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Our conversations with KRArchives have convinced us that they have valid information about the band, including the knowlege of where the photos were taken. We have a few Users on this site who have established their credibility in those ways, and we give those people some extra leeway for sources (for example, not all pictures are available online with a clear location mentioned).

That doesn't mean that anything goes, but if we have a problem with their sources, we will revert their edits ourselves. Please do not engage in edit wars, especially on setlists where you have already entered assumed songs.

No problem man. Thanks for changing it back. That guy is still insisting it’s a cover but he’s wrong.

You are correct on buckcherry it is not a cover but an adaptation

Great posting the Howard Jones show. Did Midge Ure sing with Howard on the Christmas song? Worth noting if so...

bq. Coalminor is maliciously reverting a set list that I am updating live at the show. Please advise

OK, but be aware to make your homework better when you make even slightly changes for an artist on several setlists. A setlist may change during the course of a tour, so find sources for each, not some general article about one show where you conclude the setlist didn't change. Also when people who attended list the song as New (which already started to be sung from 2013 on) don't assume it's some unknown song (which would have been listed as Unknown Song - see my remark from November last year).

Otherwise people would have used Unknown song as written on your profile page last November.

There is NO Paul McCartney song called "New". People added that as a placement since they did not know the name of the song was "Queenie Eye" which is on Paul's latest release.
thank you

Better do your homework before making assumptions.
He even released a CD called New 9 years ago.

McCartney "New" song title was added per https://www.justjared.com/2022/05/14/paul-mccartneys-got-back-tour-2022-set-list-revealed/

I made the changes without the citation BEFORE getting your email. Please feel free to unlock and I will update accordingly.

thank you

As you can see by the various comments of attendees Queenie Eye was performed on the setlist you changed. You found a source where New was performed. The tour lasts 15 dates (one still to be performed) on which New and Queenie Eye were performed

The newspaper article spoke indeed about the Los Angeles performance where New was performed.


You keep on changing several Paul McCartney setlists without any real source, just telling new song added.
All have been locked now because you don't seem to read the reason for my reverts.

thnx Bendobrin.. The fact is that when I keyed in the title of the song, setlist.fm automatically filled in the link to the Kinks reference. Perhaps, we should consider why setlist did that and I did not make that specific association.

Please review the Guidelines for cover songs. The song was first released as a Dave Davies solo single as indicated by provided link that is accurate. And our Roadies actually do know quite a bit about these things so you should be careful to make sure your information is correct when changing their edits. We all make mistakes, but I think everyone involved here is just trying to get this right so there doesn't seem to be a big problem,


Seriously, Philly...you need to do some basic homework before questioning my expertise.
The song was included in the KINKS rarities third disc on the Village Green Special Edition. The link as per setlist automatically connects to the youtube version also citing it as being on a KINKS album.



If Creeping Jean is a Dave Davies song as your comment says, why did you send it back to the Kinks?