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Hey I'm Michael, one of the admins here at setlist.fm. If you have a question about a feature on setlist.fm please have a look at the FAQ first and then head to the forum and post it there. This will (or at least it should) prevent posting the same questions again and again on my profile. But while you're here reading this anyway, why not say hello? :-)


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Hey Michi, how are you?
What's the rules for touring festivals like "Warped Tour" and "Carnival of Madness"? They should be listed as festivals or tours?

Subject: Beatsteaks 2004

I see the problem. Maybe we could solve that problem if we change the "Festivals 2004" to "Smack Smash". That was the headline tour for the same named album before and after the festivals in this year. It could make sense if we add the festivals to the regular album tour which continued in fall 2004.

You asked me about the tour name of the Beatsteaks gig at Rock im Park 2004.
So if I'm right the festival tour 2004 had no official name, so I named the festival gigs as "Festivals 2004" Just like the festival gigs in other years too. (for example: the setlists of the band "Kraftklub", have a smiliar sorting strategy, marked as "Festivalsommer year xy")
I think it's the best way to sort those setlists and it's more comfortable to find the concerts on the artist page when they're part of a tour.
I hope that answers your question. Have a great day!

Hi Michi, how could I complain about a Member? setlistflo creates Playlists BEFORE the Concerts with wrong songs and even creates playlists were the date is wrong. I read a lot of wrong playlists the last days from him and I'm Really annoyed and don't know where to complain :(

Good day Michael! Could you please delete the two most recent entries from you and executivechimp from my profile page to clean it up a bit? Since I am unable to do so myself. Thx!

Hi michi, pomes27 recommended that I check with you to see if you'd be interested to have another moderator for Japanese setlists. I've been living in Tokyo for almost three-and-a-half years, so although I only speak Japanese at an intermediate level, I have a pretty thorough knowledge of kanji (Chinese characters). In the past year or two, I've been correcting an enormous number of issues with regards to incorrect transliterations/duplicated song titles and venues, and having moderator privileges to mass edit songs/venues and modify festivals would be extremely helpful.

If you don't need another moderator, however, I would also be happy to help out as a roadie. The album assignments for Japanese artists are sorely lacking (most artists have all their songs lumped into a single "Other" category), so my assistance could most certainly be used there as well.

Either way, I'm excited to help! : )

Hello michi, I have received the "i need it live" T shirts (unexpectedly, 3 shirts!) today.
I am writing this with wearing one of them now. Thanks!

Hi Michael,
I'm not so familiar with musicbrainz, but I think the (NO) is removed there. It's only found there as an alias, but not as the artists name: https://musicbrainz.org/artist/e9cb7aab-6b16-4917-b4d3-691e8e950282/aliases
Best regards,

Hallo Michael,
sorry für die erneute Störung. Ich schrieb im Artists-Forum:
Pristine is an artist from Norway. I guess that's why they are listed as Pristine (NO).
https://www.setlist.fm/setlists/pristine-no-63d392df.html I'd like to suggest that the (NO) gets eliminated.

leglessmoof antwortete:
Artist data comes from MusicBrainz, and it looks like the (NO) was already eliminated there:

I don't know why the artist can't be updated at Setlist.fm. Seems like a bug that the Admins would need to fix.

Hi Michael,
I believe that I would be interested in becoming a Moderator and thanks for the offer. I don't know exactly what it entails but I am sure that you will inform me. I am especially interested in correcting venues and existing setlists. My knowledge of 21st Century acts is not great but there seem to be less mistakes on those setlist. Just let me know how I can help.

No worries. If you can remove the messages it'd be much appreciated- you can leave a smiley face though, it'll make my day.

Hello Michael,
I just would like you to know that I am ready and willing to be a Moderator.
But, I cannot judge myself if I am really worthy of that.
So, it depends on approval by admins of setlist.fm and, off course, I am willing to accept that.

Hi Michi
you may want to referee the M.I.A. setlist for Riotfest.
It looks a bit nasty and out of control!
take care, Dr. AL-

It's not urgent or dire, thanks for letting me know though.

Would it be possible to run a database request for venue names with only lowercase characters? bendobrin found a bunch in Illinois which we've cleaned up, but there are probably still more scattered everywhere.

Dann kann man wohl nichts machen. Trotzdem vielen Dank!

Hallo Michael,
Es gibt zwei Gruppen mit Namen "Die Happy":
a) die Ulmer Rockband: https://www.setlist.fm/setlists/die-happy-23d6c407.html
b) eine christliche Metalband aus den USA: https://www.setlist.fm/setlists/die-happy-2bd6c406.html
Es ist jetzt so, dass bei der US-Band das last-fm-Bild der deutschen Band angezeigt wird, bei der deutschen Band wird kein Bild angezeigt.
Wie bekommt man jetzt die Bilder vertauscht. Moderatoren im Artists-Forum können hier nicht weiterhelfen.
Ein anderer User hat am 2.9 ein gleiches Problem bei der Künstlerin Apollonia geschildert.
Vielen Dank im voraus!



There are two artists "Michael McDermott" from Chicago, but they are the same. Can you put the concerts under one of them and delete the other?


Vielen Dank! Roadie-Rechte hört sich interessant an, brauche ich dafür eine "Einschulung" o.ä.?

Hallo Michi, ich wende mich an dich mit einer Bitte, nachdem mein Forum Eintrag mehrmals nicht beachtet wurde. Ich ersuche euch drei Songs von Sacred Reich dem korrektem Album zuzuordnen, hier mein Eintrag dazu:
Wäre es für dich möglich, diese Songs zuzuordnen? Vielen Dank und Beste Grüße!

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