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Thanks for the link. It appears those two songs have evolved from each other, since.
A conundrum, where the 'Girlfriend' title is given for the song we now know as being called 'I Want to be Abducted (By a UFO)

Hi, thanks for your message re Wet Leg.
'Girlfriend' is one of the four demo tracks Wet Leg originally posted on soundcloud in 2019. That track is used here https://youtu.be/uDb0O_RK_6o
As you can hear, the lyrics make no reference to UFO abduction.
The same riff has been used in the more recent song 'I Want to be Abducted (By a UFO) which was considered for the album but ultimately excluded. "...UFO" is different lyrically and signicantly different in its composition to be considered a different song to 'Girlfriend' https://youtu.be/9ZZwGfPRWsI
If you disagree, change it back

Responding 2 months later but very much enjoyed the show! Art Brut is worth an international flight!

Yeah. They were great. I just put up the Gaffa Tape Sandy setlist as best as I could figure out.

Thanks for adding the Fightmilk setlist!