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https://www.setlist.fm/stats/albums/biffy-clyro-13d6bdf9.html Hi, the album Opposites contains the numbers Woo Woo, A Girl and His Cat, The Fog, Accident Without Emergency and Little Hospitals. But these songs are in the tab 'Others'. Could you fix it?

Hello, you were the first moderator I found, would you block a setlist so that you do not have more editing? The Arch Enemy band writes in the setlist the last two tracks separating with a bar (for example: Nemesis / Fields) Only it is not a medley, and a user is editing like a medley !! This is wrong, since watching any live, or DVD, you clearly see that it is not a medley !! So if you have blocking so there are no more ways to edit, I thank you!

Hello, pomes27. Thanks for your advice to encourage reporting at FORUM.
I have uploaded some reports related to my past edits. Please check.

There's a typo on "Musicbrainz" in the album title...not sure if this would affect things...

This is correct:

Artist: Rowwen Heze
Ienzame Man
Lekker Waas 't Wal
Mistige Dage
Allien 't Liedje
Misschien Merge
Het Mooiste Liedje Ooit
Album: De Liefde, De Muziek, De Herinnering


Unfortunately Daniël Lohues and Rowwen Heze aren't fixed. The new songs are not yet assigned to their correct albums.

Artist: Rowwen Heze
Ienzame Man
Lekker Waas 't Wal
Mistige Dage
Allien 't Liedje
Misschien Merge
Het Mooiste Liedje Ooit
Album: Die Liefde, De Muziek, De Herinnering

Artist: Daniël Lohues
Loat Mij Mar Lekker Dit Doen
Vlieg Dan Toch!
Gewoon 'n Dag Op 'n Dorp
Soms Stiet De Tied Eben Stille
In Vredesnaam
Kom, Dans Met Mij
Behalve a'k Uut Bère Kom
Mooie Verhalen Later
Schrei Mar Niet
Waor Wo'j Dan Nog Hen
Maak Joe Waor
Album: Moi

hey, could you delete the venue 'festivalpark' from this festival?

Hello, pomes27! I have posted some Japanese vemues to merge in the Forum.
Could you treat these like you offred in your post on 25 Mar. 2017?

Hi! Please check my latest post in the moderator forum before merging any more Montreal venues. Thanks!

Hi, could you please refresh the artists Rowwen Hèze and Daniël Lohues. It's been weeks since their new albums got released and the new songs are still being appointed to "other". Thanks!

Good day pomes27,
Please be more careful when you make batch edits. There are multiple versions of the song titled 'Think'. Aretha Franklin's version is not the song Jerry Garcia covered throughout his career. It was by Jimmy McCracklin. I have changed them all back. A quick check of the lyrics would have provided the evidence needed.
Thanks for all you do! - lmf

Why did you change the spelling of the songs in my setlist? I had already asked other users not to make any changes!

Please let it! Thanks!

Sorry to bother you but I'd really appreciate for all my edits to be done. Consider it as a gift, today is my birthday.

It's impossible to do Bonnie Prince Billy. Almost all of his albums have been done with somebody else.

Superwolf (not available)
The Wonder Show of the World (unavailable)

I'll do Bonnie Prince Billy when my corrections on page 107 will be done. Hopefully, they will be done within the next decade.

Hi pomes27,
sure thing. not a problem in regards to State Theatre, Saint Petersburg.
It should be noted, however, that a multitude of set lists are floating out there
were moderators have removed (or reverted) the word "Tour" to eliminate redundancies.
Take Care, Dr. AL-

hello Pomes. I just noticed there are two entries made for London Music Hall, London, ON, Canada. Can you delete or merge the one with only four pages to the 32 page one. thank you

For the artist Graham Parker, how do we put all of his records under just his name instead of various bands that have backed him (The Rumour, The Figgs, The Shot, etc..) there has to be a way. For instance, Springsteen has all of his under his name. If you look at one of his setlists, certain songs are not listed as "Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Cover". I would like to have all of Graham's records under his name so the stats are all there. Know what I mean?

Could you please change the name of this venue to ''Plaça de Sant Roc'' ?