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Name Michael

Hey I'm Michael, one of the admins here at setlist.fm. If you have a question about a feature on setlist.fm please have a look at the FAQ first and then head to the forum and post it there. This will (or at least it should) prevent posting the same questions again and again on my profile. But while you're here reading this anyway, why not say hello? :-)


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Hi I'm Manuel, but you can call me "MG", i'd like to know why we aren't able to see the average setlist of all shows performed by an artist. I know it says "there isn't an average setlist here as average setlist of all concerts ever played usually don't yield useful information" but It would provide useful information just how the average setlist for a tour/year would. It can also let people know what to expect what to hear for when they ever want to attend a show for an artist. Anyways, I hope I can hear from you sometime :)

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