dates and locations.

Yes it is the school of rock one.

Hey, Ben -
I'll check on those Dylan shows you inquired about and let you know.


So The Wired Band finally got through and is now on this website. My wired band not the one from the 80s. So How can I changed the names of the existing Setlists so that they are for my wired band and not mistaken as the one from a while ago? Can you fix that? Or can you tell me how to do it?


This is quite random -

I have an interest in the 4/7/67 Paul Revere and the Raiders show - specifically, my uncle absolutely swears he saw a Paul Revere and the Raiders show at the Buffalo memorial auditorium with Jimi Hendrix as the opening act sometime in 1967. I decided to look into it and there's no record of this existing on Hendrix's end (+ Hendrix would independently play the aud the following year) but my uncle absolutely swears this combo happened.

Was curious if this might ring a bell, or if there was any other place to look for more info on Raiders shows, or if he's just nuts. :)

Can you please delete this date? Black veil brides never played it. Can you also please give people crap for adding dates before they happen so this doesn't happen again. Thanks

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