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Whoah, You saw Árstíðir 182 times!

I posted other problems with Scarborough Fair / Canticle (others covered it too) on the mod forum and most agreed it was a cover of the traditional Scarborough Fair.

If you need to change certain songs (delte cover tag or change cover tag) you may ask on the forum instead of editing this yourself tens of times.

If you don't exactly know which Melkweg venue the concert took place, it's better to leave them as they were.

Changed back (one) Scarborough Fair, the others which you put were apparently not medleys (but I changed the title from Scarbotough)

You just responded to my message.
Since you attended the arstiir concert in which they sang 'Het dorp' three times you might remember if this was a Dutch song by Wim Sonneveld. If so I could tag this song as cover.

Since October 27, 1995 the venue Melkweg in Amsterdam has two main rooms/halls. What was previously known as the Melkweg's main hall, was renamed Oude Zaal (old room) or OZ as it is called nowadays:
On the mentioned date a larger hall opened under the name The Max (nowadays
just Max):
Would you be able as visitor to change the venue for the Joe d'Urso setlist from just Melkweg to the correct hall?

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