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Unfortunately couldn't find any more info in Humo magazine about https://www.setlist.fm/venue/gent-festival-ghent-belgium-43d41b03.html. Others for Gentse Feesten were listed.

My father attend the concert that was some of the songs Louis Armstrong preformed....


Hi, I'm trying to fix a set and when I add @With, I get an Unknown Artist. Is there a way to change this?

Question... are you able to mass change venues?

All of these "Unknown Venue, Santa Barbara, CA, USA" should be "Private Venue, Santa Barbara, CA, USA" as they were held at a private home (Glen's home) via StageIt:

~Dan (earfdae)

Good to know re: batch processing. :)

hey. so after so long i didn't even realise i could change the venue myself! LOL


Hi James, thanks for checking in on my JA edits - I'll pay more attention to lower/upper-cases in song titles (I actually thought the message on submission meant they would be automatically corrected for me). Best, Helen

thanks for the tip re JA @ QEH, makes more sense - edited!

break was to change CD for soundboard recording

Sure. Please avoid public links to spam pages though - we don't want them to show up in search engines. Also, there's the "fake bands" topic in the mod forum. cheers

@pomes27 Thanks for all the info! :)

Could I get some help with long-term vandalism here please? I have proof that a user is vandalizing Alan Jackson setlists. https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/long-term-alan-jackson-vandalism-53d6d705

Can you unlock this so I can add the songs
The other option is you could just copy the songs from this identical concert and then lock it again

Please do something about the guy that keeps messing with this setlist: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/ed-sheeran/2018/adelaide-oval-adelaide-australia-5bef970c.html

Hi there!

Sorry for the late answer, I only now saw your comment on my profile.

The "Rockhouse" is a venue, which has two separate stages. One is the "Rockhouse Saal", a bigger stage and one is the "Rockhouse Bar", a smaller stage in the bar area for smaller events. So I think it would be better to keep it just "Rockhouse", because both is in the same house and it's not necessary to be more specific.

I hope I could help.

Best regards,

Hi there,
I would be glad about an answer.

As requested, I have added source information to the Paul Kelly 10/28/95 Borderline entry. Thanks for asking.

nobody does it. It is impossible? Is it wrong? Too much work?
Please let me know. Thanx

One of my friends who i attend a lot of concerts with is a perfect candidate for being a setlist.fm roadie. He is always adding and updating setlists and very accurate with his data. If possible please consider him for promotion - https://www.setlist.fm/user/g_money