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The Beatles, Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys, Superdrag, Metallica, Weezer, Mother Love Bone, Ramones, Green Day, blink-182, Angels & Airwaves, Box Car Racer, Doll Skin, The Jam, Paul Weller, Buzzcocks, The Clash, U2, Mighty Mighty BossTones, Oasis, Van Halen, Mammoth WVH, Prince, The Doors, Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Ridel High, Stiff Little Fingers, Queen, Boston, Black Sabbath, Joy Division, Silvertide, Walt Lafty, Nick Perri, Descendents, Beastie Boys, Guns N' Roses, Letters to Cleo, The Cars, Mötley Crüe, We Are the In Crowd, Fiona Apple, The Murmurs, Amy Winehouse, Neil Diamond, Cowboy Mouth, Syd Barrett, The White Stripes, The Distillers, Bob Mould


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"Last date of the tour" as a setlist Info note.
Honestly, it's unclear. Personally, I think it's fine since it's guaranteed to have an impact on that show. Another mod might think it doesn't belong.
First and last of tour (entire tour, not leg), and "Opening for XYZ" are both in this grey area. I have a list of Guideline edits / suggestions I'm compiling and those are both on there so hopefully there will be an official mention in the Guidelines (allowed r or not allowed).

Congrats on the promotion, fellow Roadie!

Hey thanks for being on top of the Coldplay setlists. It's a bit of a special case though, and the stage information should be maintained. The user who added the stages should have made a note of why, but in lieu of that, see here:

No of course not. We never list 'last' for anything because it could potentially change in the future.

Congrats on the promotion to Roadie! Well done!!

congrats on the promotion!
well deserved!

Dr. AL

Hey I locked the Gizzard shows. I'm making you a roadie. This way rather than an edit war with trolls you can just request to have a setlist locked. Roadies can edit locked shows.

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