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I keep trace on venezuelan concerts and gigs that I had assisted


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Si, mis disculpas por no poner fuente. Se me ocurrió una vez que ya estaba en la cama. Me dije "ya lo haré mañana". Veo que no ha hecho falta :-P

Hi Sicko,
Thanks for the comment, Yeah it's a difficult decision. When you have a different group as support it goes on a separate page, but this works as a whole and it'd be weird to split it off onto 3 separate pages.

Sxip Shirey does a set, goofing around with some unusual instruments, then he goes on to act as MC for Evelyn Evelyn, appearing at various points, Then both halves of Evelyn Evelyn return as their real selves for a 3rd set, with Jason doing 3 songs on his own before being joined by Amanda for 1 song, then Jason leaves and Amanda performs and Jason joins her for 2 more songs near the end. It'd be crazy to split it up I think. It's just a shame the site autocorrects (because it treats the whole thing as being Evelyn Evelyn) and lists people as covering their own songs!

Saludos, sicko.
Primero agradecer la observación hecha a mi edit en el ultimo concierto de Los Prisioneros en Caracas, a mi tampoco me acomodaba usar ese blog como indicio de lo sucedido, pero fue lo único que había encontrado en el momento. Resulta que varias de las notas que hablaban al respecto fueron cerradas, pero algunas de ellas están rescatadas en el Web Archive, así que usando las paginas citadas en Wikipedia que registraban el momento, encontré esos links que deje en mi ultimo comentario en la pagina del concierto.
Aun así, hasta donde se no hay certeza de lo sucedido, tomando en cuenta que las notas vienen de medios chilenos (que es bien conocida su no muy buena su relación con la banda) y los dichos de González igual como que los tomaría con pinzas. Si hubiera alguna nota en la prensa venezolana, quizás...
Eso pues, si ves algo mas me comentas, saludos!

hey sicko, why cant you just make ALL changes in the same setlist in ONE edit like a normal human being? it's just annoying to get 20 emails in a row for the same setlist. Do you do that to "get more edits" or something? If you want that, just edit different setlists, it's that simple. No one wins a million dollars for more edits here, so chill and be careful with the spam ;)

Hello, Sicko!

Would it be possible for you to make an edit to the September 8th Metallica show (linked below) since it is locked? The songs Scythian Suite, Iron Foundry, and The Unforgiven III are missing @With[San Francisco Symphony] tags that were mentioned on the previous S&M² date. The information should be important enough to warrant a change since they all feature info tags saying the Symphony played with Metallica on these songs.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Thank you for correcting Anastacia's "Sweet Child O' Mine" to "Sweet Child o' Mine". But why did you remove "Guns N’ Roses cover" in the process?

Hola Sicko! Consulté varias fuentes y no pude confirmar que esos conciertos de Soda en Ecuador ocurrieron así que los borré. Saludos!

Hi!. The corrections made in Legião Urbana concerts are wrong. "Angra dos Reis" and "Antes das Seis" are different songs. "Antes das Seis" was never played before 2012. Thank you :)

Hola, todo bien por acá. Vos?
Si se puede borrar. Yo tampoco encuentro nada que lo pruebe.

Buenas. Se podra borrar éste show ya que no hay registros de que éste show haya existido. Solo se sabe del show del 8/7/84 en Bambalinas. gracias!

De nada. Todavía me falta, estoy en eso. Saludos.

I saw your edits for my Mike Cooley setlist, and I had a question. I just created a setlist for Patterson Hood and not all the songs he played were already in the database. I am somewhat new to creating setlists. Can you take a look at it?

Hi, I saw your suggestion to Jake to start a discussion on the quarantine shows disagreement. I had previously posted a topic in the website support forum, but can you please let me know if this should go in a different forum? Here is a link to the thread:


Hey, just a heads up regarding user Danhurley and his message about Quarantine Shows: Multiple users have been using similar tour names to keep track of livestreams by various artists as they do virtual shows during the pandemic. Danhurley has been unilaterally removing the tour tag despite a clear consensus in the other direction, i.e., that it is useful to label each artists' quarantine shows under one tour as to compile/compare stats from those shows much like any other tour. I have recommended to him that he reach a consensus via userpages or the forum before removing these tour tags from the shows, but he keeps doing so without explanation against many users, many artists, many genres. Does have any sort of wikipedia-style dispute resolution to get this quandary under control?

Obrigado pela correção no setlist da Urias na live de ontem.

Regarding that Maroon 5 show you were questioning, the date of that show is tomorrow night (April 28 2020) so there's no way that show is real, beyond the fact that there's also no way that tour is going on at the moment.

Hello. I would like to know the reason for you to rewrite the names of the songs in Portuguese with lowercase letters. Even people's names are in lower case! It is absurd and wrong. For example, the song "Nega Jurema". Jurema is a woman's name.

Thanks for the help on those recent setlists. I have updated locations on those two artists, Josh Radnor and Charlie Worsham...apparently both stuck in their hometowns like the rest of us now!

Hello again! Can we remove Charlie Worsham from the "One World Together At Home" festival. His performance on 18 April 2020 was livestreamed to Ketch Secor's "Hartland Hootenanny" program on Youtube as part of that program.

Thanks for the help with the Josh Radnor 20 April 2020. I think he and Molly Tuttle had planned this before Willie nelson's festival, but can't swear to it. Just wanted to clarify this for accuracy, since I knew someone would say, "Hey! He wasn't part of that"! Stay safe and healthy during all of this!

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