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Hi. Have discovered that the song “I Come In Peace” listed in quite a few Joe Cocker setlist is incorrectly assigned. The song was written by Rick Brewster and Ross Wilson. It first appeared on Ross Wilson’s album “I Come In Peace”, published in Australia by Shock Records In 2010. Joe Cocker covered it on his album “Fire It Up” which was published in 2012. The song has also been covered by “The Angels” on their 2014 album “Talk The Talk. Can you please change the album and artist assignment for this song. Cheers, David P

Hi, I have tried to explain my point if view to dirkvandamme. He has shown no ability to have a discussion: he has his point of view and that’s that. For months he has been harrassing me by sending e-mails with requests for sources. These end up in my private e-mail. He sends these on near daily basis! This is grown up man picking on someone for something as trivial as this. Besides the mails there have been beligerent and threatening messages on my “wall”, which I sometimes don’t read for several weeks. I deleted those myself out of irritation that you, Pomes, have bonded with that dirkvandamme in harrassing me.

I have contacted Administration and was explained that amongst moderators there is no unity about the necessity of sources. Therefore it is NOT! mandatory for ANYONE to use a source.

Yet you chose me to make an example of.

So for the xxxxth time:
A. You superpowered moderators get YOUR s**t together and resolve this amongst yourselves
B IF the outcome is that adding sources I suggest you make it impossible to post a set list -without- a source, just like with the artist and venue.
C AND THEN... I expect it to be made as easy as possible, for example by letting users use a drop- down menu.

How’s that? I even help you guys with my suggestions.

For removing the roadie badge: you are trying to correct me for not following a rule you invented yourselves. It is not a rule, but a request, so you Pomes are wrong. How sad that you let dirkvandamme trick you in teaning op into trying to humiliate and harrassing me.

Thanks for getting back.
If I remember well I asked a couple of weeks ago if roadies could remove mods comment to which the answer was no. So it must have been another mod who removed our comments.

https://www.setlist.fm/user/otis82 doesn't seem to have improved in adding sources even after you explained him why it's better to do it.
For some reason somebody deleted also my conversation and yours from his profile page.
And I'm wondering what the purpose as comment as source on this page
https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/therapy/2018/the-globe-cardiff-wales-339644dd.html might be .

Poster says:
Thurs 29 Nov, Sol Bar

Hello sir or nice lady - have some setlist updates to Foo Fighters 10/6/18 (CalJam) that I posted in a comment there as per your instructions. Not sure if the site will give you a heads up so I figured I'd give you one here too. Thanks.

I know I have to provide a source for deleting setlists. Please delete you comment in my feed, I hate having comments.

Hello, you should check this setlist : https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/black-sabbath/1987/hof-ter-lo-borgerhout-belgium-6bdace7e.html

I left the link of the source confirming it's cancellation.

I know I have to provide a source for deleting setlists. Please delete you comment in my feed, I hate having comments.

Yes sorry. I didn't know how to delete. Didn't think about reporting it in the forums. I'll do it next time for sure. Thx

Hi, I would like to add new setlists but they all got deleted or reverted. Don't understand why, maybe I made a fault

I added the alias to Carnival Hall. It seems most of the Rang-a-Tang shows were held at smaller venues that aren't documented. It seems that most of the Galaxy Club shows were held at Town Hall so I added that alias there but not the others but feel free to add or delete any of these "Club" aliases from the venues if you think it is appropriate.


A couple of users have a problem with the Nirvana performance not being listed as part of the Foo Fighters setlist. I keep telling them that it was a 30-minute Nirvana set & NOT a Foo Fighters encore.


"Going Down"..you are correct Don Nix was a member of Alabama State Troupers...THANKS!!!!!

The Brewster Brothers albums include:
Studio albums - "Shadows Fall", "Wounded Healer", "The Brewster Brothers Play Bob Dylan"
Live albums - "Live @ Lizottes", "Brewster Brothers In Concert at the Port Fairy Folk Festival"
Live EP - "Any Day"

Hi Again - Tks for the edits to correct The Angels setlists. Are you able to add "The Brewster Brothers" to the list of artists. This is the band/project which the two main guitarists from The Angels (Rick and John Brewster) have as their side project. They have released a number of CD's and played quite a few gigs under this name. The Angels have included a couple of BB covers (including "Blue Blood" and "Wounded Healer" in their setlists over the past few years, and it would be good to see The Brewster Brothers acknowledged in their own right. Thanks in advance.