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514 Main Street
venue listed as Blue Rock Performance Hall

hi, hope ur doing well, I found some venue addresses that can be added, thanks
5612 Yale Blvd (1994)
current lists address as 5627 Dyer (must have moved, in 1994 Stone Pony at 5627 Dyer)
2625 elm is wrong, that puts it next to trees, not correct
address u get if u look it up is 2803 Main Street (I question this addr)
but that puts it across the street from curtain club which is kinda right but the door entrance is on the elm st side next to parking lot
u can still see where it was from aerial map close up
elm & crowdus parking lot & door entrance
main & crowdus side and back building
pic standing in parking lot elm & crowdus
pic standing at entrance in parking lot facing crowdus, elm on the right
pic standing on crowdus, elm to left, main down st to right
flyer with an elm addr 2806 elm (best addr)

Hey i noticed you comented on my page about editing setlists and the only reason i did it for those concerts was becuase i thought it would be cool to let people know when these songs were last played and then you delete a setlist of mine from febuary which i showed actually proof of the setlist so please get back to me me as soon as you can thank you and have a good day.

I have to run right now but time frame is good comparing it to setlists and albums released at that time. Gotta go talk later

Hi Ben,

RE: Your comment about the Lotus setlist that I deleted; I believe I mixed up dates or years so you can disregard my attempt to delete it.

Ben this is the only J. Geils at Holy Cross date we have. I have a DVD shot at Holy Cross says 1972 Nov but cannot find that date. Do you know anything?-Dave

I can assure you set lists I've reported were posted for La Roux as that's the artist I follow and receive emails about new set lists, I also opened the links from said emails. I can also send you copies of those emails if you need proof.

Hi Ben,
I've just made a new topic on the mod forum if you want to have a look please.

Have I been banned from adding setlists forever?

Why can not i add new setlist?

Hi, I do not want to delete "Elbphilharmonie" from the locations- All I wanted is to remove the redundant "Hamburg" from the name - replace "Elbphilharmonie Hamburg" with "Elbphilharmonie" - I tried to explain in the notes of the merge request

I am trying to correct a Kaiser Chiefs's setlist but shows this message: "This setlist has been locked for editing by a moderator".

I even tried to add a new setlist, but shows the same message.

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