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I should know more about Glastonbury and Any Winehouse but I don't. Any chance these were two separate performances on different stages on the same day.

We decided that during the COVID-19 period that we would relax our rules for shows by major artists like the Elvis show you marked for deletion. So I'm leaving it as is.

Could you please let me know why you removed the tour name from a bunch of John Butler Trio setlists, without leaving a note? I have reverted your edits back.

The song I Was Only Joking" that I know is a Rod Stewart song. Was this a different song than that one?

I'm watching to see if he continues doing this. Please let me know if he does any more edits like this and they will be his last.

Hey there, thanks for reporting the cancelled shows for House of Blues in New Orleans today. Could you please add a link next time? e.g. to a tweet that confirms the cancellation, that would make reviewing a lot faster and easier. Thanks!

Please do NOT delete setlists added by users who attended the show. That's literally the whole point of this website.

Thanks. We'll say Good Night@[The Beatles] to Jhef then.

Yes. We don't list "last" anything, only "first".

What specifically is the User you reported ding? Can you give me a link to one of the setlists or comments that are a problem? You can put it on my page or the Troll forum.

It's better to always put a link, and even better a direct link instead of the link to the homepage.

Neither or both. It's a case not covered by the guidelines. Please drop the insults (extra points for apologising) and discuss this in a friendly way. I added a comment to the setlist.

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