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Just wondering why you created a completely different edition of the Glastonbury Festival here https://www.setlist.fm/festivals/glastonbury-festival-4bd63b76.html . I'm sure you're aware this festival exists already 50 years.
If the venue is a stage or a bar on the site of Worthy Farm, this shouldn't be listed seperately since we don't use the name of different stages for a festival. If it's a bar in the centre of the city, you need to ask to delete this edition of the festival and link it to the one which was organised already several times.

Before you continue take into account that another mod wrote in the discussion
I don't know anything about this particular performance, but i know Fortnite has been broadcasting live shows within it's game. And i'm pretty sure the songs themselves were all pre-recorded. It's just the animated performance that is broadcast “live” to players in game, but it 's not really recorded live. So i would say those types of shows shouldn't be allowed.
So before adding any more webstream take into account that they're broadcast live and not reposts.

But it a lot more effort. First one needs to delete all those festivals, remembering the sole date the festival was held at that particular venue, and recreating a festival longing over the complete period.

I'm not enjoying my superpower. I just apply the rules. The concert was not performed on the date it was broadcast. Anyway I posted the problems about this in the moderator form. If there's any more 'postponed' concerts at this 'festival' these will be deleted too.
I hope you enjoy clicking 'I attended' a live stream :)
You don't respond either to the other problems you caused in the past which I remarked.
Maybe you should read the guidelines a bit more attentive if you haven't done so as to not cause that many problems which have to be rectified.

First was there an audience in 2018?
The date used should be the date when the show actually took place. Not necessarily what's written on the ticket stub.
Performances recorded for TV or radio should be listed under the recording date and not the date that it aired.

The virtual gig was from two years ago.

Livestream 'virtual' festival during lockdown using pre-recorded performances. This event was 'live' in Minecraft (and via Discord) and simul-cast via youtube. The archive remains here https://youtu.be/0ViNE7air2U IDLES at 1:30:12
Setlist is not about rebroadcasting in any way an event.
Setlist uses the recording date. So your upload will be deleted.
Take care.

You created 14 (fourteen!) different editions of the NME Award festival in 2016, dating from Feb 1 until Feb 25.
This is not how it should be done.
All are the same festival over a longer period in different venues. You should have created the first with a date from Feb 1 until 25, adding all the others to the same festival.
Afterwards you could have asked a mod to limit the dates for each venue.
At least you should have listed the date at the Lexington from Feb 1 to 2. now you created two festivals for each day at https://www.setlist.fm/festivals/nme-awards-shows-73d61e39.html .
Same for 100 Club with dates Feb 15 & 16.
By the time you read this the link will probably have disappeared since I will be linking all.

If you'd gone to the venues webpage https://www.trixonline.be/nl/programma/idles-gb-life-gb/2199/ you would have seen it's in Trix Zaal, not Trix Bar.
When there are different halls in the same venue, one has to use the exact one. Before the closing date of the 'generic' Trix venue, there was only one hall.

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