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Thank for adding Suichu Spica setlist and teaching me the way adding arias English name on Music Brainz. I really appriciate for your contribution on this site. Hope you had best time at Summer Sonic!!

Hello. I wonder if you would mind adding Suichu Spica show at Nince Spices, Tokyo Japan on Aug 17 2023. I tried to import the band from MBID but I couldn’t. MBID uses Japanese characters for the band name. It will be of my big help if you would advise me how to import Japanese characters bands form MBID to setlist.fm for future to pu on similar setlists.

I edited https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/francesco-tristano/2016/the-garden-hall-tokyo-japan-7be0b6dc.html because we avoid using one off collaborations who haven't released a record together.

Hey, the Smile recently performed in Croatia and there's been some vandalism/confusion over the setlist. Someone on reddit reported a song named Skeleton being played when in reality the singer called the new song they were playing "a skeleton". A printed setlist was found with there being images of it (I can show it if needed) with the correct name of the new song ("Friend of a Friend") and reddit users at the show stated the setlist is accurate. But people continuously are changing the setlist to add Skeleton as an additional song with some even claiming to have "been there" when there's literally video footage of him online calling Friend of a Friend a skeleton (where the confusion comes from). Any help would be awesome. There was some vandalism on it earlier that resulted in some guy getting his account deleted, so I'm just hesitant of their intentions when someone claims to be there and has the set completely incorrect (as well as when we have multiple sources proving them to be wrong).

Hi Jabberwocky,

I see you've edited FKJ's setlist in Montreal. Are you a fan of his music? I recorded a bit of each song he did but I don't know what they are. Could you help me with that? Thank you!

Hi Jabberwocky,
Skin Yard posted an advert for a gig at Gorilla Gardens they played at in Seattle, WA on August 14, 1985. In trying to add the date I was unable to due to some restriction regarding open/closed dates. Seems this venue did not open until September 1985 according to setlist.fm. Not sure how the club was advertising shows when they were not open. Your assistance in this matrer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Skin Yard Facebook group post of advert:

Hi Jabberwocky,

I will discuss about hyphen later. So, please disregard it on the first issue below.

Remember, Guideline does not require to state in English, but in local language.
> You said that "Izumi-Ootsu" is the name in Japanese and "Izumiotsu" is the name in
> English, but this isn't true. Both of these names are English transliterations of Japanese > words.
You mean Izumi-Ootsu is English transliterations of Japanese word. In a general sense, I can agree with it. But, here in setlist.fm, Izumi-Ootsu is a substitute of local name in Japanese. It is stated in Latin letters following the Guideline, due to the reason that Japanese is not supported on this site. I mean it is not intended to be stated in English but just followed the Guideline to use letters supported on this site.
With such background, I mean Izumi-Ootsu is not an English name but Japanese name stated with Latin letters.

Then, move on to main issue.
I may agree with taking away the hyphen, if it is like Izumi Ootsu. But I do not feel right to separate into two words, because Izumi and Ootsu are related in the original Japanese. But I do not think it is a single unit like Shinbashi. This is the key point of my explanation.
As I explained above, Izumi-Ootsu is a Japanese name stated with Latin letters. So, it is not necessarily to follow this strictly; https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Wiktionary:Japanese_transliteration
In this site, there is no explanation about compound word like Yoyogi-Uehara. In this case, neither Yoyogi nor Uehara are prefixes or suffixes of each other. Sagami-Oono or Izumi-Ootsu are the same case. I think this should be allowed to use hyphen, even if there is no example in the site above. : )

Hi Jabberwocky,

Thanks for your reply. This time your points are clear enough to discuss.
I will reply tonight, as I don't have enough time now.

Hi Jabberwocky,

It seems you have forgotten about “Rules over Japanese venue names” in Mods Forum that you had agreed with.
Japanese venues usually don’t have official names in English. In the past, there were so many duplicated Japanese venue names on setlist.fm, differently translated into English by each user. To eliminate those duplicated English names, one of the rules was set that name of the Japanese venue should be stated in Japanese (including loan words) without using letters not supported on setlist.fm (I mean Kanji, Hiragana, or Katakana in original Japanese venue name).
As it has been working well, duplicated venues are rarely found among Japanese venues today.
“Izumi-Ootsu Phoenix” is the name stated in Japanese without using letters not supported and it is not English.
Meanwhile, “Izumiotsu Phoenix” on Google (or Google Map, or official website) is the one stated in English.
You compared two names written in different languages and said they were different.
It was a natural result, wasn’t it?

> It seems that "Izumi-Ootsu" may be a nonstandard transliteration. When I type it into
> Google, several of the top results are from Setlist.fm pages.
As explained above, "Izumi-Ootsu" is a Japanese name for setlist.fm. So you will not find it in general sites based in English. But if you type “Izumiotsu Phoenix” on setlist.fm, you will be led to “Izumi-Ootsu Phoenix” without any effort, supported by "aka" on the site.

I had answered your original questions on the first reply. It seems you are not pointing exactly what you initially wanted to. How about organizing your point?

Hi Jabberwocky,

In this case, there is no need to change the venue name back to “Izumiotsu Phoenix”, which is English name. Which should be taken for this case, English name or Japanese one?
It depends on the primary name of the venue on the official site, English or Japanese.
In this case, the English name is not primary. http://iz-phoenix.com/

So, I did not take the English name but Japanese one based on Guidelines;
•Location names should be in the local language (e.g. Olympiastadion instead of Olympic Stadium). If the location contains letters not supported, please use the transliterated version.
“Izumi-Ootsu Phoenix” is name of the venue stated in Japanese without using letters not supported (I mean Kanji letters are not supported).

In case if the official website suggests English name only, name of the venue on setlist.fm should be in English. KOENJI HIGH is one of such cases.
So, I didn’t change it to KOUENJI HIGH. http://koenji-high.com/

Hey man, a user on this Gesaffelstein setlist continues to change the names of the songs to "____ (Remix)" because the live performance has extended versions of each song, with many of them using pieces of instrumentals from other tracks. I thought Setlist.fm's rules said to label them as the regular song from the database and not make separate entries for improvisation, but the user I corrected appears to be unhappy with my changes (even going so far as finding me on Reddit and insulting me). Do you know if what I did was accurate, because I don't want to be a jerk, but I felt like adding "(Remix)" on every song was redundant and inconsistent, especially with every other show's logged set.


I was wondering if you could change the WXAXRXP DJs Setlists. Technically !!! was not a part of that festival, there was a separate ticket for !!! and it was on earlier at 7:00. I tried to edit the !!! setlist, but I wasn’t allowed to change the festival setting.

Just wanted to let you know that there are a few Vampire Weekend b-sides you manually assigned to albums, which a user has submitted to be reassigned to be on singles. Have a look on the approval page if you like.

Hi Jabberwocky, thanks for the clarification. Now I have got your point is that “By adding aliases, users can find the new name even if they were only familiar with the previous name.” This makes sense.
It will be alright if the change of name is once, because user will reach new name automatically. But this is not enough, when changes are made twice, thrice… In such case, it will be great help for all of us to have a date range to the alias as you mentioned. I suggest to have range with Month and Year, if available (e.g. "ABC Hall (1966 – Mar. 2001)", “DEF Center (Apr. 2001 – Mar. 2012)”, “GHI Plaza (Apr. 2012 - )”.

Hi Jabberwocky, very sorry to have not replied sooner.
Thanks for your additional explanation about your idea adding original name as an alias to new name. I do not deny your idea, but I need to know further background of your idea, before we advance this discussion.

Your explanation sounds like “Generally, users do not know the change of venue name. Even if they know the change, they like to use old name they are accustomed to. So, there is no need to add names at the moment of each event. Original name can cover all time.” Is this summary right?

I have no personal preference nor memory of a discussion for that Ed Sheeran soundtrack assignment. If, as an Ed Sheeran fan, would prefer it to be assigned to his studio album, please do so!

Hi, thanks for your reminder. Let me tell you about the actions I took on the two venues.
I did not add aliases related to “Nanyou-shi Bunka Kaikan” intentionally, because they should not be added to “Shelter Nanyou Hall”.
To make the following explanation simpler, let’s regard “Nanyou-shi Bunka Kaikan” as “ABC Hall” and “Shelter Nanyou Hall”, renamed one of the former, as “XYZ Hall”.

As you know, when “ABC Hall” is renamed as “XYZ Hall” (in 2017), they are treated as different venues on setlist.fm, though physically it is the same hall.
You created a new set list of the show held in 2018 as at ABC Hall, it was O.K. then. Later, I found ABC Hall was renamed as XYZ Hall in 2017, so I corrected the venue name and added the info of open date and history of rename on the “Note” of XYZ Hall, without adding ABC Hall as an alias.
No matter what ABC Hall existed on this site or not, it should not be added as an alias of XYZ Hall, as they are different on this site.
Some user may try to add the show at ABC Hall in 2016, if he found the ABC hall as an alias of XYZ Hall.
But it will be rejected as “The date you selected is out of the open period of XYZ Hall”. If the user did not find ABC Hall as an alias of XYZ hall, he will simply add ABC Hall as a new venue or assign the show at Unknown Venue. It is better for both the user to add set list and Mods to verify one.

Originally, I had simply merged ABC Hall into XYZ Hall to prevent ABC Hall become a venue without any set list. But, after I have read your reminder, I reconsidered and found an actual show of Mr. Children held at ABC Hall in 2016, recreated ABC Hall to transfer all of aliases you had added to “XYZ Hall”.
I think this would be the ideal action to take. But if you do not like to do this, please leave XYZ Hall without adding ABC Hall as an alias.

Hi, I hope that you are fine.
Maybe you can give me a hand with this.
I have this song: https://www.setlist.fm/stats/songs/babasonicos-2bd60c82.html?song=DJ+Beverly+Hills
That belong to this album: https://musicbrainz.org/release/0c75d4c1-eeff-45c6-80f3-75d99bb020cc
I've tried the trick that you show me the other time, but it do not work for me with " Various Artists".
Do you have any idea or suggestion on how to do it?

Many thanks,

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