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I am pretty sure I added details to the Tattts, it looks like my syntax and construction. I can no longer access some of the newspapers I could back then and cant confirm the 1996 closing date. I don't know for sure if I added the exact closing date so feel free to change it..

I added update info to the New Tatts that I found searching for the 1990s closure.

Posted a comment about Elvis Presley to the uploader https://www.setlist.fm/user/Jawi2

Can you edit the emden 1997 setlist from rammstein because i found a better source

Thanks for your comments about the Epcot shows. Do you want me to designate that the 5:30 pm show was the first of three for that day, etc.?

Can you do something about Luke71 deleting tour name on Corey Taylor's 2019 sets? Its even printed on the ticket stubs and the posters I have from various shows.

Or maybe the person looking for pointless batch edits should either learn the language or look up the song on musicbrainz himself. It's bad enough I have to correct mistakes from a moderator. Why did you feel the need to weasel your way into our conversation anyway?

hi, i left a new msg on stageit, dont take it personally its not directed at u, i just fully disagree, doesnt make since to me

Hi, You contacted me about merging the Wollongong Leagues Club and the Northern Suburbs Leagues Club Wollongong. They were two completely separate venues nowhere near each other, so you probably shouldn't merge them.


Hi! You corrected my Thin White Rope setlist (Mezzago, 3/3/88), crediting "Some Velvet Morning" to Nancy Sinatra instead of Lee Hazlewood. The author of the song, Lee Hazlewood, recorded it first in duet with Nancy Sinatra and then, in 2006, on his album "Cake or Death", in duet with his granddaughter Phaedra Dawn Stewart. So, I think this song must be credited to him, considering the guidelines, too: “If the songwriter does finally release their own version of the song, regardless of how many years have gone by, then the song should be credited back to the songwriter.”
Thanks, Silvano

Could you kindly recheck your changes this morning like : https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/paolo-nutini/2017/teatro-opera-buenos-aires-argentina-1be66d48.html#sfmses2b267cae
Is the song title really "Dream a Little dream a Little Dream of Me"? Thanks!

The medley New Amsterdam / You've Got to Hide Your Love Away shouldn't be a Elvis Costello & Stgeve Nieve cover.

Think you've made a bad batch edit for Costello.

I don't think there's an automated way to fix the ~700 affected songs for cover artists (~400 for with artists, ~900 for other artists) yet. I'll check if there's an easy way to do a sweep...

The Paul Kelly and Steve Connolly Townsville shows were in 1985.
You have added 1995 tour to all of them.
Also it was Paul and Steve playing together, not separately.
But there was no artist option for me to add the shows as a duo.

In the past I have done the album reassignment myself, and it’s worked. Did something change with a recent update? I did the album assignment the same way I always did, and it did the admin request way for some reason.

In the document I uploaded two shows are listed. On one of the setlist I also wrote in the comment two shows. I'll add the information.

thanks for the reply re:Devon, I'll post in the forum tonight. While I've got you - can you take a look at this? I'm concerned that a confirmed/verified setlist was DELETED from this site. https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/setlist-i-enterededited-has-been-deletedis-missing-63d7b633

Thanks, I have it on my "reading list", just didn't weigh in yet. Everything heavily depends on whether we'd like to have streamed shows showing up in the stats eventually.

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