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both jon and ken hung out for a long time at the merch table, talking and signing. no i did not tape show sorry i would have shared if, i really didnt notice any full length vid or audio setup, some people did occasionally do pics and vids, i dont take devices to shows anymore they prove too distracting for me and after the show all i rem is the pics, so now i just enjoy the shows, now back to tears of silver show at good records they did record the entire show by hd vid and audio but i still havent seen that show up anywhere, ive been told our family does have links to french belgium area, do u expect posies r going to tour anywhere near u this year

hi, the show was wonderful, they were in a great mood, lots of joking, short musical improvs, confirmed spring tour in US with full band will return to Austin, i asked if they would please come to dallas they did not confirm so i may have to make the trip to austin again, but it was definitely worth the 7 hr round trip drive
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Hello Dirk!
Will get to that Posies setlist soon. Going throuigh a mountain of live tapes and minidiscs to help fill in the gaps here on Setlist. I have about 40 years of taping myself and trading that accumulated in the vaults here. Thanks for being interested in The Posies. Great band, and very nice people too!!
More later...(:

I just saw you are on line here and have a question about venue name changes. Does someone usually merge the setlists into one venue or do they forever stay listed as separate venues? I attended shows at First Niagara Pavilion and KeyBank Pavilion in Burgettstown PA. Same venue with a new name.

Hi there, I've just appointed you Roadie :)
Please take a look at the Roadie help guide, to familiarise yourself with the Roadie tools.

I realise that some of these aren't so useful for the type of edits you've been performed in the past, but I hope that the promotion can be of some help!

You can use the advanced search tool to search by song title:

Use double inverted commas (") to search by exact phrase.

Hey there, just change the date in this URL to the date you want to add:

Amazing, if only we had someone like you in every country! :D

FYI, I have left this venue existing if you/anyone ever needs it.

Hey there, how foolish was I to come back to you now!? :)

I've done the best I can with most of those, but I didn't finish the list and probably I missed some too. Also, I'm not sure whether we should merge the following as you suggested:

Paleis voor Schone Kunsten
Palais des Beaux Arts
could be merged into
official website

Thanks for your help, and please post the venues still waiting to be fixed into the forum topic :) I need to sleep now!

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