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Hello seelentau,
Thanks for the info. I will update this later.

Hello seelentau,
I understood and have nothing to add with this issue. You go ahead. : )

Hello seelentau.
So sorry to have kept you waiting for long.

As a native speaker of Japanese, I recommend to choose "wo”, simply because it is grammatically correct for the clause “Ningen wo kaburu” (To have an appearance of a human, but he/she inside is not a human actually). We do not choose “o”, no matter how unrealistic the situation looks.

After I have read your explanation carefully, I like to add some comments.
1) I agree that the official homepage of the band has errors and inconsistencies in their Romanization. But it is not a good reason to disregard the homepage. We can correct them when we reflect the ones to, as far as we can decide they’re apparently errors and inconsistencies and not intentional ones. If we are not 100% sure, we have to keep them as they are, as they could be intended by the artists.
2) It is not necessarily to be proven correct, if something on setlist.remains as it is without correction by any Mod. (This is why we work to correct things on day after day.) : )

Thanks for the heads up. : )
I have finished adding venue info for each of them to clarify the relation between two venue names.

I would make the argument that if a band plays an earlier version of a song, it's still the same name as the finished song. If The Cure played an early version of, say, Just Like Heaven in 1986 that sounds like the instrumental demo that was released on the Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me deluxe edition, it wouldn't be called Just Like Heaven (Jean Costas Studio Demo 8/86) Instrumental.

But anyways, I have maybe 80 or so various Dir en grey recordings from 1997-2015 that I'll slowly be getting around to uploading on YouTube. All of the shows that I attended from 2011-2015 were recorded by me, and then I have a lot of various other ones. I can send you the full list if there are any that you haven't heard yet and are interested in!

I just uploaded the first of a handful of Dir en grey recordings that I've made over the years. Thought you would appreciate it. Feel free to share it in any Deg groups you're in on social media!


thanks for contacting me, but as you may have noticed I'm not that active anymore because of conflicts with another mod and the insults you receive from users.
I think it's better if you report the problems with the songs
e.g. you create the exact version as it should be written and then use the duplicate song button on every songtitle page and report it to be changed with a comment as source.
Using the musicbrainz page for Japanese style and the link to the song.

Let me know if he keeps this up and I will take care of it. He's now been warned.

Yes, the links for for me - that's why I never came across the bug :) The setlist got restored, it was missing a source and got deleted. Added more info in the forum topic.

Can't find anything Slipknot related on the page you posted. Could you please post the Permalink?

Hi, Moderators cannot undelete setlists, or see who deleted them. You would need to ask the Administrators.

Alright, let's do this...

I have an amazing Christmas dinner and some very dear people waiting for me. So I'll let you do your work with the "trustful" sources you provided and then I'll come back later to put the real information back in its place, okay?

See you soon, bye! ;)

Seems untrue, I've never seen that definition before in the booklet (I have the album myself).

Not to mention this oddly departs from the band's standard of naming the chapters for the epic songs.

Hi, the song Fantasmic by Nightwish is not splited in three parts as you mentioned. Who decided which part is the number 1, 2 or 3 and what are the criteria for this? Certainly none of the band members did. It's a different situation from a song like Beauty of the Beast, The Poet and the Pendulum and The Greatest Show on Earth which are explicitly divided into named chapters (including official tracklist).

Therefore, what is correct is just the "Partial" information as I had inserted on the setlists, and which is already a standard followed for other songs.

We will not specify Hall A of Tokyo International Forum as the venue name on as follows.

There are many complexes that has multiple halls. As you know, usually, there are 2 or 3 halls in Japanese complex, such as Main Hall & Sub Hall, or Large Hall, Medium Hall, and Small Hall. Generally, most of events tend to be held at Main Hall / Large Hall. That is why we often see the info of venue on a flyer as “Tokyo International Forum” only, even if actually it is held at “Tokyo International Forum, Hall A (i.e., main hall)”. Because people usually recognize the Main Hall / Large Hall as representative of the complex. But this tendency does not apply to minor venues or minor events, as people have to fully recognize the venue, they are not familiar with, to avoid visiting wrong venue for the event.

Being aware of this back ground, we generally name “Tokyo International Forum, Hall A” as “Tokyo International Forum” without “Hall A” and“Tokyo International Forum, Hall C” as it is with “Hall C”.

On the other hand, there are rare exceptions to this rule, especially when the venue name is very long or name of each hall is so unfamiliar to concert goers. In such cases, we show full name of each hall to help users to select appropriate hall.

Example of the former one;
(Well-known main)
(Unfamiliar congress center)
Example of the latter one;
(Unfamiliar main)
(Unfamiliar sub)

Haven't chatted in a while. Just checking in and making sure you're still rocking out! Stay (sic)!

No, I don't want to make a separate venue for the Dai Hall. I must go for work now.

You are supposed to select Niigata, not Niigata Shi. We have "Niigata Kenmin Kaikan, Niigata, Niigata, Japan" on

If the facility has 2 halls as main (large) and sub (small), generally for Japanese venue, we name them as;
For main (or not specified), Niigata Kenmin Kaikan
For sub, Niigata Kenmin Kaikan, Shou Hall

Hey hey hey. Regarding Crown The Empire I left out a word. The show wasn't cancelled. The remaining tour dates were cancelled because of the pandemic.

Started a forum topic about adding the Tour LEG to the Tour NAME (which you did recently to the Ghost tours) here:
Whatever the modmins decision is, the link to the forum topic can be used as a reply to comments when making future edits on any band's tour name.
Using this naming convention will impact a lot of setlists on this site.

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