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Hi, no I don't have any bootleg recordings of Robbie Williams.

I don’t have any bootlegs and don’t collect them.

I don't have any bootlegs, good luck though.

Can't help you out. Good luck.

Dear Matias,
sorry but I don't have a bootleg of the concert.

Hi, I don't have any bootlegs of RW. I can offer you different german concert posters, starting with "Sing when you are winning". I also have different Tour jackets.
Best Oliver

I did not bootleg the Robbie Williams show in 1999 in Seattle. I will tell you, however, that he flashed his ass DV8 could only hold like 300 people. It cost $10. My friends in England, who introduced me to Robbie Williams music the year before was like you have no idea how lucky you have it.

I didn't go to Robbie Williams in Hamburg 2014, but to Berlin. That's beside the point though, because I don't have any live recordings either way, sorry.
I don't collect bootlegs either.

Hi there, do you have any recordings of earlier concerts, like Swing When You're Winning, Escapology or the like? And can you post an e-mail address where I could send you a link for the download of mp3s? Thanks.

Hi there, I don't have any live DC from the gig in Hamburg.

Hi! Sorry but I don't have the recording of that show in Finland! :)
All the best, Henri

Hi Matunahuel, sorry to disappoint but I didn't buy the CD at the Rob's show in Prague.

Regarding your question about the Robbie WIlliams concert CD - no, I didn't buy anything at the concert, sorry. But I hope you'll find what you're looking for.

Hi! Sorry, I have only the dvd from Estonia..

Hi there,
Is there an email address I could send my RW list to? It‘s likely a bit too much to post here.

Hi there, I used to collect boots but right now am mostly interested in concerts I attended. I have a list of boots of RW but not with me. If you don‘t mind waiting a bit I can get back to you.


No I didn’t bought the live CD from that show unfortunately. I hope you will find it!


No, unfortunately I do not have any RW live-at-the-stadium recordings. No bootlegs either.

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