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Die concerten vinden plaats op het Belgiëplein op de Heizel (zie deze bron: https://www.brussel.be/arena-5?_ga=2.196729324.1555014376.1627322681-998368830.1627322681) Ik heb even getwijfeld tussen deze naam & de Arena 5, maar die laatste is slechts een 'pop up naam'. Is de venue location dan oké? En wellicht moet ik ze dan nog onder de deelgemeente Laken plaatsen.

Oei dat van die vijver is inderdaad mijn fout. Dat was zeker niet m'n bedoeling! Ik heb ook al zitten zoeken op social media waar die vijver precies gelegen is, maar dat kan men tegenkomen he, dat je zoiets niet terugvindt... & Chapeau dat je er zoveel geduld mee hebt.

I had seen another blue star (I forget who), had put the "no links" comment, as it was highly prevalent to be spammers. I just took that and ran with it and have modified things if I saw them.
I put the additional info back in the multiple show you posted about, but I left the full link out of the body but in the comments. I still hold that it's not best practices to have links in the body, and if you search for any sets with http:// https:// or ftp:// and there are none.

Sorry that I have to bother you again, but could you please delete my penultimate commentary on this site in which I quoted Deru, who doesn't wanted to be quoted:


Well I thought he made some interesting comparison, interesting for all, but he is afraid of conflict potential, which I don't see.

Hi, Stefano Belisari (Elio) is currently performing a teatrical tour called "Ci Vuole Orecchio", a stage play about the life of the italian singer Enzo Jannacci where he performs famous songs from the Jannacci's repertoire. Since it's a stage play, each evening the songs are the same. So i'm not guessing, i'm basing the setlist on a recording of the stage play.

Hey Dirk,

Wel ik heb beter dingen te doen dan fakelijstjes op te stellen:-)...maar soit, ik zal het vanaf nu zo doen, geen probleem. Ik vermeld het magazine + editie of vermeld dat ik het concertticket nog liggen heb e.d. ...groeten Jürgen

hey Dirk,

Een 'resem' setlists klopt al niet echt. Ik heb er enkele toegevoegd en daar heb ik fysische bewijzen van. De 'missing gig' boodschap zet ik gewoon omdat ik iets moet schrijven, maar hebben wel degelijk plaatsgevonden. Bij degene waar ik bij was zet ik altijd 'i was there' , van 95 procent kan ik zelfs bewijzen met concerttickets. De rest die ik heb toegevoegd zijn allemaal concerten die vermeld stonden in muziekmagazines zoals Backstage / Fabiola.......ik ga me echt niet liggen bezighouden met concerten te verzinnen :-) ....groeten

Ik hou van beide genoemde festivals de Facebookpagina's in de gaten. Alles blijft voorlopig doorgaan, want de sites zijn vlot bereikbaar. Voor Durbuy Green Fields is er wel al eentje verplaatst, die ik dan verwijder. Belgofolies start op 21 juli i.p.v. twee dagen daarvoor.

Btw there are still 2 setlists for VdGG Nottingham 29.10.77.

The 2nd one was my fault, but I reported it meanwhile as a double, but it is still there.

I know, I think I always did so far, or not?

Dat is goed nieuws.
Wil je deze festival data verlengen met 1 dag gezien er een show toegevoegd werd?
https://www.setlist.fm/festival/2021/schlagerfestival-zomereditie-2021-7bd4a674.html -Merci

You commented on my profile telling me that I had essentially bypassed the mandatory edit comment feature. I am very sorry, I didn't mean to do that and I will be more careful with my edits in the future. I added a song to the setlist because I had seen it in a fan video, and the song was not in the setlist at the time. What should I have commented in that situation?

Thx. Die datum klopt inderdaad. Ik kan btw even geen festivals meer toevoegen (bv in Pop Up Middelkerke), tenzij eerder verschenen, omdat ik op vakantie ben zonder pc.

Well, a bit refusing, only a bit ...

1. I think it is better first to ask for a source before doing the deleting or the reverting, cause then one has not to do the work twice. It is also more friendly ... ;)

2. As I don't really know where this snippet comes from, I think meanwhile it is probably better to leave it as it is, as an unknown song.

But apart from that you guys do a great job there!

(yes really, my name too)

You mean my message to Deru was already a PL and therefore can only be viewed by Deru himself, and not by other members?

Ohh, and btw is it possible to send other members a PM?

Ok, now what happens to Van der Graaf Generator Nottingham 1977. The date is now twice there, one with a setlist, and one without.
If you want it correct, you have to eliminate the 2nd one which I created yesterday, and keep the other one, but delete all songs from that one.

Hey Dirk,
Geef me even tijd, even druk hier! Ik zal de komende weken even tijd vrijmaken om de AB concerten te dubbelchecken!


Also not sure why you decided to delete Kadavar related comments from my profile. Internal fight between supermoderators? :P

Fair enough. I guess I will use "I was there" from now on - I do like putting up setlists from the shows, just 5 seconds inbetween songs to type them down (or part of the lyrics so I can google later). It's fun for me but maybe I'm weird

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