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For the Newcastle show:
SA BIR was probably an assumption, since they always opened with it during this era

and I actually newly found clips of them playing these:
Gaika -
There are several other short clips on this channel, but I can't tell if they're from this show or the 29th

As for the other clips and the forum post for the FILTH show, they seem to have been devoured into the abyss.

I last saw the video over 10 years ago but I definitely recall them opening with the Shinsou tracks and then going into Gyakujou tannou keloid milk, the description in the videos I posted also mentions the songs that were recorded and Gyakujou is listed as being played first.

So I'm fairly certain the video wasn't from the 9th April since they opened with Kigan on that day.

I also recall them opening the encore with Bottom of the death valley because it was such an odd song to open an encore with at that time.


Unfortunately, all I have is anecdotal evidence, a partial video bootleg of that show has been floating around the internet for about 10 years but it seems to be lost now.

I remember someone made a post of a compilation of Dir en grey bootlegs on and the bootleg for this show was included, the only parts of this bootleg I can find are here:

I have tried looking for that bootleg again but I've had no luck.

Go ahead. Hopefully we'll find the actual setlist someday.

I honestly do not remember... There's a good chance that it was
a) from some forum post
b) assumption based on the ones that precede and succeed it (a bad habit I definitely had back then).

The one song I am certain of is "Undecided", as there's a brief clip of it in the "secret file" behind the scenes video on the Rettou Gekishin Angya Final DVD (including Kaoru's Acoustic guitar falling down)

I'm not aware of any such guideline to be honest.

My 2 cents is that it depends on what kind of word is written in Katakana. I think song titles that consist of English (or any other Western language) words written in Katakana or Hiragana should be written in the corresponding English, as that's what the title is essentially. This is different from actually translating Japanese song titles into English.

In the case of "Mental Health Dance", few people will be able to recognize the song if it's written as "Mentaru Herusu Dansu". Now, just as an example, if the title was "Menhera", which is the common slang abbreviation in Japan for Mental Health, then I'd keep it as it is since it's a unique word.

I think it's easier to understand/read if uniquely Japanese words are kept the way they are, while non-Japanese words are written based on their actual language (whether it be English, French, German etc.).

Yes it's still impossible to correct the writing style of tours. I've encountered this problem lots of times, trying to delete the tour completely, making a new one, but the wrong one still shows up and is used.

The last three sources you used come up automatically, so it's easy to just click on the livestream one you used.

It is not because one has done x edits that he is reliable. We have enough proof of persons having edited tens of thousands and still make mistakes, deliberately or not.
We have put sources mandatory for everybody, that includes me (and I also make mistakes). I have been doing so for many years, it's just a habit. Everything has a reason. If you know why e.g. a cover song is wrong go to secondhandsongs and put the link there, the way of writing in English For other languages I use
Titles of non-English songs are written with small letters (except for first word and proper nouns)
As far as capitalisation is concerned: Whenever in doubt, the capitalisation standards from apply.*
If you put in a valid reason it may also stop a revert war or discussion with the other if he sees why you changed something, and he may learn something out of it and use it in future, so there's less mistakes on this website.

Anytime as far as I have time to work with the issue. : )

I have checked and deleted the Linkin Park setlists you have reported to be deleted.
The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones by myself and the 1st one had been done by someone else.

Thanks for let me know the venues you added. I have finished one and will finish another one tonight.

Hi, Thanks for recovering Notes on 2 setlists;
As I mentioned on the edit comments, I did not intend to delete them, but just corrected the venues. At this moment, I am not 100% sure but this could be one of bugs on New Setlist Edit Form. If you find the same case in the future, please let me know on my page. : )

>> There is a long story to kill duplicate sites in Japan, behind.

It was wrong. Right one is "There is a long story to eliminate duplicate venues in Japan on, behind the naming of venues in Japan."

Hi seelentau,

>> If you go by the Katakana name of the venue, it should either be "Sumikkusu Hooru" or "Sumix Hall", not a mix of both.

Exactly. It is true.
From Moderator point of view, we set it as a rule to ignore the mix up intentionally (Sorry, rules about Japanese venue naming was discussed among Moderators but is not stated in the Guideline). This rule was set considering the fact that Japanese language contains so many loan words, especially from English one. For example, hall, theater, forum, and dome are grammatically Romanized as “hōru”, “shiatā”, “fōramu”, and “dōmu”.
Regarding a loan ward stated in Katakana such as said above, it is not common to be Romanized as, for example, "hōru", but spelled as "hall". So, we prioritized to use the mix up, rather than grammatical correctness. I mean we do not spell as “Fureai Hōru”, but as “Fureai Hall”.
We also know that it looks smarter spelling as “Kyūshū”, than “Kyuushuu”. Considering difficulty to type ā, ī, ū, ē, and ō, we prioritized to use aa, ii, uu, ee, and oo.

On the other hand, “Sumikkusu” in Katakana is not a loan word. So, we are not supposed to change it as “Sumix”, unless official name of the venue is provided with such spelling.

>> searching for "Sumix Hall ESTA" does provide search results, even on show flyers: (search result)

Yes, it does. Result of the search only means there are some sites including "Sumix Hall ESTA" spelling and some show flyers spelled in that way. These facts do not necessarily mean “Sumix” is the proper spelling of the venue. Last time, I have provided 2 reasonable evidences to regard that spelling “Sumikkusu Hōru” stated in Katakana was the original venue name. We need to research and consider deeper, what name should be chosen. : )

I don't think you are wrong. There is a long story to kill duplicate sites in Japan, behind.
I will tell you later if you want, but it is not now. : )

Hi seelentau,

In this case, there is no need to change the venue name to “Sumix Hall ESTA”.
But later, I will change it to “Sumikkusu Hall ESTA”.

What name should be chosen for a venue?
It depends on the primary name of the venue on the official site.
But, in this case, the official site seems to be closed and we can’t find it now.
So, I checked existing sites related to the venue.

There are some sites stated as “Sumix Hall ESTA”, but the majority is “Sumikkusu Hôru ESTA” (actually, I want to state this with Katakana here, which is not supported on this site). Please note that I am not telling you we always should choose majority.

Why Sumix Hall ESTA was so minor?
Because the official venue name was not stated in Latin script but Katakana only.
Following two sites support this assumption well.

1. On English page, why they don’t state as Sumix Hall, but SUMIKKUSU HALL (on 21 June 1998)?
2. Pronunciation of the upper line (official name) is stated on the lower line with Katakana on this site. If the official name is Sumix Hall ESTA, why the upper line is not stated so?

If you show me more reasonable assumption or copy of the lost official site, I may change the venue name.

Hi, I have checked their own site and found that YEBISU YA PRO is right.
Yes, it is without "Okayama".
I will replace the venue name later, as far as you don't mind if I work for that.
They seem to have changed spelling of their name lately.
I remember that they spelled as Ebisu Ya Pro by some time of the last year.

Hi seelentau,

I have already told you about 2 choises, A and B. Before I answer, let me correct "Tuki" on B as "Tsuki". It was just a typo.
Both of A and B were on my mind, as I am a Japanese born and raised in Japan. I have explained why I chose B. That was my choise at the time and it did not mean A was wrong. I felt B was better to express original taste of classical Japanese name.
As far as MOON ROMANTIC is listed in "Also known as", neither A nor B does not mean much for English speakers. Later, I will delete hyphens as I learned there was no need to add.

Hi seelentau,
It is No. Guideline of venue stated as follows;
Location names should be in the local language (e.g. Olympiastadion instead of Olympic Stadium). Local language of this venue is Japanese. : )

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