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YOU STATED: "Do you know the exact date of the name change? If so, please let me know and I will add open+close dates to the venues"

Hi, with regards to information about the ASB Arena in Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand (which is now called Trustpower Arena), it was opened in September 2011 and changed name in December of 2018. Thanks for helping me on this :D

Sorry, the song was called iPod, i was tricked by this live video

Akku is the correct name
see: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akku_Immenhausen
but in Immenhausen, Hesse, not Baden-Württemberg!
Juze (Jugendzentrum) is the abbreviation for youth center
The Akku is also a youth center.

please move from Immenhausen, Baden-Württemberg to Immenhausen, Hesse:
and merge with
https://www.setlist.fm/venue/juze-immenhausen-germany-7bd792c0.html (duplicate)

Hi. The local arena in my area has just changed it's name from "ASB Arena, Mt. Maunganui" to "Trustpower Arena, Mt. Maunganui". How do I alter it on Setlist.fm to make it correct??? Do older setlists change to the newer name too, or stay as they are?

hi pomes yes i managed to import all of the artists :) woohoo thank you!

Thank you.
Now it's ok!

Please merge, this is my failed attempt.
The tool for duplicate venues doesn't work with same names, or?

please move from Frankfurt, Hesse to Frankfurt (Oder), Brandenburg
There is a bug. It's not possible to create a venue in
Frankfurt (Oder), Brandenburg, Germany (P) !!
I've tried it with Frankfurt (Oder) Messehalle 1 Frankfurt.

about Ramonettes 2004 European Tour
you add i think incorrect city on
Sep 24 to 9 oct
if you see here (
on page 9 and 10 you see that
independent Rock’n’Roll promoter for this tour in EX Yugoslavia/Balkans/Adriatic/Southeast Europe since 2001

About Necks Wemmel 1999 concert

The Necks

On Tuesday 19 October, at 20 hours, the De Zandloper Community Center, Kaasmarkt 75 in Wemmel, The Necks' will be held. They are one of the great cult bands in Australia, also loved by connoisseurs of contemporary music anywhere in the world.

Their music actually fits

no label. Pianist Chris Abrahams, percussionist Tony Buck and bassist Lloyd Swanton all three come from jazz, but have a lot of musical experience in other formations.

Under the banner of The Necks, the three musicians develop an indomitable improvisation, with basic schemes that refer to minimal music and meditative world music. The Necks bring composition with influences of jazz, pop, rock, avant-garde, ambient and noise.

This concert is part of the theater project SLOW LOVE of Theater Malpertuis, which will be held on Thursday 14 October in the Westrand in Dilbeek and on Saturday 16 October a performance will be played in the cc of Strombeek-Bever and where The Necks will play the role of live accompaniment group.
Tickets available in GC De Zandloper (tel. 02-460.73.24), cc Strombeek (02-263.03.43) and Westrand (02-466 ​​20 30).

that is ok, thank u again

howdy pomes i added these guys about a week ago a0a648c9-53a0-429e-a595-8b30c495e1fd and whenever i try to import them i keep getting the MBID is either unknown or the artist was intentionally filtered message


all good now thank you! B)

hi pomes I'm having trouble adding a 2003 setlist for thebrotheregg at The Red and Black Cafe in Portland, OR.

it says the date I entered is outside the open/close dates of the venue even though the cafe opened in 2000 and never changed names


Hi. Have discovered that the song “I Come In Peace” listed in quite a few Joe Cocker setlist is incorrectly assigned. The song was written by Rick Brewster and Ross Wilson. It first appeared on Ross Wilson’s album “I Come In Peace”, published in Australia by Shock Records In 2010. Joe Cocker covered it on his album “Fire It Up” which was published in 2012. The song has also been covered by “The Angels” on their 2014 album “Talk The Talk. Can you please change the album and artist assignment for this song. Cheers, David P

Hi, I have tried to explain my point if view to dirkvandamme. He has shown no ability to have a discussion: he has his point of view and that’s that. For months he has been harrassing me by sending e-mails with requests for sources. These end up in my private e-mail. He sends these on near daily basis! This is grown up man picking on someone for something as trivial as this. Besides the mails there have been beligerent and threatening messages on my “wall”, which I sometimes don’t read for several weeks. I deleted those myself out of irritation that you, Pomes, have bonded with that dirkvandamme in harrassing me.

I have contacted Administration and was explained that amongst moderators there is no unity about the necessity of sources. Therefore it is NOT! mandatory for ANYONE to use a source.

Yet you chose me to make an example of.

So for the xxxxth time:
A. You superpowered moderators get YOUR s**t together and resolve this amongst yourselves
B IF the outcome is that adding sources I suggest you make it impossible to post a set list -without- a source, just like with the artist and venue.
C AND THEN... I expect it to be made as easy as possible, for example by letting users use a drop- down menu.

How’s that? I even help you guys with my suggestions.

For removing the roadie badge: you are trying to correct me for not following a rule you invented yourselves. It is not a rule, but a request, so you Pomes are wrong. How sad that you let dirkvandamme trick you in teaning op into trying to humiliate and harrassing me.

Thanks for getting back.
If I remember well I asked a couple of weeks ago if roadies could remove mods comment to which the answer was no. So it must have been another mod who removed our comments.

https://www.setlist.fm/user/otis82 doesn't seem to have improved in adding sources even after you explained him why it's better to do it.
For some reason somebody deleted also my conversation and yours from his profile page.
And I'm wondering what the purpose as comment as source on this page
https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/therapy/2018/the-globe-cardiff-wales-339644dd.html might be .