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Thanks as always for the fixes! :)

Haha, bijzonder. Maar ik zie dat het opgelost is. Bedankt voor het oplossen

Hi Dirk, Thank you for your message in pointing out my mistake. I have changed the location on the show, honestly I'm not sure how I had created the location. I thought it was already in the drop down. But it is changed now.

Hoi Dirk,

Iemand heeft deze zaal aangemaakt:
Er staat bij Nieuw-Amsterdam. Zover ik weet staan alle optredens in de grote zaal van Paradiso gewoon onder 'paradiso' en zijn er voor de kleine zaal en de kelder aparte zalen aangemaakt. Het lijkt me dat Paradiso in Nieuw-Amsterdam niet goed is en er gewoon Paradiso mee bedoeld wordt. Zou je hier naar kunnen kijken?

Thanks for correcting the Cavaran setlist (Sep 8th in Aalst, BE). It's a pitty that correcting bandnames or adding new bands is quite complicated and time-consuming in MusicBrainz. .. :-(
It would be nice that this can be improved.

Dag Dirk, ik heb een informatiefolder met de volledige line-up van Leffingeleuren, dat is mijn bron voor informatie. Mvg

Understood. Thanks for the clarification.

Hello the policy amongst the mods is the guidelines on Musicbrainz apply
So All words in a title should have their first letter capitalized and following letters lower case except as noted below
(1) Always capitalize the first and last word of a title. This rule should be followed even if the words would normally be lowercase according to the other rules.

Je dis des choses dénigrantes? Tu as compté les moutons et attraper des abeilles pendant 80 jours avant d'y répondre.

Si les corrections que je demande étaient faites. Je ne me plaindrais pas mais à force d'attendre quelque chose qui ne vient jamais, tu te tanne.

Hello Dirk!
i got the info from Musicbrainz, and they said it was a download only release by Puddle Parade. I hadn't heard of the venue before, but I know there are a lot of smaller, newer venues
that get added all the time. I definitely appreciate any help in this. Thanks as always my friend! More later...Tom :)

About Roko: I don't have to create a new artist, because the Roko-Artist including their both released albums from 1990 and 1992 is the same artist as my setlists.

Wrong is only your connection to an artist picture and all setlists after 1994.

I don't have to do anything, because "my" artist is older.

Probably there are concerts in the period in the Ferienzauber Festival which do not belong to the Festival.
Therefore the date specification on the festivalpage:
Wasserturm 26.07.2018 bis 12.08.2018
Kraftwerk 19.07.-26.07.2018 & 05.08.2018
This becomes difficult, especially at the older festivals.
Here, I've ignored the time gaps:
What do you think?

"Festival della Canzone Abruzzese Molisana" is wrong
"Festival della Canzone Abruzzese Molisana 1955" is right

“Estate Musica” is wrong;
“Estate Jazz” is the right name of the festival

“Concerto del primo maggio” 2000 has one venue only (“Tor Vergata”)

“Pop Festival” is wrong
“Pop Musica Festival” is right

"Ribalta per il Festival - Sanremo '80" is wrong
“Ribalta per il Festival – Sanremo '80″ is right (“–” is better than “-”)


You asked me about the Source of the Roko shows. They were support of U.D.O. 1990 and I attended the show in Nuremberg. The source is the official U.D.O. site: http://udo-online.com (Tourdates still available at "Tourdates" on the website; then filter to 1990; support acts are written)

But when I try to import the band Roko from Musicbrainz, it's already in the setlist.fm database, but connected with the wrong artist. This Band is from 1990 and doesn't exist anymore:

I will copy my note to you as a comment.

Was it an arena? I'm not sure how "arena" is defined. It was outdoors, the show was GA, but I don't remember much about it otherwise.


Also, if you Google South Mesa Events Center with Camp Pendleton, nothing comes up except for setlist.fm. So I don't think there is a venue at Camp Pendleton called South Mesa Events Center.

My ticket stub says it is at the "Ace Bowen Concert Grounds," not Ace Bowen Arena, not South Mesa Events Center. He only played one show at Camp Pendleton that day.

Camp Pendleton is a U.S. Marine base, but I was mistaken about civilians not being allowed, because I was there and I was a civilian.

These two links from 1992 newspapers also refer to the venue as "Ace Bowen Concert Grounds." Click on the links that say "Show Page ___ article text" and then search the page for Ace Bowen text.

https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/177405938/ (Whitney Houston, date not listed)
https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/177383541/ (James Brown, 29 Aug 1992)

Please tell me the date and venue of the show I posted and I will double check my ticket stub and my tape of the show. I am almost certain my entry is correct.

I'm not seeing the duplicate Ringo Starr date. Did it get fixed already?

Camp Pendleton is not open to civilians, it is possible (though unlikely) he played during the day for the military, and then played that evening for civilians. Almost all of my entries are verified by my tickets stubs and/or tapes I recorded at the shows I attended.

Oh, just found this... http://www.kathyszaksite.com/1992dates3.html

Bonjour Dirk,

je viens de voir le message que tu as posté sur le profil de Quent1 :

Would you happen to know if these are all the same venues?

J'ai fait quelques recherches rapides et il y a plusieurs cas de figures :

-les concerts / showcases dans le magasin FNAC du Forum des Halles (exemple : https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/mathias-malzieu/2013/forum-fnac-des-halles-paris-france-73e622d5.html voir : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2I3bGRSfBo). Dans ce cas, il faudrait renommer la venue Forum FNAC des Halles en FNAC Forum des Halles

- les concerts / showcases dans le Forum des Halles mais organisés par la FNAC (exemple : https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/hyphen-hyphen/2018/forum-fnac-des-halles-paris-france-3ed7d43.html voir : https://twitter.com/Fnac/status/995302575766323200). Dans ce cas, la venue serait plutôt Forum des Halles avec une info quelque part sur le fait que cela soit dans le cadre des inexpected Live by FNAC

- les concerts / showcases dans d'autres FNAC parisiennes (exemple : https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/skip-the-use/2014/fnac-forum-paris-france-63c5420b.html à la FNAC de Bercy voir : https://www.fnac.com/Nameless-World-et-Gone-Away-de-Skip-The-Use-a-la-Fnac-Bercy-Village/cp22856/w-4)

Et il y a peut-être des concerts / showcases au Forum des Halles qui n'ont pas été organisés par la FNAC ! Il faudrait les reprendre un par un.


same festival
Since 1955 to 1955: "Festival della Canzone Abruzzese Molisana"
Since 1956 to 1963: "Festival della Canzone Abruzzese - Molisana"

Thank you