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About other changes, for sure no one had seen it yet.
In this case the guidelines are clear, so please left them with Set list Capitalization.
Many thanks,

Please stop using lower case and respect the site guidelines:
Correct song capitalization according to the guidelines: https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#setlistSongnames


Thanks you very much, enjoy your trip and shows.

Hi, may I ask how did you travel to US from Canada? What do we need to show to pass the custom and skip isolation? Thanks.

Hey! I started a topic in the Forums. It would be the perfect place to discuss the Coldplay song titles when the album drops on the 15th. https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/questions-about-a-songs-title-styling-not-duplicates-not-batch-edit-requests-73d7eabd#bd485be

Hi. On the recorded intro song played from tape on the recent Coldplay setlists, you were changing from "Music of the Spheres" to "Music of the Spheres I"
What is the source for that change, adding "I"?
I don't see it on the MusicBrainz, Wikipedia or reddit links you added, perhaps I'm just not seeing.


Instead of writing Capitalisation (which can be interpreted in a lot of ways) use the source https://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Style/Language/English

Hello! Of course, I'm more than happy to help out! So, it's tricky because it's an unreleased song and thus anyone can speculate what the "official" title is, but I did do a little looking around, and I can't find any source anywhere confirming the song's title to be "A Ladder to the Sun". Most videos and bootlegs I've seen, even on sites like Discogs list the song as just "Ladder on the Sun", so I personally think that that's the title the song should be listed with until (or if) the song is ever released with a different title. I hope this helps! :)

good find of RAK Studios for the Coldplay IG setlist!

I'm checking on the Adelaide Hall/Radio venue info you provided with your helpful links. I get what you're driving at here even tho there doesn't seem to be any formal reversion to the Adelaide Hall name. I also see that local advertising and listings still use the Radio name as much as Adelaide Hall so I have to figure out how to set it up so Users get it right. I will want your input after I decide what I see as how I want to do it.

All those setlists that I checked were bogus. A couple simple edits were okay but...Anyway, thanks for reporting.

With only five edits to his name I am just correcting the setlist and not contacting him unless he pushes the issue. Let me know if there's any more that happens but I am now following the setlist.


I see you add a lot of setlists here.
I know it's a nuisance to have to be continually sharing sources as longterm and trustworthy users, but it is important to still set a good example for new users. Please could you just honor us with this?
It's just a matter of taking time to copy and paste.

Yes I know it has to be written with capital letter, for some reason I took a bad exemple or didn't click on the correct edit, don't know what happened. In the meantime some other mod already corrected it.

Thanks for fixing the Mogwai setlists so promptly.

Summer was one of Mogwai's earliest songs, performed regularly from 1995 onwards.
Summer (Priority Version) was only played live in 1997, around its release on the 'Young Team' album, and then again at two Spanish shows in 2008 where that album was performed in its entirety.

Apparently your information on Hugh's Room was in error. Another User caught it quickly after I merged the venues so little damage was done. No problems here, just thought I'd let you know..

Hi, just trying to figure out why you changed the venue name on the Ray Montford concert


from Hugh's Room Live to Hugh's Room?

I thought the rule was that it should be the name of the venue at the time of the show. Hugh's Room went out of business in January 2017. When it reopened April-ish 2017 under a new management group they changed the name to Hugh's Room Live.

Website "the Story" link:


I would have thought Hugh's Room Live would be the correct name.

I think that all of the Lindal set lists of his are bogus. I will give him another day to respond and if he doesn't I will revert them

Blocked this new Anna troll. Thanks again

Thanks for the heads-up on the Anna stuff. Right now we are modifying some of our operations so it might take longer to see those bogus setlists disappear.

I saw you were at the coldplay concert. What time did they take the stage? I'm bringing a couple small kids to the Minneapolis show and want to skip the opening bands because of their limited attention span. Thanks.

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