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I'm not sure why you deleted the venue for this show I added.

New Orleans: saw a post of yours about venues. There’s a generic “Tulane University” venue with 3 pages of shows, and also a McAlister Auditorium listing that doesn’t mention Tulane. That venue is on the Tulane campus, although it’s not the only venue on campus. Some of the Tulane shows definitely happened in that venue. Any way to cross reference them? Should the McAlister listing (by the way, 1 “L” in McAlister) have Tulane added to it? Or just leave it all as is? Thanks!

Hey ben,

Thanks for the SOAR info. Please do not delete the setlists even if the box won't uncheck for whatever reason because they are all real setlists. As for The Wired Band, I actually got a notification and some people actually did delete it. I don't know why, but it is gone from my subscriptions and everything. So, I know that it is gone, and I don't know what to do about that.


Hey Ben,

It's me from SOAR again. A few days ago I made another Wired Band in Musicbrainz, and for some reason, someone deleted it from the archive. I don't know why this keeps happening. Because people also keep checking the dissolved box on SOAR's page as well, but we have not dissolved so I don't know why someone keeps doing that. I also don't know what I'm supposed to do about The Wired Band. Because I just spent time making it in Musicbrainz, and someone deleted it. I don't get it.


Tough call, Ben. Your comment about venues having the same name within those areas makes the merge difficult to justify. With that in mind, maybe it is better left alone.

Hello bendobrin,
This is right up your alley. Is Hollywood really a city? It seems that it was consolidated with the city of Los Angeles according to Wikipedia.


Hi Ben,

So I made a new Wired Band in Musicbrainz but I can't get it to work on here. If you could get it to work and then replace all those Wired band Setlists with the one I just made, that would be great. I distinguished the new Wired band as School of Rock Performance Group. I also restored most of the SOAR setlists that were deleted. Please do not delete any SOAR setlists from this point forward. I am in the band, I should know if it's real or not. And trust me, we are real, and we have no dissolved.
Thank you, Tyler

For touring festivals be sure to follow these guidelines:

If the dates of the touring festival are the only tour dates of the artist, it's safe to use the touring festival name as tour name. E.g. Ozzfest 2013
If the dates of touring festival are just a part of the artist's larger tour, then use the larger tour name and not the name of the touring festival.
If there are some off-dates that obviously wouldn't have taken place without the touring festival, then label them as “Off-Date”. E.g. Ozzfest 2013 (Off-Date)

Hi Ben,

Regarding your venue edit here:

This show was not in the theater; it was in the dome. I was there, recorded, and still have my GA ticket stub. There is a difference between the theater and the dome (the dome basically being the lobby of the theater), and this show was 100% in the dome.

Oh, now I see. Thank you, that would actually help out a lot.

Hey man, Business Class is my band and we are based in Rhode Island. Yes, there is a German Business Class that up until now has only caused slight confusion when we are accidentally paired on iTunes and things like I post our setlists to keep track of when and how often we play the songs from our album.

it was an indoor Motocross place called The Edge that went out of business around 2008

a lot of the venues i got from old flyers i have or that's what they were called at the time of the show, in some cases the shows were over ten years ago. a lot of venues might go by different names or have closed down since then. sorry i'm not the most fluent at updating things on this site i just wanted to add shows i've been to and that i had flyers from

Thanks for the feedback. Right after i messaged you i actually posted a thread about it in the Roadie forum. I went looking to see if there had been any discussion about it on the forums and the only post i found was one i made six years ago asking how StageIt type shows should be listed and nobody responded lol.

To me at least StageIt is a sort of virtual venue. Artists stream their shows there and it's where the fans go to watch the show. It's not really a series or a "presented by" type thing. Some artists might just do one or two, some play them often. A "tour" could work, but in the case of someone like Glen who performs there often, he might do a few shows in a row on multiple Sundays on StageIt, then play some actual shows, then do another Stageit, etc. It seems like it could get messy if someone goes to make an update to a regular show and the system sees a "StageIt tour" show on both sides and autocorrects and labels that show as one too. So i don't know.

I hope a few people will weigh in on the topic, i'd like to know what everyone thinks.

Re: Changing all StageIt shows to Unknown Venue
- I saw that you changed all of the Glen Phillips StageIt shows to Unknown Venue (and probably for other artists as well). Is that really the way we want to handle these shows moving forward? A large portion of these types of shows are done from the artists living room/bedroom/home studio/den/back porch/etc. It doesn't really seem realistic to put "[Artist Name]'s Living Room" as a venue, but it doesn't seem like "unknown venue" really covers it either. And if the intent is to simply list it as a StageIt show( or whatever it may be) in an info tag at the end of the set, it's a little frustrating to now have to go and create tags for 50+ shows just because it's been changed to unknown venue. Seems worthy of a discussion as sites like StageIt and Concert Window become used more and more frequently by artists to play online shows.

Hi, thank you. I had already read all the guidelines but simply couldn't find where to create an event. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Batch edit please. Thx!
According to English Style guidelines on musicbrainz
It should be
*From* not *from*

RE: Your comment on Pronollo's page regarding The Who

That concert never happened. This was the portion of the “Who Hits 50″ tour that was postponed because of Roger Daltrey being diagnosed with viral Meningitis. It was rescheduled for March 14, 2016. This is the second time posted by the user. I reported it earlier on the forum.

Thanks for the clarification, I'll keep that in mind.


This is what ExecutiveChimp said about my latest version of the entry of the Dead at the 1979 Bammies before he deleted it too, and my response:

Chimp wrote:
Please only add setlists where actual music was performed. Any date without an actual performance needs to be deleted.

Very sorry to hear this. The 1979 Bammies is a case where listing the location of the Grateful Dead, that they won an award, were all present, but did not perform, is helpful information for the fans. This is info I found in an old issue of Bay Area Music, or BAM. I am not aware that this is available online. Perhaps search engines will find this comment and provide info for the future, info lost when that entry was deleted.

I'm not a Deadhead, so no big deal to me...


The Dead did not perform, but all attended to win the Best Group award.


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