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I keep trace on venezuelan concerts and gigs that I had assisted


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Hola! Pues sí fue yo! A ver si nos coincidimos en algún otro concierto - creo que mi próximo sera The Hives el 4 de octubre ;)

Hey, sicko, hope you're well.

I would like to ask you for your help. I have been an active user on the platform since 2012, It seems that my account was blacklisted due to the lana del rey tour that I edited to the name of the laminate that her father was using. I have exchanged e-mails with you guys and was advised to talk to a mod. Hopefully I'll hear back from you. I have always been a serious member and never used fake setlist nor anything like that, please help me.


thank you so much for the time you spent to write that long and clarifying message.
Yes, the main fact is the language change.
In the De Gregori-Dylan album sometimes also in the title you can see that the song lyrics are completely re-written and only the music has been taken.
This is the case of dozen, for not saying hundreds of song in italian, that has just the music from the original composition, but have totally different lyrics with a totally different meaning.
In italian music journalism (I'm also a musical critic and a journalist) this is considered a brand new song, inspired by, but not a cover.
Zucchero can be a good example for this: he made a cover of Korgis song, "Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime", and depending if he's on italian or world tour he sings the italian (with totally different lyrics he wrote) or the english version of the song.
In my opinion, when he plays the original song has to be considered a cover, but when he plays "Indaco dagli occhi del cielo" (the italian version) this is a different song, that has in common only the music with the original version.

Anyway, thanks again for the explaining, and if there's a way to help the community I'm always happy to contribute.

Hi, there's a setlist that has an artist error:
It should be like this one:

So the artist should be "Francesco De Gregori & Ambrogio Sparagna & Orchestra Popolare Italiana".

If you please can correct it, then I will put the right covers, no problem.

You can search "cover another language".
They say, basically, that if the song has different lyrics has to be considered a new song and not a cover song.
I think it's correct, specially because (at least with italian songs, others I don't know) the lyrics in italian are totally different from the original one, so at the end only the music has been taken.
In general, in music journalism, a cover is when an artist play a song from another one "as it is", even with a different arrangement.
That's why, for me (and also as said in the forum) a song based on an original music but with completely different lyrics has to be considered different songs.

La final de la kings league en el metropolitano fue el 29 de julio y no el 30. Te recomiendo este link:

Hi! Please don't use ChatGPT as source, this is no reliable source since it's not a search engine *and* its answers can't be verified.

Hey there,

I noticed you've been incorrectly changing the capitalisation of the Snarky Puppy tune 'Keep It On Your Mind' to 'Keep It on Your Mind' with a lowercase 'o'.

I just realised that musicbrainz spells it with a lowercase 'on'. I'm assuming this is why you keep changing it. I'd go as far as to say musicbrainz haven't written it correctly. Every official Snarky Puppy page for Empire Central and its songs spells it with a capitalised 'On'. This includes the written setlists that the band makes before their shows. I'd be much more trusting of the actual band than an open-source music database. But that's just me...

I've already fixed this issue once before, only to find you undid all of my work. Please refer to the official 'Empire Central' tracklist of which this song is from and the official YouTube, Spotify, Itunes, etc upload of the song before you start messing with the setlists again...

Thank you

Como seguro te aparecieron varias notificaciones sobre Los Paranoias, la cuestión es que estaban como este grupo y no como la banda venezolana. Ese error lo corregí en todos los setlists cargados

Hi sicko, can you please remove my comments from this entry:

I added them to the wrong show, thank you - JMZZ

Hi, sicko!

So here's the scenario: Anitta has a tour called "Ensaios da Anitta". It is a tour where she sings her most famous songs and also some traditional Carnival songs, all in preparation for the Brazilian Carnival, which happens around Feberuary/March. The tour had concerts in Salvador, Rio de Janeiro (2x), Florianópolis, São Paulo (2x), Brasília, Recife and Curitiba.

• Does she plays in the same place and appear at different times with a new set?
It's one show, with one stage and one set. She comes up, sings about 10 songs, then brings a special guest, who usually sings 2 to 4 songs (this guest, most of the times, is somebody who Anitta has songs with, so they sing those songs together), the guest leaves the stage, then Anitta goes on with her normal set until another guest comes up. All of the time, Anitta NEVER leaves the stage. It's kind of what Taylor Swift does in her concerts when she's touring (calling up some guests that are famous in that city to sing with her, you know?)
For example, here is Pabllo Vittar's participation on her last São Paulo set: (both songs, Calma Amiga INTERLUDE and Balinha de Coração, are sang by Pabllo AND Anitta, but are currently @Tape on the setlist).

• Does she move from the original place to make a new set?
No. She never leaves the stage, even when the special guest comes up.
Here's another example, where Anitta does not sing, but still is on stage with her guest Mari Fernandez: (to me, this is @Tape because Anitta doesn't sing, but there's no need to create a spearate setlist for Mari since she was a guest and did not have her own concert in there).

• It is anything that am I missing?
Finally, here are some links that may be helpful: (interview with Anitta saying that this is not a festival, but that it may turn into one next year - and I think this is what's confusing other users that are creating festivals for all of her solo concerts) (Jão being announced as a special guest in São Paulo) (Pabllo being announced as a special guest in São Paulo) (Luísa Sonza being announced as a special guest in Recife) (Dilsinho being announced as a special guest in Rio)

Thanks a lot for the attention! Let me know what you think. I'll refrain from editing her sets for now, since users are getting hostile in there. Maybe we can find the best way to solve this and lock those sets up.

Hello, sicko!

I come to you to see how we can proceed with the latest Anitta setlists. She's been on a Carnival tour called Ensaios da Anitta and, during each show, she calls out a few special guests to participate and sing some of their songs on stage. However, user leosaquetto keeps creating separate setlists for each of the special guests + keep putting songs Anitta herself sang in @Tape. When I try to correct it, he starts threatening me. Here are some examples: and
How can we proceed with this, please?
Thank you and sorry to bother.

Underworld played the song "Born Slippy" during various live dates from 1994 onwards. This song is different from "Born Slippy.NUXX" and at some gigs they played both songs. You appear to have changed all the instances of them playing "Born Slippy" to the NUXX version. Could you change these back please?

ok so i don't know if this is the place for this but why the mod changed my SAL setlist and put all the name songs with lowercase (except for the first letter) when the name of the songs are with uppercase in all of the letters (after a space)? so i had the setlist correct and now the names are not as the band uses it. i've checked the guidelines and i don't think that it is anything about the names being in lowercase or whatever.
trying to understand here. thanks!

In regards to this Asphyx setlist:

For over a week now, I've been asking for someone to lock it to avoid false reverts by bots. However, a mod (perhaps accidentally) locked it with the bot's edits in place, so the setlist is currently inaccurate.

Proof #1
Band's physical setlist: (if you look closely enough, below “The Rack” there's “Last One on Earth”, the lighting is just kinda limiting the view. Also, “The Quest of Absurdity” was taped).

Proof #2
Multiple people, even on the setlist's link and the forum have asked for someone to correct it.

Proof #3
I was attending the show.

Can you take a minute of your time to please fix this?

Hey, a week or so back, you changed "Daylight Outro (Remix)" to "Daylight Outro"; was there any particular reason for that? There's no such track as "Daylight Outro," for the track appears on albums, physical or virtual, explicitly as "Daylight Outro (Remix)."

hello from railrat - tried to edit the following:

but it has been locked - and i wanted to designate the two sets - set one begins with 'astronomy domine' and ends with 'one of the days'

set two begins with 'shine on you crazy diamond' and ends with 'comfortably numb'

thank you for being there to help sir

Hola Luis. Cuando cambies la capitalización de títulos, por favor no pongas en mayúscula a un título en parentesis si ese título es una continuación del título principal. Por ejemplo:
No necesito verte (para saberlo)

La mayoria de los cambios que estás haciendo están bien pero hubo uno o dos que estaban en esta categoria. Saludos!

you made an new entry for Rush playing at the Taylor Hawkings tribute (I asked for the removal of a previous one), but I think it should not be listed as Rush.
The anouncements/posters speak of Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson.
From Wikipedia: "Lifeson reiterated the status of Rush and the possibility of continuing to work with Lee in a June 2021 interview with Eddie Trunk: "There's no way Rush will ever exist again because Neil's not here to be a part of it."
Some person may type Rush in a schedule, but that doesn't make it Rush.

Hola Luis. Trátame suavemente la grabó primero Soda Stereo (en 1984) y luego Los Encargados (en 1986). Si los Encargados la hubieran escrito, entonces si le hubiera correspondido a ellos, pero como no fueron ellos, sinó Daniel Melero el que la escribió, entonces le corresponde a los primeros en grabarla que fueron Soda. Si Daniel Melero algún día graba su versión propia como solista, entonces ahí si le corresponderá a él. Saludos