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Thanks for letting me know. I will move the Perth setlist to the correct artist in a couple of days when it can be imported from musicbrainz.

'Brotíð' is IJslands voor 'Broken' en dat (en weinig slaap) bracht me in verwarring. Setlist is bijgewerkt!

OK zal dit op de pagina vermelden.

Bedankt voor de reactie.
Noemde die tijdelijke locatie op Oostvest ook Patronaat of had die een andere naam?
Voor dergelijke gevallen zijn de mods er nog niet uit. Wel dient de naam van de zaal gebruikt te worden die op dat ogenblik geldig was, dus met al die zalen die om de zoveel jaar van sponsor veranderen, kan dat voor verwarring zorgen. Gelukkig is dat hier in Europa minder het geval dan in de USA.

Zie dat je enkele concerten in Paradiso bijwoonde. Aangezien deze opgesplitst dienen te worden naar Paradiso Grote Zaal, Paradiso Kleine Zaal, Paradiso Kelder, Paradiso Elevator... zou je deze kunnen aanpassen indien je het je nog herinnert?

The Madison Civic Center was called the Oscar Mayer Theatre in 1985. We are working on finding a way to link the various names of venues.

SOLVED!!! I finally took my notice again, ans surprise: I made an asterix! And the remark was hard to reed, but it has been: "I'm talking to you"!
And I remembered: By that time I had to ask a neighbour at the concert about the instrumental piece just been played! I didn't understand him very good and noticed: Bastard
I found out at home later, that it had been "Breakaway" in fact! And added it to the notice, but because of the missing space into the asterix! I didn't realized it as I added the setlist!
Thanks a lot for your asking! It finally helped to get all complete! Now everything is fine and finished!
Have a good time and nice concerts!

Hi again,
thanks for your interest again!
It made me check my notice of the Alan Parsons Concert in Hamburg again!
I was wrong in my answer before!
In Hamburg he played both Parts of "The Turn of a friendly Card"!
He performed the complete Album last Year (2015) in Kiel, as I remember it right!
I will add this setlist later on, after finding my notice of it!
I have already corrected the setlist of Hamburg!

Your question about the Song announced in Essen so long ago as Bastard/Basterd don't let me sleep! I even dreamed of it! I'm near the solution! I remember that I was going to notice something else in the concert! And I stucked in it! If my rememberance is right, I thought about something like: Oh, again something with Time in its title...
I had been so perplexed, that I didn't noticed it! There is one piece missing in my APP Collection and it's the song The Time Machine! So, I think it had been that one!
But give me some time to think it over, before I fill out the correction in the setlist!

SORRY! Bad should have readed "had" instead! F.....' Auto-Correction!!!

Hi TauRush,
thanks for yourcomments, first!
As far as I remember the APLP concert in Essen the song "Bastard" or "Basterd" Bad been a new one, wich isn't published yet!
The second question:
Alan Parsons played the complete Turn of a friendly Card Album in its running order!

Hi there,
I don't agree with this but I will concede. :)

ik heb deze set-lijst gekregen, was er zelf wel bij maar weet niet 1/2/3 of anouk er ook was. ben geen fan van haar, helaas. zoals je ziet ben ik wel een normaal-fan. als dit onjuist is, dan haal ik de nrs uit de setlist :)

gr tom

Here I found the Tori Amos' gigs database that I used on that moment

Hi, I'm not really sure. I found a Tori Amos gigography really long ago (when setlist.fm was new and in development). If you have a more trustworthy source, feel free to correct it.

Hello! Thanks for helping out with the APLP setlists. I have been correcting a few of the Money Talks / La Sagrada Familia medleys myself. Thanks a bunch!

I was at teh A'Dam show. I simply DYING to hear the whole set list in it's entirety from a decent recording. Some people said The Woj was there, but if he was, why hasn't it been posted. I thought I had it here...and I was so excited. Thank you to whoever put this together, but it's NOT the same. Watching the songs on YouTube is nice, but the sound quality isn't there.

This is a PLEA to anyone who has it... I have pretty much everything that she has ever done that is A- or better. I can't listen to the stream for some reason, and it will probably be taken down today because they said "around two weeks" and today is Christmas...so I am just praying (the Indian Summer Way...I don't care if it's wet and freezing outside) for a copy to surface. I can be reached at MelindaLu11@mac.com.

Thank you...and happy new year

klopt, ik doe dit eigenlijk vrij standaard omdat mensen vaak 2 nummers die in elkaar overgaan als een soort medley opschrijven, wat zonde is voor de statistieken. In het geval dat er 1 nummer wordt gespeeld waarin vervolgens een stukje van een ander nummer wordt gespeeld, kun je dit laatste nummer beter gewoon toevoegen als info-tag (bijv. Nobody's Wife @Info[w/ It's So Hard snippet]). Sorry dat ik wat dingen aannam die niet klopten, en nog bedankt voor het toevoegen van al die setlists!

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