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Hi, On the Mike Gent page, I know you recently added the album "Headphone Music (Thanks) but for some reason these songs are still showing up under "Other" where they should be under the album....Serene With An Untethered Head, New Byrds, Knee Trembler, FWFYS

New leftovers for you.

Some are 42 days old
You may learn a little French.


Hi Pomes, I asked you a month ago to delete the comment you left on my account.
I am asking again. Can you delete it?
Thanks, AL-

Sorry, due to the nature of the db column, this query isn't possible. If it's a real problem we can figure something out that is not db-only...

There are a few venues that use only lower case letters, but some do exist. Unfortunately that probably isn't the answer. This one user seems to have created many of them so maybe I'll go through his edits and try to weed out the ones I find. So far, the setlists I've seen that were listed in Billboard or local newspapers have been actual shows held on that date in that city. It's just the venues he has created that have been wrong.

The same user created all these Illinois venues without capitalizing them. For some I can find information, but others I can't so I am using Unknown instead of guessing at them. There probably will be more.

I don't know. I haven't been able to verify the venue so I used "Unknown Venue". Whatever it was it would have been capitalized.

Hello pomes27, thanks for your kind message. I have tried to get in touch with the admin team at help@setlist.fm, but I was notified that my mail was rejected due to spam classification by Google.com. Is there any other way to contact with help@setlist.fm? :)

Sorry, I think I expressed myself wrong.

What I meant is the setlists doesnt show those songs as if they were in the album. The pie chart show them as "others" and not "Eso que no dijiste" album.

Hi Pomes! Quick question. In musicbrazind I added an album of Impulso (https://musicbrainz.org/release/399f39db-04b5-4805-84a7-f0badb1037b9).

But why on the band's setlist the songs won't appear as a part of the album in the pie chart at the bottom of the setlist?

Thank you!

Hi pomes, thanks for Gang of Youths correction, still missing this 2016 release though: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let_Me_Be_Clear

Hi, can you please upload info for Gang of Youths "Go Farther in Lightness" album, and "Let Me Be Clear" EP?

For starters asshole, do not leave insulting messages on my wall because you're too much of an idiot to notice that no real setlist from Rock Star Supernova even exists from before 2007 because they're all fake setlists. Would you rather I had wasted time requesting each individual delete, or done what I could to move them to a place that no one would ever even see? It's not my fault that people had claimed they were at concerts that never existed.

Calling me an idiot, a problem, and a quality diluter proves that you're just a bitter person because you have nothing better to do with your life except edit setlists on a site. Delete all the Rock Star Supernova sets excluding 2007 setlists, I deliberately never redirected them to a 2007-year setlist. You're basically telling me that I should have let them sit and rot under the original bands they were labeled under even though none of these gigs ever took place or could ever be proved to have taken place. Next time you have a problem, just deal with it instead of bitching to someone involved in it over two years ago. Have a good day!

Hi, could you please add the Album "Headphone Music" to the Mike Gent page? Thanks.

Hi. Something seems to have gone wrong with a batch edit you did a couple of years ago. I noticed that the song "Rock and Roll Heart (Lou Reed cover)" on a Chuck Prophet setlist I added had been changed by you to "Rock and Roll Music (Chuck Berry cover)" , which is a completely different song. I changed it back, but have since noticed that lots of other instances of Chuck Prophet covering that song (which he did a lot on that tour), and also Lou Reed himself playing it, have all been changed to the Chuck Berry cover.

Here's an example, but there are many others. The opening song here would definitely have been the Lou Reed cover and not the Chuck Berry. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/chuck-prophet/2014/johnny-ds-uptown-somerville-ma-1bcdb9a4.html

And here's an example of a Lou Reed show where it's been changed.

Could you delete the venue 'Oude Cramme De Kwakkel' from this festival edition. Also, is there a way to become a roadie? I would love to contribute more to this site :)

Hi pomes27,
could you please delete the comment you left on my wall two months ago?
I would appreciate it. Thanks, Dr. AL-

Thanks! I'll look into roadie-ness tomorrow ;-).

Yes, your work on Neil Finn helped. Thanks again.

Thanks you with your help with the new albums of Rowwen Heze and Daniƫl Lohues a while back. Now Neil Finn has a new album for release and has already been playing the new songs. I've added the album to Musicbrainz. Could you update Neil Finn on here, please? Thanks!

Are you gonna do the leftovers?

I grouped them together two weeks ago and you haven't done a single one yet. I on the other hand have asked for several other corrections that aren't being done either.