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Thanks for the note on Clarence Clemons. Really hard to know for sure if one or both is wrong so I think that we should leave them unless we know for certain that one or the other didn’t happen.

Hey there! Yes, I attended this concert while I was a student at Liberty. It was awesome. They descended down onto the stage on flying saucers to Darth Vader’s theme. Very cool. And it was the first time I’d ever heard of Third Day, and they were a hot topic on campus after that show because they were so good! And Plankeye rocked too. I have an idea of a good number of the songs they sang but I’m not 100% positive of the order. I only was able to find the exact date from an old issue of the Liberty Champion, which was the campus newspaper, that somebody had scanned and uploaded. Here is the link:

Hey no worries (re: Supertones at Creation). Thanks for following up.

Can individual setlist dates be deleted? Carolyn Arends toured with Rich Mullins on his 1995 Brother's Keeper tour and she missed three concerts because she was ill with the flu. She missed the following concerts - October 15, 1995 Community Church in Highlands Ranch, near Denver, Colorado October 17, 1995 Calvary Memorial Evangelical Church in Gering, Nebraska and October 18, 1995 Life Assembly of God Church in Kearney, Nebraska

I just found a review of a Phil Keaggy concert which took place at King's Place in Reynoldsburg Ohio on March 10, 1990 and I added to his setlist. I don't know of a good source for all the concerts at King's Place, but I am going through a lot of old CCM magazines, looking for Rich Mullins concerts and info and i will be happy to list any concerts by any artist that I can find which took place at King's Place.

Thanks, I mostly research Rich Mullins' concert dates, and they can be quite challenging. They often took place in small venues like churches or bookstores, and apparently, he didn't always advertise widely. The online Rich Mullins timeline is helpful, but it contains many errors and omissions, and usually doesn't list venues. I recently purchased a bunch of old CCM and Release magazines just to research concert dates. I research old newspaper ads as well. might be a resource for Kings Palace. If I find any concerts at Kings Place in Reynoldsburg, Ohio I will let you know.

Doors were 6pm and Brandy Zdan would have gone on at 7pm at the Mohawk in Austin. I was the tour bus driver for Tab Benoit who was headlining. If you google: Tab Benoit Brandy Zdan Mowhawk Austin (then you’ll come up with more info on that show). I hope this helps.

Thanks for the follow up. There was a source listed in the comments but no one changed the venue. I don't know about now but back in the 70s they were not doing concerts in Ohio Stadium.

if you like @ Bruce Springsteen or Willie Nelson (as examples) setlist does not include the backup band, only the main artist, hence the merge.
hope this helps.

Dr. AL


No songs are listed in the review for Ashely Cleveland for 10/24/95. There are two songs listed for Carolyn Arends and I have updated them in the setlist.

Regarding: Likewise for the Ashley Cleveland show:

"I am not very knowledgeable on Benoit but I would guess that "Night Train" is probably a cover of the James Brown instrumental." --- nope, it's his own song ;-)

@GBrady further to your query about the date see page 30 of this:
which confirms The Alarm played the mainstage at Greenbelt on Friday August 28th 1987. The archives on The Alarm's own website are notoriously unreliable as a lot of it was compiled by fans rather than official sources.

Cool, thanks for the info!

Hello GBrady. I hope this is right. Barbarellas was also a club in Birmingham at the time. This maybe causing some confusion. It was a long time ago. Have a look at Punk music catalogue. Thanks. Paul.

I don’t remember because I hurt my back during the show and had to go to the emergency room. Lou Diamond Phillips & the Sharks (yes, the actor) was the support act.

I'll make it real simple... @Info shouldn't include anything that didn't affect the show in any way. Having somebody in the audience doesn't affect the show itself in any way. If Bruce Springsteen would like to create an account and check "I was there", then he's free to do that, but he still wouldn't be allowed to put himself in the @Info.

So, wrt to Miles Davis/Miles Davis Quintet (and other lineups he used), generally speaking you want to default to just the artist’s name, especially if (in the case of Miles especially) the “quintet” didn’t necessarily refer to a specific band, just the number of musicians in the ensemble. Another example of this is how in the 80s and early 90s, Miles’ shows would occasionally be billed as “The Miles Davis Group,” but we still list those setlists as being just “Miles Davis”
You can consider this the rule of thumb for a lot of the more mainstream jazz artists who did not necessarily have main groups outside of their artist name, or who’s groups were identified not as being of specific players (eg Roland Shannon Jackson & The Decoding Society), but were just denoting how many members were in the group at the time.
Hopefully that helps and all makes sense-I’m a bit jetlagged, so apologies if any grammar is confusing or if I was unclear and therefore need to give more clarification lol

I am a good source for the Ozark Music Festival that happened in 1974 in Sedalia,Missouri from July 19th-July 21st. Here is the lineup from the open air music festival it was the 4th largest crowd to ever attending an outdoor concert an est.350K
July 19th
Fresh Start
Bill Quateman
David Bromberg
Bob Seger
Souther- Hillman-Furay Band
Elvin Bishop
The Eagles
Barnstorm( featuring Joe Walsh)
Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes
I saw Joe Walsh & Ted Nugent jam off stage at 2 am Saturday morning. I will never forget that.

July 20th ( Saturday) another blistering hot day both temperature and humidity the second 100°+ day.
The lineup for that day was
Locomotive GT
Babe Ruth
Jimmy Spheeris
Tower Of Power
Electric Flag ( featuring Buddy Miles on drums)
Lynyrd Skynyrd ( all the original members Ronnie Van Zandt, Steve Gaines and others)
REO Speedwagon

July 21st ( another hot and humid very blistering day the temperature at noontime reached 108° with the humidity just as high.)
Here is Sunday's lineup
July 21st
Charlie Dainels Band
Jim Stafford ( "I Don't Like Spiders and Snakes")
Earl Scruggs Revue ( The Beverly Hillbillies theme song)
Leo Kottke ( a folk song artist from Minnesota)
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Mr Bojangles)
Marshall Tucker Band ( "Can't You See")
America they closed the 3 day concert with several tunes ("Horse With No Name "), ("Ventura Highway")
All for just $15 three days .I have so many stories to talk about from those three days what I saw ,the ambience, some of it is hard to describe. You had to be there and 350K people were. It was MC by Wolfman Jack it was supposed to be televised live on Midnight Special on NBC but because of the overt nudity and drug use it was cancelled. Our journey to the Ozark Music Festival began with an advertisement in the Rolling Stone magazine. I was newly divorced and needed a vacation so I decided to send for three tickets one for my housemate Gary( aka Sky Pilot) his friend and our driver to the concert, and myself Mike ( aka Mad Hatter I possessed a lot of caps and hats each worn for certain occasions) We left on (the weather was ideal) a Thursday night listening to clear channel KSTP 1500 AM all the way down to the main street of Sedalia leading into the main gate of the Missouri State Fairgrounds. We noticed the humongous crowd waiting to get into the concert. There is so much more to this story. I belong to a private group entitled Ozark Music Festival July 19th thru the 21st 1974 with the total of 3.2K members who reminisce about those times . What is a mystery to me is where the other 31K who attended the concert . There is some controversy whether or not Ozark Mountain Dare Devils played it seems to me they did but some memories are starting to fade. All In all it was an event I shall never forget . Oh if you want to join our group for the Ozark Music Festival let me know.

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