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Name Michael

Hey I'm Michael, one of the admins here at setlist.fm. If you have a question about a feature on setlist.fm please have a look at the FAQ first and then head to the forum and post it there. This will (or at least it should) prevent posting the same questions again and again on my profile. But while you're here reading this anyway, why not say hello? :-)


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Hello Michi,

I wanted to ask if you wanted to add a band picture of the band 'Trauma' Cliff Burton's old band.

Kind regards Maurice

hi Michi,
I wanted to endorse livemusicfan for promotion to roadie.
Not sure if it usually goes through mods or not?
You can see he has done stellar work for this site.
Happy Holidays. Dr. AL

My setlists keep getting deleted.

I'm not sure what you're asking - all I'm trying to do is add my gigs to this site. There are a lot of gigs that aren't listed/catalogued so I'm not sure what i should do but either way, I appreciate your efforts in building this base.

How can I be assigned Roadie status? I’ve been using this site for a long time and would love to contribute.


Hi, I'm trying to add a couple of setlists by an artist called Mark Shaw Etc; Mark Shaw is the lead singer of Then Jerico. Mark Shaw Etc; was formed after he left Jerico in the late 80's, releasing a couple of albums in the early 90's. Also the venue, The Mean Fiddler in London is not recognised. I saw the Etc; there in '93. I have a recoding & setlist of the show. Can you help please? Many thanks, bassm99

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