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Thanks for the link information. I hadn't ever used that one before. You are the best, as always, I am thankful for all of your help!!

Hello again! I posted this in the forum, but thought you could help me out, as you always do. I added the "Ocrafolk Festival 2022" to the site, but accidentally had the year as 2019, so now its mistakenly listed as "Ocrafolk Festival 2019", instead of "Ocrafolk Festival 2022". Is there any way to correct this?

11 1985
The Screaming Tribesmen Setlist
at The Prince of Wales, Melbourne, Australia

Someone added a sad and disturbing video of a deformed child under the song of You're so hip little girl.

Please remove.

Hi, regarding the edits on the Alice Cooper Band setlists, e.g https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/alice-cooper/2017/hard-rock-cafe-oslo-norway-13e5fdad.html

I think it still should be the previous so-called "duplicate".
These shows were not billed as being Alice Cooper shows but the touring band performances.

An example is the Sticky Fingers show, look at the poster on the top of the event page.

Though the group's name changed, some songs should be attributed to The Jackson 5. Is that something you can handle, or shall I eventually address?

Thanks for updating The Jackson 5 to The Jacksons. A quirk of setlist.fm is that when a name is changed, the search pulls up the old name. I find changing the set date and re-setting it fixes this. Is there any work around you can do?


I was late, but as far as I can see the topic seems to have reached a conclusion.
I'm so sorry that I brought you bother as a result.
Although I didn't intend it at all...

I have a question.
If we set all AC's setlists under the group's MBID,
as long as there are two MBIDs on MusicBrainz and this site also pulls its artist information from there,
will be all songs of post-1975 to be covered song?

You have effectively ruined the Alice Cooper setlists bro

I have just moved all relevant 1964-1974 shows back.
I don't think there are any problems, but please check if necessary.
And thanks for this hint "You should be able to use the MBID in the Edit Artist field."
I didn't know that is possible, so it was very helpful.
But I'm so tired...orz

why r there not multi beach boys bands, with the brothers, without brian, etc
the origianl lynyrd skynyrd is certainly not the same as any version since
u r getting too specific on some of the legal ish ends of stuff

these alice cooper changes ur making make no sense to me, ur splitting my 28 shows into 2 pieces as if its 2 diff artists, then u should split up every band every time they change members, at least 3 pink floyd bands, 8 styx bands, etc

Thanks for your suggestion.
Although they are valid events,
I thought it would be much better for a user who follow the guidelines or an attendee to add them again with a valid and proper source at a later date than to add without it.
Sorry about that...

By the way, your name reminded me of it.
Now I'm ready for this.
> https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/problems-with-artists-2bd6bc56?entry=3d4e13b
>> https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/problems-with-artists-2bd6bc56?entry=3d4e1fb

Disagree with renaming adult group The Jacksons as their childhood group The Jackson 5. The groups have different MBID numbers, have published albums under the different names. Elvis Costello and the Attractions and Elvis Costello and the Imposters are 2 different entries and these 2 versions of Jackson Family members need to be separated.

According to wikipedia:
"The Jacksons" is the name, since 1976, of the American family singing group formerly known as The Jackson 5"

Any idea why ALL my submissions are now being immediately removed (even where reliably sourced) or reverted with no comment?
e.g. Both Wet Leg and Honeyglaze at Trinity Centre, Bristol 21st April 2022 for repeated reverts.. I've lost count of how many times I've submitted Wet Leg at Norwich Arts Centre on 24th April, with correct sourcing.
Feeling unwanted here, currently.

Thanks for the tips and tricks link for the site. I will definitely check that out!!

THANK YOU for the help with those Liverpool setlists. I was not looking forward to deleting them and starting over. I knew this shortcut would work for cover assignments, but didn't know about the artist designation change. You are THE BEST!!!!

Hello! I had a problem correcting the designation for artists with the same name. The band "Liverpool" that has been performing at ALL the "Fest For Beatles Fans" since the 1990s is the band with Glen Burtnick and other Weeklings members. I got this added to Musicbrainz, and now it's a choice on our Setlist.fm site, but when I go to change this from the Swedish "Liverpool" that is what Musicbrainz originally linked to, it doesn't come into the choices when you type in Liverpool as the artist. Any ideas on how to change this, without deleting all the old setlists and video links and starting over from scratch?

Not sure how involved you are in Tour names but can you take a look and chime in? Having a decisions by Mods/Admin would help for the future as the implications on this will impact many setlists on this site.

Not sure if that Runaways song on the El Rey show from 2001 is the Lou Reed song or not. The taper on db.etree.org didn't say.