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One of my friends who i attend a lot of concerts with is a perfect candidate for being a setlist.fm roadie. He is always adding and updating setlists and very accurate with his data. If possible please consider him for promotion - https://www.setlist.fm/user/g_money


Oh ok. I thought it was some Aussie tour. My mistake. Cheers

G'day Pomes

I was fiddlin around and came across the Living End's 'Aussie Invasion' tour. But i was pretty shocked when it came up with North American dates. Could you perhaps fix this?


Cy Coleman Jazz Trio released it. He should get the credit. Does not matter who recorded it first. If it was ever released by the actual songwriter, they get the credit.

lol, just saw your little note for the Pure Prairie League opening for Little River Band in Cedar Rapids IA in 1980. Never knew that option was available lol. I've been putting that type of note in the notes section.

And the reason is because other users have disputed listings...and they have a right to question...but this was after I'd listed a source with page number and everything. So now, I'm going back to double check that each concert I add to or correct (regardless of the number of acts) has the same source info (as some listings were done by other users...and as it pertains to Cedar Rapids, I'm either adding an opening act or correcting errors) to confirm a show's accuracy. And to help in future disputes where a mod can look at the disputed listing and see the source used for the confirmation.

Indeed I can. Still discovering the boundaries of my Roadie powers ;-)

Hi, wondering if you could help me with this... There are two set lists of “Neil Finn” from September 2016 that are actually by a slightly different artist, namely “Neil & Liam Finn”. Could this be changed, please?



Rockhouse Saal for the bigger venue is correct. The organizers gave that name: http://www.rockhouse.at/Veranstaltungen/2018/3

There are 2 stages at the Rockhouse in Salzburg. The the bigger one, the main stage is in the "Saal" and then there's also a smaller stage where the bar is at. And that one is called the "Bar".
So, I don't think it would make sense to merge both venues, I'd rather rename the "Rockhouse" to "Rockhouse Saal". Then it would be more precise...but I don't know if that's neccessary...

Hi, in the Rockhouse in Salzburg are 2 venues. One named only Rockhouse (for around 700-800 people) and the newer and much smaller one is called Rockhouse Bar (for around 150 people). So two different venues. cheers from Austria

So the corrections you made to the Kinks song are wrong. There are two different songs..Village Green Preservation Society & Village Green. Figgs & Mike solo cover the song Village Green, not Village Green Preservation Society

I understand.
Sorry for delete it before talking to the team.
Should I post on the forum to discuss this?

Hi pomes27, how are you?
I deleted the tour name at those setlists because they are usually TV appearances and promo gigs.
I don't know your opinion about this, but I talked a time ago about this kind of setlist with other moderator, and he shared the same position as me, that they should not be listed as tours.
Sorry to bother you


I think "Factory" or "Sickening" would be my contenders for favorite Soda Jerks song. The sound mix is really good! After taping shows and booking shows for 30+ before becoming a "retired" taper, I know how lousy live sound can be. I was really impressed with the job you did on these Soda Jerks songs. I sent a like on facebook. I haven't been on Facebook for about 4 years now....basically too busy with work...so I had to create a new account, until I can remember all the sign in stuff for my old account! hence the pictureless profile. I'll send a friend request, so thats who the anonymous person in Louisiana is!!! More later...(:

Good morning.. so I just checked and the lp "Rejects" is now on the figgs musicbrainz site.

Thanks! Now that I am getting proficient at posting and documenting sources I hope to be able to keep things moving along, and not make too much work for the Moderators and the Roadies. I try to keep it interesting and get some of the less documented people/groups on here. I checked out your facebook page and really liked that band the Soda Jerks! I definitely have to get some of their music! More later...(:

Hello Pomes27!
Just posted some links and some of the song titles from the "Sunbury 1972" festival. Also some of the 1972 Grugahalle, Essen fetival setlists (no videos on those though).
More later...(: