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Hi, thanks for your reminder. Let me tell you about the actions I took on the two venues.
I did not add aliases related to “Nanyou-shi Bunka Kaikan” intentionally, because they should not be added to “Shelter Nanyou Hall”.
To make the following explanation simpler, let’s regard “Nanyou-shi Bunka Kaikan” as “ABC Hall” and “Shelter Nanyou Hall”, renamed one of the former, as “XYZ Hall”.

As you know, when “ABC Hall” is renamed as “XYZ Hall” (in 2017), they are treated as different venues on setlist.fm, though physically it is the same hall.
You created a new set list of the show held in 2018 as at ABC Hall, it was O.K. then. Later, I found ABC Hall was renamed as XYZ Hall in 2017, so I corrected the venue name and added the info of open date and history of rename on the “Note” of XYZ Hall, without adding ABC Hall as an alias.
No matter what ABC Hall existed on this site or not, it should not be added as an alias of XYZ Hall, as they are different on this site.
Some user may try to add the show at ABC Hall in 2016, if he found the ABC hall as an alias of XYZ Hall.
But it will be rejected as “The date you selected is out of the open period of XYZ Hall”. If the user did not find ABC Hall as an alias of XYZ hall, he will simply add ABC Hall as a new venue or assign the show at Unknown Venue. It is better for both the user to add set list and Mods to verify one.

Originally, I had simply merged ABC Hall into XYZ Hall to prevent ABC Hall become a venue without any set list. But, after I have read your reminder, I reconsidered and found an actual show of Mr. Children held at ABC Hall in 2016, recreated ABC Hall to transfer all of aliases you had added to “XYZ Hall”.
I think this would be the ideal action to take. But if you do not like to do this, please leave XYZ Hall without adding ABC Hall as an alias.

Hi, I hope that you are fine.
Maybe you can give me a hand with this.
I have this song: https://www.setlist.fm/stats/songs/babasonicos-2bd60c82.html?song=DJ+Beverly+Hills
That belong to this album: https://musicbrainz.org/release/0c75d4c1-eeff-45c6-80f3-75d99bb020cc
I've tried the trick that you show me the other time, but it do not work for me with " Various Artists".
Do you have any idea or suggestion on how to do it?

Many thanks,

Multiple users (possibly one user under the same name) keep purposefully messing up this setlist and replacing the set with a 2Pac cover that never happened. Check the edit history. Not sure where I'm supposed to take this.

Many thanks!!!!

Hi, I have one question and maybe you can help me.
I have this song: https://www.setlist.fm/stats/songs/dread-mar-i-53d49f95.html?song=Libremente
It belongs to: https://musicbrainz.org/release-group/7a7956c4-f4a1-4874-84f8-a6ccb060966e
But the release is not available, I guess because of "Release group by Dread Mar-I Meets Luciano"
Who can I proceed?


About the Rise Against show in Congress Theater - I found the info in the comments of the event on Last.fm that the was postponed to September 19 - https://www.last.fm/event/220421+Rise+Against+at+Congress+Theater+on+19+September+2007/shoutbox?sort=popular#shoutbox

Hello Jabberwocky,

Yes, I am certain because for the first four songs, Colin introduced each song with titles and then he forewent prefaces as he soon realized that his written setlist was significantly longer than the time allotted for his set.

Hi, I set a new topic on Mods forum about naming of Japanese venues.
With regard to rule 3) on the topic, I suggest you to change "THE Mt. RAINEAR HALL, Tokyo" to your way and to keep "CHELSEA HOTEL, Tokyo" as it is. Currently, both of them stand as dupulicated venues.

Hi, I have finished corrections relating "Yokohama Akarenga Sōko" venues.
If you would like to change further, pls go ahead. : )

Hi, I noticed you executed batch edits over Yokohama Akarenga Souko related 98 setlists.
Today, I have been working to merge and correct them one by one, with careful researches.
I understood your points and they were what I was intended to do, except addition of (outdoor/okugai) or (indoor/okunai) statements on venue name, which I agree with your idea to delete them. Basically it’s O.K.
But one thing I’d like to let you know is that you are not required to overwrite someone’s on-going edits in such hasty manner. It was apparent that some setlists were before finishing correction of their venue names or recovering festival names, at the moment of executing your batch edits.

Thank you, Jabberwocky. I think this type of venues I have edited were just a few, so I will correct them shortly. :-)

Hi Jabberwocky,
Thanks for your understanding. Go ahead for fixing setlists, what you have been wanted to do!

Hi Jabberwocky,
As you might have read my posts on the forum, that's what I have wanted to do.
Unfortunately, from Nov. 3 to 5, I will go out for domestic trip without carrying my PC.
I hope you can wait to post the issue until Sunday afternoon, because it is hard for me to respond without using keyboard. :-)

Hi Jabberwocky,
Thanks for your advices. They are very meaningful for me. I've been working here for about 10 months as a user and for 4 weeks as a moderator, mainly clearing up problems with Japanese venues. But, there are too many problems to fix in Japanese venues for only one Japanese moderator, as you are aware of that.
So, I am welcome if you will be a moderator, as you are keen to such problems.

Michi has given me a list of festivals+dates previously assigned to Makuhari Messe (before the incorrect venue merge). Would you like a copy to check against what you've recreated now?

Hi, let me explain about the change of [city] info of Naeba Ski Resort (NSR), on recognition that you are very dedicated user of setlist.fm and know much about Japan.

At first, for most of readers who are not familiar with general structure of Japanese administrative district, let me offer it as follows.

<Level of typical Japanese administrative district> Upper (left) to lower (right)

Country --- Prefecture --- City / County --- Town / Village
In Japanese ----- ken -------- shi / gun ------ machi / mura

Originally on setlist.fm, NSR was stated as located in city of Niigata under Niigata prefecture. Apparently, it was incorrect. Because, it is located at Yuzawa-machi in Minami-uonuma-gun under Niigata prefecture. So, correction was needed.

On the other hand, "Guidelines" does not offer specific difinition of [city]. It is quite understandable, because basic structure of address is different in each country.
So, we need to consider what is appropriate to fill [city] info upon Japanese structure of address, refering to an example in the guidlines.

In setlist.fm, format of venue info for Japanese venue is [location], [city], [prefecture],[country], similar to that for US and Canada venues as [location], [city], [state-code], [country].
Currentry, there are over 1,700 cities in Japan. This means [city] level in Japan is already too segmented for a small country. So, we should avoid putting lower level of administrative district, such as "machi"(town) or "mura"(village) into [city] level.
(Of course, we have to put "machi" or "mura" into [city] level, in case the address of the venue contains neither city or county under prefecture.)

In NSR case, I had to choose Yuzawa-machi or Minami-uonuma-gun. As I stated above, we should choose upper level of them, I mean "Minami-uonuma-gun".

I hope this clarify the reason why my choice was not Yuzawa-machi but Minami-uonuma-gun. :-)

Roadie tools are mainly only to do with album assignments. If you'd like to deal with venues and festivals, talk to Michi about becoming a moderator. I know we just promoted another Japanese user - in my mind 2 is always better than 1! :)

Shiiiit, I just realised that we could have done it more easily!!
We could have (temporarily) merged " Makuhari Messe Event Hall" into " Makuhari Messe", and then manually reverted the 13 setlists that correctly belong at " Makuhari Messe Event Hall"! This would have taken care of the festivals automatically too! :(
Thanks for your help though! I'll add some information to venue pages to prevent this mistake happening again :( :)

Hi, Thanks for taking on the (massive) task of correcting the Makuhari Messe setlists!
Just one thing to look out for please - if the current ("Makuhari Messe Event Hall") version of the setlist has a festival assigned to it, please ensure to also assign the festival to the new venue version ("Makuhari Messe").
Once that is done, please let us know which festival occurrences to remove "Makuhari Messe Event Hall" from.

Hi. I'm sorry but a mass-revert of a venue is not possible. I only merged them because it was requested that I do so. We now have a Japanese moderator to handle Japanese venues. They will probably have to be sorted one at a time. Sorry.

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