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Hey hey hey. Regarding Crown The Empire I left out a word. The show wasn't cancelled. The remaining tour dates were cancelled because of the pandemic.

Started a forum topic about adding the Tour LEG to the Tour NAME (which you did recently to the Ghost tours) here:
Whatever the modmins decision is, the link to the forum topic can be used as a reply to comments when making future edits on any band's tour name.
Using this naming convention will impact a lot of setlists on this site.

“Another 5 Dates of Doom” was the name of this tour.
You’ve named it “ Another 5 Dates of Doom Soundwave Festival, Australia 2013”,+Australia+2013%29

The name of the touring festival isn't the tour name, that's why it’s in a smaller/different font on the t-shirt.

This tour was just named "13 Dates of Doom"
you’ve named it "13 Dates of Doom North American Tour 2012"
per the Guidelines:
1. Geographic area and year. Frequently used for older bands who go years between new albums. E.g. European Tour 1997.

The area and year is unnecessary (Ghost isn’t an “older” band i.e the Rolling Stones 1980s-90s tours) and wasn’t the tour name.
please edit the tour name on the setlists.

Festival performances DURING a Tour, should be included in the Tour on
Sometimes Festival dates are announced after the Tour is announced or well before so not always included in the Tour art/designs.
The Artists and music industry press and vendors consider them tour dates. When bands release their year-end or tour-end recaps (via email or social media) they always include the festival shows in the tour count.

When there's enough tour dates, there's an Algorithm which adds the tour automatically when adding or editing a setlist.

I think it's fair to leave the name and add 2017.
In my point of view festival gigs which fall during a specific tour are also part of that tour, even television programs, but that's my personnel opinion which differs from other mods.

I'm not a specialist in that group, but if the official tour name is Imperatour - Europe 2022 the it should be used.
I could batch edit these.
Haven't looked if the Popestar tour which are left are from the same year, if so I can save you some time and batch edit these.

I noticed you changed some of the general Popestar tour into Popestar 2017

There's still 48 left

Thanks for the info. I will follow this venue too.

Thanks for the info.
I will delete the date of close (11 March 2007) of this venue at the end of June.

I checked it and found nothing wrong.
Just converted it to transliteration in Japanese for this site.
Thank you. :)

Thanks for the list. As you know, Hyouhaku Flavour was done for today.

O.K., to avoid too many edits for one day, I will correct one title per day with the batch edit.

Thanks for the info of venue name change on 1 December. I will create new venues around 30 November, as a venue without any setlist will be deleted soon by other Mods.

seems to be working fine now.

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