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The rock band known as "Riot V" did NOT exist prior to 2012, yet they have managed to hijack the setlists of a band called "Riot" who recorded many albums in the late 70s / early 80s. The following are some of those listed on Discogs: 'Rock City' (1977), 'Narita' (1979), 'Fire Down Under' (1981), 'Restless Breed' (1982) and 'Born in America' (1983).
It seems that this site takes great pains to change venue names everytime a different sponsor is involved, but when it comes to something really important like 'Artist' accuracy, it appears not to matter!
The source of the fault is obviously with the MBID which has simply overwritten the original band rather than create a new one for 'Riot V', thereby creating "alternative facts".
If Setlist.fm relies so heavily on MusicBrainz, why do they ignore such inaccuracies, or at least have some mechanism for overriding the MBID.
I reason I address the question to you is because you have changed setlists to "Riot V".

Hello, I just noticed you left a comment on the Bliss 66 Molson Snow Jam 2002 setlist saying the show doesn't appear on my source link. The comment was 5 years old at this point but I just want to point out that upon entering the source link, the page shows other links on the top of the tour page on the band's website depicted as elevator buttons. The link remains the same upon clicking on the band's site's "Tour Diary" page on the third button on top of the page. Upon clicking on it, the diary mentions as follows: "Pulling Double Duty!!!! August 2nd, 2002. Two shows, one day, one band!! Today we were fortunate enough to be able to play twice. We played the Detroit Molson Snow Jam (w/ Filter, Juleana Theory, etc.) at 4:30pm, then immediately went to our next show which we played the same evening at Ferndale's (Magic Bag), (w/Stun Gun and Nice Device), two Detroit local bands that are really great."

My edits keep getting reverted without a reason despite the fact I've given a valid source. This has been an issue for me for about two months and I can't seem make an edit without one of these users reverting it within about 5 minutes.


Thanks! I never knew that the "Duplicate Song" Link was used to suggest batch edits. That comes in handy! I will definitely keep that in mind. As always, I appreciate all the help you give me!! If I can ever help you with anything, please let me know.

Thanks for the batch-edits on those Jerry Lee lewis "Ramblin' Rose" covers...I was dreading going through those one at a time!

A user reached out to me about trolls on this setlist:
Should I go to the forum and ask for help, or can you help them out??

Hey, it seems like my account is banned and I do not know why. I was told to contact a moderator, which is somebody with a blue star next to their username. Do you think you can help me out here?

Hey. I'm cleaning up the "World Trade Center" venue setlists. That's a multi-building complex with individual venues.
I assigned every setlist to a sourced venue, but The Triffids remained and I'm merging the venue. Looks like the source is down but thought you might be able to find something.


End of October show in NYC so may not have been in the outdoor plaza. May have been at The Greatest Bar on Earth, Windows on the World, or one of the other buildings/venues.

We had a request on the Backend to merge this venue


into this one


If I remember correctly this type of inner Australian suburb were the ones we were merging out to list them all as Melbourne but you certainly know better than I do. Let me know what you think or just do the merge yourself if you want to.

Hello, I am wondering if you might be able to help me resolve a few errors? I noticed that all Cyndi Lauper dates beginning June of 1999 are incorrectly listed as part of her "Hat Full of Stars Tour". The Hat Full of Stars Tour only lasted from 1993 to 1994. The dates she performed in 1999 were as the opening act for Cher's "Believe" Tour. I have corrected a few of these myself, by am wondering if there is an easier way? Also, during her set she performed a cover of "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps. The song is inaccurately listed as a cover by The Corrs. Is there a way to fix this across the site?

Hello, sorry to bother, for some reason I can’t make any edits or add setlists, I always put in sources, if I go to a show I write everything down, setlists, time schedule, etc.

Nobody has told me if I did something wrong, from my knowledge I haven’t, admins haven’t answered when I ask and never gotten an email responded

Here’s an example; posted the setlist w the setlist photo link and still got deleted. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/sevendust/2023/house-of-blues-north-myrtle-beach-sc-23b9b403.html

I also made a topic in the forum, but nobody replied.

Someone marked your setlist for duplication/redirect but since it has a song (and the source is a private FB Group) figured you could sort out if the venue is the same as the other setlist.
Your setlist, unknown venue name w/ sourced song: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/john-butler/2023/unknown-venue-san-diego-ca-63b822eb.html
Duplicate date but named venue, no songs.

Name of venue in show listing for Apr 20


Hey, I have a question...can you please hit me in my user page?


Hi, about your request: Please remove " - ES" from the title of songs on setlist.fm, to match the titles in musicbrainz.org.

I don't remove " - ES" from the title of songs because songs are categorized to the wrong album (Emilie Simon 2003 and not in ES 2023) in the album statistics.


Joy To The World was the Hoyt Axton/Three Dog Night song. I can confirm because I was there and I've heard them play it other times.

Check the Steel Panther songs, I see two versions of the "Ain't dead yet" song. I have noticed that the difference is at this sign (' and ’). Although I tried both, for some reason that I don't understand, I cannot fix it. Hope you can.

Little late, but thanks for fixing this.

Now can you do the same with this one?

From watching videos of this on YouTube, it's simply the intro of A Moment Forever followed by the entirety of Hallelujah Goat.

Thanks. I've used the "Duplicate Venue" tab before, to correct a name, but wasn't sure if it would import all the setlists to the combined venue.

The Quadrant in Brighton lists it's name on their website and their Facebook page as "The Quadrant", not just "Quadrant".

I was wondering if you or another moderator can merge a venue. We have two listings for the same venue in Brighton, one as "Quadrant", and one as "The Quadrant". It is the same venue. Thanks as always.