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No, a new setlist has to be created for the correct date and I can't do that on my phone. Moderators have to use the same process for shows before 1942 as you do. It will be best if you create a new setlist for the correct date and report the wrong one to be merged.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'in gray' but I added an alias of Loodsgracht Tivoli

Thanks for providing the info in a way that made it easy to add the details. If you look at the venues and want anything else added just let me know.

Zou het mogelijk zijn om de exacte zaal toe te wijzen aan concerten die je bijwoonde?

Zie dat je enkele concerten in Paradiso bijwoonde. Aangezien deze opgesplitst dienen te worden naar Paradiso Grote Zaal, Paradiso Kleine Zaal, Paradiso Kelder, Paradiso Elevator... zou je deze kunnen aanpassen indien je het je nog herinnert?

setlists are fixed. this was necessary to keep the artist updated (always get latest albums). sorry for the trouble - should be fine now

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