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J'ai des harceleurs qui regardent tous mes comportements musicaux. Je sais qu'ils sont tellement stressés et qu'ils se sentent misers avec des ennemis autour d'eux qu'ils ont eux-mêmes fait, et ils n'ont pas d'amis ou de parents à qui parler pour alléger leur vie. Tellement pitoyable!


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Hello! Thank you so much for your message. I have now added Suichu Spica as an artist, and I have added the setlist you requested here:

In the future, here is the process for adding an artist whose artist name uses Japanese characters:

1. Make a free MusicBrainz account.
2. Open the artist's page on MusicBrainz.
3. Click the "Aliases" tab.
4. Click "Add a new alias".
5. For "Alias name", write the English spelling of the artist's name. (Use the artist's official spelling and capitalisation, if possible! For example, "Suichu Spica", not "Suichuu Supika".)
6. For "Locale", select "English" from the list.
7. Click the checkbox next to "This is the primary alias for this locale".
8. For "Type", select "Artist name" from the list.
9. For "Edit note", add a website link that shows this is the artist's official English spelling.
10. Click "Enter edit".
11. Copy the artist's MusicBrainz ID (MBID) from the URL. (For example, Suichu Spica's MBID is 9532c90c-8f60-4f27-aa97-14b2245b6ef4.)
12. Open the Setlist.fm Import Artist page: https://www.setlist.fm/help/import
13. Paste the artist's MBID into the "Import Artist" box, and click "Import".
14. You will see a green notification "The import of artist _____ started and might take some time. Try hitting the button again in a few minutes."
15. Wait at least an hour and then click "Import" again. If you see a red notification that the MBID is "not available (yet)", try again later. Please note that it can take up to two weeks for the Setlist.fm database to refresh, but usually the new artist is available after just a few hours.

Par ailleurs, je voudrais vous remercier pour tous vos efforts sur le site! Et j'espère que vous avez passé un bon week-end à Summer Sonic : )

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