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Venue names:
"Teatro Vendramin" (1622 - 1833)
"Teatro Apollo" (1833 - 1875)
"Teatro Carlo Goldoni" (1875 - present)

Vendramin was an important family in Venice

In the case of Indochine, the Black City Club medley has been officially named by the group, so yes it could only appear as one song in the statistics (with maybe a @Info tag to list the differences between each show).

And I don't think that's right to assign Indochine's medleys to this release Medleys by De Straatzangers (9bbf5514-dca3-4db1-a008-4baf49528818) as it 1) not an Indochine release 2) not a release which these medleys belong to

Yes, Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen was released on Santana's Abraxas album but it was not a medley. It is 2 complete songs with Black Magic Woman flowing into Gypsy Queen.. It is listed the way I have suggested.


Hi! Just wanted to let you know that Toussaint L'Ouverture by Santana should be capitalized because it refers to a real person:


"Altrofestival" 1994:
Thursday, February 24, 1994 - Monday, February 28, 1994


Same festival

Thank you

Hey Dirk,

ik zie dat er voor de Velodrom in Berlijn twee venues staan: één keer de Velodrom en één keer de UFO @ Velodrom, maar eigenlijk gaat het hier om dezelfde zaal. De UFO is namelijk gewoon staanplaatsen en Velodrom staanplaats en de tribune. Zou het geen goed idee zijn om die twee samen te voegen?

That error over Nessun dorma was the worst mistake i've ever seen. How can YOU, over anybody else, could've believe that it was a Miguel Fleta cover? Hadn't you noticed that all the other pieces performed on the creation were Puccini pieces?

The changes you have made to song titles from Travis Scott and Scarlxrd go against Musicbrainz rules. I understand that you were correcting them to apply to normal capitalization rules, but that does not apply when the unorthodox spelling was the artist's intent. Please revert them back to the way they once were.

Dear Dirk, Sportcsarnok (means sports hall) in Esztergom, Hungary is not necessarily just one venue, as the club called Sportalsó is on the lower level of the buliding, but occasionally there might be events held in the main hall too. However, the club events should be indicated as ones held at Sportalsó club, not Sportcsarnok.

"Verona Jazz" 2011
the right date is:
Wednesday, June 29, 2011 - Monday, July 4, 2011
Teatro Romano, Verona, Italy
Arena di Verona, Verona, Italy

Friday, July 1, 2011 - Monday, July 4, 2011 ( https://www.setlist.fm/festival/2011/verona-jazz-2011-2bd6e892.html ) is wrong

Thank you

To be completely sincere with you, I do not remember why I create this Roko setlist

Je dis des choses dénigrantes? Tu as compté les moutons et attraper des abeilles pendant 80 jours avant d'y répondre.

Si les corrections que je demande étaient faites. Je ne me plaindrais pas mais à force d'attendre quelque chose qui ne vient jamais, tu te tanne.

Hello Dirk!
i got the info from Musicbrainz, and they said it was a download only release by Puddle Parade. I hadn't heard of the venue before, but I know there are a lot of smaller, newer venues
that get added all the time. I definitely appreciate any help in this. Thanks as always my friend! More later...Tom :)

About Roko: I don't have to create a new artist, because the Roko-Artist including their both released albums from 1990 and 1992 is the same artist as my setlists.

Wrong is only your connection to an artist picture and all setlists after 1994.

I don't have to do anything, because "my" artist is older.

Probably there are concerts in the period in the Ferienzauber Festival which do not belong to the Festival.
Therefore the date specification on the festivalpage:
Wasserturm 26.07.2018 bis 12.08.2018
Kraftwerk 19.07.-26.07.2018 & 05.08.2018
This becomes difficult, especially at the older festivals.
Here, I've ignored the time gaps:
What do you think?

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