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Following your request, I changed the 2 concerts I attended in "Binnenstad rotterdam": it was for the Motel Mozaique Festival 2009, both in the Stadschouwburg!

Dag Dirk, je hebt aangeboden om te helpen als Nederlandse songtitels met hoofdletters worden gespeld (naast het eerste woord). Dat is het geval bij de artiest Daniƫl Lohues. Zou je hierin iets kunnen betekenen?

I appreciate what you do for this site, but I think if you find it to be that important, you should lobby for it to be added to the Guidelines. But, with that being said, I'll put in my two cents that a web source isn't always available. And if I went to a show, one with a web source or without, it's a pointless addition.

Where I think sources are appropriate... old setlists (more than 6 months to a year ago) that are being added now. But even that will have its flaws (no longer a decent web footprint, necessarily).

Most people don't have tons of time to dedicate to this webpage, but are trying to add value where they can. If adding a source is mandated, then have it added to the Guidelines. If it is not mandated, quit submitting special requests for it to be added. Seems pointless and should be used only for suspect/suspiciously added setlists -- none of which apply to me.

(1) Has mandating sources been added to the Guidelines? if not, why the unneeded policing?
(2) Many times, the sources are the band's webpage or a venue's calendar, which upon the show happening, rolls off (i.e.- it's not a static database); so adding a source will end up being a broken link down the road. I get your intention, but this seems like a poor way to mandate something.
(3) What if no web source, but a user attended the actual show (i.e.- the source is human interaction)?

Providing sources for setlists isn't part of the guidelines, is it? In most cases, the source is the artist's webpage, which once those shows happen, they roll off the calendar; thus the source is not a static source.

Hi Dirk,

No it isn't and i want to thank you for the reminder! It is indeed important to ad a source and I will try to ad it to every setlist from now on :)


PS: Thanks for cleaning up the suburbs from venues in Brussels and Antwerp! It's indeed much better now :)

Op je vraag , denk dat het Katwilgweg is , maar ben niet helemaal zeker

Different times indeed. I remember the days of the GREAT "King Biscuit Flower Hour" shows here in the USA. A lot of the tapes I have are from 30+ years ago, and I have been trusting the info I got from the original tapers at the time. Much of my collection was 1st or 2nd generation copies, so I tended to trust them. Some tapers were not as fanatical as I was about venues during festivals, etc., but s-l-o-w-l-y over the years, between working at my "real" job, I've been trying to verify info, and update unknown info, which led me to the Setlist.fm site in the first place. Your generosity, along with some of the other moderators, in helping me with information, and helping me learn the ropes here, have made me a very happy, and hopeful productive/helpful member of the site. More later...:)

As far as I know, changing the end date for that artist in MusicBrainz will not prevent you from adding new shows over here. Also, I don't think we want to strictly rely on MusicBrainz end dates because they are often wrong. For example Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club is marked as having ended in 2016, yet they are still touring.


Use the "Add an entirely new spot" section to create a new city.

I don't think you should be resorting Brussels venues into suburbs. For example, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode appears to be within the city limits of Brussels, so I think La Rotonde should stay in the Brussels city.

Maybe it's a special case for Belgium, but there was a discussion for Australia regarding storing venues under city or suburb. We decided to go city-only for simplicity's sake (even though a postal address will only contain suburb name and not city name). Also as another example, we used London as the banner for all London venues, rather than suburbs/boroughs/districts/etc.

If you would like to go ahead with Belgian suburbs, please create a discussion in the moderator forum before moving forward :)

i can see how u get to see so many posies shows now (plus prob more popular there), posies always play smallish venues 600 people and never full, posies in austin recently was only 200 venue but was full, benelux is a smaller land mass than i imagined, texas is like the size of france actually a lil bigger, i live in dallas and driving to san antonio is like u driving from utrecht to paris france 4 1/2 hrs, austin is like utrecht to luxembourg 3 1/2 hrs, houston is 4 hrs, and my other opt is little rock 5 hrs, what city is ur home base looks like ur 7 shows r only 1 1/2 hrs driving, i would prob attend most shows also, i love living in dallas area and most artists tours come thru here, some skip dallas and only go to austin, and some bands only do east coast (new york) west coast (california) and north mid (chicago, illinois) and skip texas, my only opts this tour r dallas, houston, little rock as i have tix to diff artists already on the other posies days near me, texas has mostly great quality multi lane roads with high speed rates how r the roads in benelux, im just happy they r coming to dallas, enjoy ur posies shows im looking forward to mine

both jon and ken hung out for a long time at the merch table, talking and signing. no i did not tape show sorry i would have shared if, i really didnt notice any full length vid or audio setup, some people did occasionally do pics and vids, i dont take devices to shows anymore they prove too distracting for me and after the show all i rem is the pics, so now i just enjoy the shows, now back to tears of silver show at good records they did record the entire show by hd vid and audio but i still havent seen that show up anywhere, ive been told our family does have links to french belgium area, do u expect posies r going to tour anywhere near u this year

hi, the show was wonderful, they were in a great mood, lots of joking, short musical improvs, confirmed spring tour in US with full band will return to Austin, i asked if they would please come to dallas they did not confirm so i may have to make the trip to austin again, but it was definitely worth the 7 hr round trip drive
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Hello Dirk!
Will get to that Posies setlist soon. Going throuigh a mountain of live tapes and minidiscs to help fill in the gaps here on Setlist. I have about 40 years of taping myself and trading that accumulated in the vaults here. Thanks for being interested in The Posies. Great band, and very nice people too!!
More later...(:

Hi there, I've just appointed you Roadie :)
Please take a look at the Roadie help guide, to familiarise yourself with the Roadie tools.

I realise that some of these aren't so useful for the type of edits you've been performed in the past, but I hope that the promotion can be of some help!

You can use the advanced search tool to search by song title:

Use double inverted commas (") to search by exact phrase.

Hey there, just change the date in this URL to the date you want to add:

Amazing, if only we had someone like you in every country! :D

FYI, I have left this venue existing if you/anyone ever needs it.

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