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Hi again,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and for providing additional details! You've raised some interesting questions about what should be considered an intro tape, and this is definitely a discussion that could be held among moderators as we look for more consistent standards to apply in the future.

As for this particular situation with Coldplay, I agree with you then that "Welcome" should ideally be added to all the shows for this tour, as well as "99 Problems" for the Mylo Xyloto tour. My instinct is that it is always better to provide more information than less! For instance, maybe some concertgoers were thinking "wow, I really loved that intro song, I wonder what it was called?", and our setlists can be a way for them to find that information. I think this could be particularly useful for a song like "Welcome" that is instrumental that most people might not recognise—I just have a particular love for everything Jon Hopkins has ever released ; )

Finally, thank you for sharing the information about Coldplay having curated all of the preshow music! I did notice a significant improvement in the volume/sound quality of the PA system when "Welcome" began, and they started playing it shortly after Coldplay's scheduled start time, but you're right that this was before the lights went down. In the end, I suppose that both this track and "Light Through the Veins" could be considered optional according to your suggested system.

I might propose a new rule for the site that taped music should be included if it's played after the house lights go down, or if it's clearly curated by the band and begins playing after the show's scheduled start time. On the other hand, it should not be included if it's music chosen by the venue, or if it's been curated by the band but played before the show's scheduled start time. If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvement to this guideline, though, I'd be happy to hear them!

At any rate, thank you so much again for your years of dedicated service to this website, and for sharing this valuable and helpful information. And yes, the Coldplay show was great! They didn't perform quite as tightly as when I saw them in 2017, but I was very happy finally to hear them play "Sparks" live : )

Hi rlp132,

First off, thank you for all your hard work helping to moderate our site, in particular the Coldplay setlists!

I noticed, though, that you removed the taped track "Welcome" by Jon Hopkins from the recent Coldplay show in Tokyo, with the stated reason that "Welcome is used in every show but doesn't need to be noted here as there are already two other intro songs".

First, how do you know it's being used in every show if it's not included in the setlists?

Also, there isn't a limit to the number of intro taped tracks that can be added. If Coldplay played three songs from a tape before they started their performance, then that's what they played! Our setlists should accurately reflect this.

In the future, please do not remove songs or info tags from setlists unless you have a reason to believe they are incorrect or irrelevant. If you are ever unsure about something, check the official Setlist.fm Guidelines again, or post your question in the forum and a moderator or roadie will be more than happy to help you out.

Thank you once again for all your time and support,

Hi, thanks for correcting Maggie Roger's song title "Fallingwater"

Thanks for putting Elderbrook in!! Seeing him in Austin next week

At the Tulsa show the version of the song played on tape was a cover-remix by Wntrs
the song is no longer playable on Spotify.
Perhaps they rotated through versions of the songs played on tape opening the tour (since there have been several covers & remixes). ¯\_(••)_/¯
Is the SPAC version the (Slowed) remix by FiolTune?

Hi. For the Lumineers tape of Desperado:
You may want to info note it’s the “slowed-remix” version by Eduardo Luzquiños & RH music
Since it isn’t the Rhianna vocal / recording being played.

Hey..this User had a question about whether a snippet that was played at the Gorillaz show you both attended that he posted on my page so I asked him to contact you and see if the two of you can figure out the best way to list it. Hope you can help


I'll trust your memory over mine! Did she mash it into I Remain? That might have confused me LOL. It was a long night and by then my bad knee was giving out. Thanks for the assist, what a great night <3

Are you sure Alanis played Smiling in Toronto? Granted, it's not one I know as well as the first five albums, but it seemed absent as I was tracking along during the show from the QC set as a guide and I was confused til she dropped Too Hot - figured she cut it to make space.

Hey there, I saw that you were going to see The Weeknd at Rogers Centre today, I'm so sorry to see it got postponed due to that outage, I hope you get to see the show soon!!

Take care,


Hi! I saw you created the comeback Stromae shows. Maybe you can chance them to Multiude Tour instead of 'Avant-Premières' (source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CaZ0YlHNcv9/) Personally I think Multitude Tour is better, but if you have an other opinion about it, tell me :) Have a nice day

thanks for finding proof of set. I was cleaning up some bad edits by another user and they added the Coldplay collab to that setlist so I wanted to be sure We Are King actually played their own set.

You may get a lot of notifications or have them turned off so just wanted to make sure you see this. Do you know if they played an opener set? They were billed as "support artist". If they only performed with Coldplay during C's set then we can remove their individual setlist.

About other changes, for sure no one had seen it yet.
In this case the guidelines are clear, so please left them with Set list Capitalization.
Many thanks,

Please stop using lower case and respect the site guidelines:
Correct song capitalization according to the guidelines: https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#setlistSongnames


Thanks you very much, enjoy your trip and shows.

Hi, may I ask how did you travel to US from Canada? What do we need to show to pass the custom and skip isolation? Thanks.

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