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Hey, thanks for replying no worries on delay.
Agree with you, not looking to change the location for the McCartney set, especially since it was performed early in the day on top of the marquee at the theatre, not even inside the studio.

Question is in regard to, does the filmed and broadcast later that night 2 songs get a separate /additional setlist with Late Show with David Letterman as the venue?
The guidelines are somewhat generalized and the obvious answer seems to be NO, it was ONE performance, that marquee performance is the only setlist. But for some artists the “radio and television appearances” (from the guidelines) that are prerecorded have been entered on the site as a setlist for the TV show broadcast, as well as a setlist of the original longer recorded performance.

Obviously the pandemic has turned norms upside down a bit for the artists, venues, TV & radio, and for this site. I just want confirmation from a mod in regards to these chat show type setlist where it’s prefilmed. Is it just the filming setlist that’s entered, not the additional what was broadcast setlist as well? I’m not making changes to anything right now but want to make sure I implement and edit correctly in the future.
Thanks for the search tip!

p.s. If you haven’t seen or watched in a while (from 20014) this is good: https://youtu.be/8KY8uq7uZeE

Sorry, I have not found anything regarding the QotSA-show amongst my recordings, posters and setlists. No idea where I had the info from when I added it eleven years (jeeeez) ago.

Paul McCartney performed an outdoor mini-concert during the afternoon of Jul 15 2009 (the sun was up). That setlist (that you have edited): https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/paul-mccartney/2009/ed-sullivan-theater-new-york-ny-3bd57c50.html

The whole show was taped and two of the songs were edited and at 11:30pm that night aired during the Late Night with David Letterman broadcast. Does a setlist for the Late Show with David Letterman broadcast (with a note explaining and linking to the performance setlist) need to be created per the Guidelines?
So it would appear in this list: https://www.setlist.fm/search?query=letterman&venue=3bd624b4
Currently, if a user searches "Paul McCartney Letterman" or "Paul McCartney Late Show" they won't find the broadcast.

Hello James

The Dutch Wikipedia page https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burgerweeshuis_(Deventer) tells there's three different halls in the building, besides a café and a rehearsal room. So I'd leave the café. Possible the generic needs to be split up in three different halls, but there's no specific name (except for a reference to a big hall for 520 persons and two bars)

My decision has been made two or three weeks ago, (but I haven't posted my decision over here) to step down on being involved in discussions, activily searching for errors because of the insinuations and insults of EC. I guess he achieved what he feared in the first place when I asked to be promoted to mod. I'll concentrate on adding Belgian shows which are important as *any* setlist over here, whether being related to Albany or Zimbabwe.
Another mod is concentrating his core business on secondhandsongs because of the many disputes with EC.
Thanks for all the support.

Good pickup on Cara. I've had it corrected and since it was now a duplicate, reported it for removal.

I'm not a fan of "geographic area and year" in tour names. But I did not see that this was written in tour guidelines. I'm sorry for that. But I still think it's incorrect to naming the tours like that. We can see the year and country/mainland in the date and location of the concert. It doesn't make any sense to me.


Thanks for your comments and actions re. the Alex Harvey Band performing as a separate band without Alex. Unfortunately though I can't figure out how to alter the artist on an existing setlist....

"You should be able to edit the 6x 1977 gigs to "S.A.H.B. (without Alex)" yourself. If the musicbrainz team come back and reject my album edit and merge the two artists on their site, we can revisit our solution."

Hi pomes27,
Thanks for providing detailed credits on the Ryuichi Sakamoto's video. As a conclusion, nothing about the venue including AiiA Theater Tokyo was mentioned there. So, I can change the venue to "Unknown Venue, Unknown City, Japan". Thank you once again. :)

If you're really interested there's a whole forum topic about it:


He was just trying to see if he could talk someone else into doing what he wants. If you want to give an opinion on it feel free.

The release of 'Rumbling' on 'On The Attack' is titled 'Intro', which is why it is often listed as such on some setlists. The issue with this is it was almost certainly a placeholder title, as on pretty much every written set I've seen it on it's listed as 'Rumbling'. The other thing to take into consideration is that even though it is the only commercially sold release, it is still technically a live release. I'm not versed enough in how releases work on the site to know if that affects anything, but it seemed like something to be noted.

Can you please fix all the changes of Roxy Music, Brian Ferry, and the miscellaneous bands that incorrectly had the song titles changed from..".Let's Stick Together" to "Let's Work Together."
Setlist is the only website in the universe that says Roxy Music & Brian Ferry performed
"Let's Work Together"...100% wrong!

You've altered my setlist of 'Sensational Alex Harvey Band (without Alex)' to be 'Sensational Alex Harvey Band" with the logic being that it is a duplicate band. But really it isn't. In late 1976 the Sensational Alex Harvey Band split up. Alex left and went his own way and the remaining band members released an album under the name of "The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (without Alex)" called 'Fourplay'.
They did a short UK tour of which 6 gigs are recorded here in January and February 1977 in which they played almost exclusively songs from the Fourplay album. Since they recorded and toured as 'The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (without Alex)' this is a separate band and IMO these 6 gigs should be recorded as 'SAHB (without Alex)'
The actual Sensational Alex Harvey Band reformed in Summer 1977 and started touring from August 1977.

Hi pomes27,
What in question is the venue. I wonder if it is true.
Due to regional exclusive copyrights owned by SME Japan, the source DaveRenfrew provided is not playable and I can’t see detailed info of the video here in Japan.
Could you check if this video indicates that the venue was AiiA Theater Tokyo?


Regarding the specific release of the song 'Rumbling', it's a bit of a tricky one to place. The name is taken from an instrumental recording from 'The Cat Empire/Demo II' from late 2000. This recording however, as with the rest of the tracks on the 'Demo' albums, is an instrumental written when the band was a trio. Part of the instrumental was taken and reworked to the current track. The official recording known as 'Intro' is only found in two places: a bonus CD from the 'On The Attack' live DVD, and a live recording from 'Live at the Theatre of Living Arts'. As there is no release on an official album or EP, let alone one known as 'Rumbling' as it was introduced live, I personally think that the track should remain in the 'Other' album category.

Sounds good. I'll hold off on further larger classical edits and leave that for a moderator. The movements on separate lines gets problematic. Actually a lot of classical gets problematic with different original language (Austrian, German, etc composers written now in English).

Hi James,

That is correct: Valkhof Festival (https://www.setlist.fm/festivals/valkhof-festival-6bd6aaa2.html) is the "new" (as of 2013) name of the de-Affaire festival (https://www.setlist.fm/festivals/de-affaire-13d6bd31.html). You can merge them to one festival if you please.


thanks for adjusting the Royal British Legion "festival" at RAH. https://www.setlist.fm/festival/2020/royal-british-legion-festival-of-remembrance-2020-3bd754d8.html
Can you change the end date to Oct 3 also (there may have been additional filming later in the week in Oct but we don't have any confirmation of that. Right now it's still pulling in the Niall Horan show on Nov 7 which wasn't part of the festival and the only show performed in RAH on NOv 7. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/niall-horan/2020/royal-albert-hall-london-england-5b82d374.html I've refreshed my cache so perhaps you've already done and it's just taking time to refelct in the system. thanks.

FYI, you've changed a bunch of classical music to follow grammar/style rules, but classical follows *different* grammar/style from non-classical. Specifically "no." "op." and things like "A major/minor"...

Shouldn't those Various Artists with a one off Tour rather being considered a festival than a tour?
E.g. Like The Concert for Sandy relief, where all artists are listed seperately instead of under Various Artists?

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