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Thanks for replying. I finally found it on IG. Hope you enjoyed the show!

Hey. Any chance you got any video of Marcus Mumford singing Dance, Dance, Dance tonight?

Hey..this User had a question about whether a snippet that was played at the Gorillaz show you both attended that he posted on my page so I asked him to contact you and see if the two of you can figure out the best way to list it. Hope you can help


I'll trust your memory over mine! Did she mash it into I Remain? That might have confused me LOL. It was a long night and by then my bad knee was giving out. Thanks for the assist, what a great night <3

Are you sure Alanis played Smiling in Toronto? Granted, it's not one I know as well as the first five albums, but it seemed absent as I was tracking along during the show from the QC set as a guide and I was confused til she dropped Too Hot - figured she cut it to make space.

Hey there, I saw that you were going to see The Weeknd at Rogers Centre today, I'm so sorry to see it got postponed due to that outage, I hope you get to see the show soon!!

Take care,


Hi! I saw you created the comeback Stromae shows. Maybe you can chance them to Multiude Tour instead of 'Avant-Premières' (source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CaZ0YlHNcv9/) Personally I think Multitude Tour is better, but if you have an other opinion about it, tell me :) Have a nice day

thanks for finding proof of set. I was cleaning up some bad edits by another user and they added the Coldplay collab to that setlist so I wanted to be sure We Are King actually played their own set.

You may get a lot of notifications or have them turned off so just wanted to make sure you see this. Do you know if they played an opener set? They were billed as "support artist". If they only performed with Coldplay during C's set then we can remove their individual setlist.

About other changes, for sure no one had seen it yet.
In this case the guidelines are clear, so please left them with Set list Capitalization.
Many thanks,

Please stop using lower case and respect the site guidelines:
Correct song capitalization according to the guidelines: https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#setlistSongnames


Thanks you very much, enjoy your trip and shows.

Hi, may I ask how did you travel to US from Canada? What do we need to show to pass the custom and skip isolation? Thanks.

Hey! I started a topic in the Forums. It would be the perfect place to discuss the Coldplay song titles when the album drops on the 15th. https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/questions-about-a-songs-title-styling-not-duplicates-not-batch-edit-requests-73d7eabd#bd485be

Hi. On the recorded intro song played from tape on the recent Coldplay setlists, you were changing from "Music of the Spheres" to "Music of the Spheres I"
What is the source for that change, adding "I"?
I don't see it on the MusicBrainz, Wikipedia or reddit links you added, perhaps I'm just not seeing.


Instead of writing Capitalisation (which can be interpreted in a lot of ways) use the source https://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Style/Language/English

Hello! Of course, I'm more than happy to help out! So, it's tricky because it's an unreleased song and thus anyone can speculate what the "official" title is, but I did do a little looking around, and I can't find any source anywhere confirming the song's title to be "A Ladder to the Sun". Most videos and bootlegs I've seen, even on sites like Discogs list the song as just "Ladder on the Sun", so I personally think that that's the title the song should be listed with until (or if) the song is ever released with a different title. I hope this helps! :)

good find of RAK Studios for the Coldplay IG setlist!

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