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The Madison Civic Center was called the Oscar Mayer Theatre in 1985. We are working on finding a way to link the various names of venues.

SOLVED!!! I finally took my notice again, ans surprise: I made an asterix! And the remark was hard to reed, but it has been: "I'm talking to you"!
And I remembered: By that time I had to ask a neighbour at the concert about the instrumental piece just been played! I didn't understand him very good and noticed: Bastard
I found out at home later, that it had been "Breakaway" in fact! And added it to the notice, but because of the missing space into the asterix! I didn't realized it as I added the setlist!
Thanks a lot for your asking! It finally helped to get all complete! Now everything is fine and finished!
Have a good time and nice concerts!

Hi again,
thanks for your interest again!
It made me check my notice of the Alan Parsons Concert in Hamburg again!
I was wrong in my answer before!
In Hamburg he played both Parts of "The Turn of a friendly Card"!
He performed the complete Album last Year (2015) in Kiel, as I remember it right!
I will add this setlist later on, after finding my notice of it!
I have already corrected the setlist of Hamburg!

Your question about the Song announced in Essen so long ago as Bastard/Basterd don't let me sleep! I even dreamed of it! I'm near the solution! I remember that I was going to notice something else in the concert! And I stucked in it! If my rememberance is right, I thought about something like: Oh, again something with Time in its title...
I had been so perplexed, that I didn't noticed it! There is one piece missing in my APP Collection and it's the song The Time Machine! So, I think it had been that one!
But give me some time to think it over, before I fill out the correction in the setlist!

SORRY! Bad should have readed "had" instead! F.....' Auto-Correction!!!

Hi TauRush,
thanks for yourcomments, first!
As far as I remember the APLP concert in Essen the song "Bastard" or "Basterd" Bad been a new one, wich isn't published yet!
The second question:
Alan Parsons played the complete Turn of a friendly Card Album in its running order!

Hi there,
I don't agree with this but I will concede. :)

ik heb deze set-lijst gekregen, was er zelf wel bij maar weet niet 1/2/3 of anouk er ook was. ben geen fan van haar, helaas. zoals je ziet ben ik wel een normaal-fan. als dit onjuist is, dan haal ik de nrs uit de setlist :)

gr tom

Here I found the Tori Amos' gigs database that I used on that moment

Hi, I'm not really sure. I found a Tori Amos gigography really long ago (when setlist.fm was new and in development). If you have a more trustworthy source, feel free to correct it.

Hello! Thanks for helping out with the APLP setlists. I have been correcting a few of the Money Talks / La Sagrada Familia medleys myself. Thanks a bunch!

  • 25 Dec 2010, 13:41 Etc/UTC
  • Melinda Lucas

I was at teh A'Dam show. I simply DYING to hear the whole set list in it's entirety from a decent recording. Some people said The Woj was there, but if he was, why hasn't it been posted. I thought I had it here...and I was so excited. Thank you to whoever put this together, but it's NOT the same. Watching the songs on YouTube is nice, but the sound quality isn't there.

This is a PLEA to anyone who has it... I have pretty much everything that she has ever done that is A- or better. I can't listen to the stream for some reason, and it will probably be taken down today because they said "around two weeks" and today is Christmas...so I am just praying (the Indian Summer Way...I don't care if it's wet and freezing outside) for a copy to surface. I can be reached at MelindaLu11@mac.com.

Thank you...and happy new year

klopt, ik doe dit eigenlijk vrij standaard omdat mensen vaak 2 nummers die in elkaar overgaan als een soort medley opschrijven, wat zonde is voor de statistieken. In het geval dat er 1 nummer wordt gespeeld waarin vervolgens een stukje van een ander nummer wordt gespeeld, kun je dit laatste nummer beter gewoon toevoegen als info-tag (bijv. Nobody's Wife @Info[w/ It's So Hard snippet]). Sorry dat ik wat dingen aannam die niet klopten, en nog bedankt voor het toevoegen van al die setlists!

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