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Re: Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine

I guess I merged it because there is no such artist on MusicBrainz? But I do see that "Richard Cheese" is there and "Lounge Against the Machine" is there. I generally try to avoid merging collaborations on Setlist.fm unless I'm really familiar with the artist(s) - which I am not in this case. I guess feel free to unmerge if you think it's warranted.

Hi there,

First, thanks for all the work you do on this site, it's most appreciated.

I don't think some of your recent edits are correct, though. You have changed the name of a recent tour by Ali Barter on all relevant shows. She was promoting her single One Foot In, which takes capitalisation for "In". You have changed it to "One Foot in Tour" (which reads as a foot in a tour) when it should read as the tour for One Foot In. My understanding, therefore, is that it should remain as the "One Foot In Tour".

Thank you! I'm going to work hard to improve this magnificent website!

Done :)

I'm sorry, I'm not sure where to direct this comment.

Someone changed the tour name of Peter Gabriel shows from the June 1986 Amnesty tour from "A Conspiracy of Hope" to "Human Rights Now!" I changed them back to the correct name, and then s/he switched them to the wrong one again. "Human Rights Now!' was 1988, not 1986.

This is all over the internet, as well as my ticket stubs and programs from both tours. I wrote him/her a message, and noticed that someone else was asking about the basis for other changes this user made.

I think that record is entered into musicbrainz

Hi, I'm trying to add the album "Rejects" to the Figgs page. Is that something I can do as a roadie?


Are you sure this is correct? I find no evidence of this band on SNL on this date, which is not a Saturday.

Thanks for making me a roadie. very cool!

Got it, cheers!

Under the Mike Gent page, the song Cooling Off the Land should be listed under The Intake album. Thanks man!

Yes, that would be wonderful!!! It appears that some of the festivals were correctly switched back, but then others were deleted entirely, and finding all the dates (of the older festivals in particular) on the Internet turned out to be more of a nuisance than I had initially expected.

Thanks again! : )

Eh, it would've been a little easier, but I still would have needed to go through each of the 1300 setlists to check which ones were the 13, so it really wouldn't have saved that much time. But thanks for the suggestion, and for all your help with the festivals!

Also, on an unrelated note, you might be the right person to ask: is there a page that describes exactly what additional "powers" a roadie has, and what the process is for applying to be one? In the past year or two, it seems like I've been spending an increasing amount of time helping to clean up the site (especially the Japanese corner of the site, which was an absolute mess), and having some additional tools to do so would be exceptionally convenient!

No problem! I may have carpal tunnel now, but at least it was an excellent distraction at work for the last couple of days.

As for the festivals, I just posted about this in the Forum several minutes ago:

Thanks! Now after four years I understand the principle. Seems that sometimes I'm a little slow....

Hello pomes27,
in the past I went to the Forum, then to "Setlist, Concert & Tours" ( https://www.setlist.fm/forum/music/setlists-concerts-and-tours ) and pinned at the top there is the forum "Mark setlist for deletion". This was easy.
Now it is more complicated and time consuming. I have to go in addition to page 334 of the "Mark Setlist for deletion" forum, there is your post with a link to another forum where I can enter setlists for deletion.
Wouldn't it make sense to pin the new forum at the top of "Setlist, Concerts & Tours"-forum instead of the old one, that should no longer be used?

Thanks for your kind assistance!

Someone (see below) just edited this setlist. Songs by Elton performed by Elton wouldn't be covers....and likewise for Billy Joel...correct. seems we had an issue of similar nature before as there are a lot of modifications to this setlist!

JackPinel updated "Elton John & Billy Joel Setlist Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN, USA, Face tqo Face 2009".

View this setlist:

Hello, perhaps can you help on this setlist?

Should we add question mark in a song? I think not. If you agree please revert it back.

Is there a way to switch the order of two shows performed in one day. Meaning if you look at the figgs page, the show yesterday at Abandoned Luncheonette was during the day before the Jen & Dave's House show, yet the afternoon show is appearing as if it was the most recent show.