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Music lover in the PacNW, USA.

I go to a lot of shows (75-100 shows a year / 150-200 artists a year). My main focus is jazz/experimental, but I dig just about everything from indie rock, pop, rock, metal, classical, chamber music, singer-songwriters, ambient, post-rock, blah blah blah, etc.


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Hi, regarding your request for mass edits, please post them in this forum thread:

I put a note on the page of the User making the erroneous edits. Please let me know if he continues. I will follow the setlist so I don't think I will lock it.


[Re: Peter Evans] After further researches, I have improved your post as follows.
Please reter edit comment. Thank you. :)

I checked appearances of Peter Evans on 16 September and found two.
One is as a member of special quartet at JAZZ ART SENGAWA and the other is duo with a dancer at LAND FES., to be held on the street nearby during the period of said festival.
No solo performance seems to be scheduled during 13 - 16 of September. :-)

He did not open for her on this night...He never played in Ottawa...Only Ani DiFranco was booked to play CityFolk.

Hi, as I am at work now, I will check the venue of Peter Evans on 16 Sep. within 24 hours. :)

Thanks for providing your source. It helps our work a lot.
I am willing to support improving your post of concert in Japan, because I know how difficult for non-native people to choose or create appropriate venue in local language basis. :)

Please don't capitalize titles in Spanish. These are capitalized differently than English and should remain the way they were before you changed them. Thanks!

http://web.archive.org/ kan altijd van pas komen om links naar oudere concerten te vinden :)
If you don't want to add sources to any of your setlists, I can't put a revolver on your head (talking about Beatles LP here). You just might want to think that if everybody behaved in that way, nobody would add sources.
To give you an amusing exemple : Same thing with throwing chewing gum or banana peels on the street, one might think, it's just only one chewing gum or banana peel, but what if millions of people think in the same way? Everybody would be stuck on the ground or slip and fall down :)

if you find the source on the net, why not take the effort to list it anyway.
And for the Ancienne Belgique concert there are links that will exist longer than the band's tour. I'm sure this also counts for other venues.
For me it's just a matter of politeness and respect, not only to moderators but to users, roadies...
Even if the link is only temporary, the concert is verifiable and the chance of it being fake much less.

No the sources are not mandatory like I told you before, but it's just a manner of respect to list a source, so other persons, not only moderators can check it's no fake news.
I remember you contacting me about some John Zorn concerts in Belgium where you asked me what the website told about it. Luckily I put the source otherwise I might not have found it anymore. I'm sure on that webpage with Belgian newspapers there's more John Zorn related concerts.
I'm sure there's more sources than the band's webpage which doesn't list the concerts after the date or tour has been over.
If somebody attends or will attend a concert is a convenient way to accept if the songs are listed, but also a source the concert took place.

No it's not mandatory, but there's serious talks amongst the moderators because more and more people add concerts without listing a source.
For you it might be obvious a certain concert takes place, but maybe not for the general public. To avoid discussions in the future it might be recommended to provide a source.
I'm not accusing you of making fake news so why not put a link to prove the contrary.

Unfortunately they can only be done individually /manually.

FYI, to add an artist from musicbrainz with a non-Latin script name (eg. Masaru Sato), you should follow the guidelines here regarding a Primary English Alias:

I've edited Masaru Sato on musicbrainz to do this now, and it will take a week or so before we can see the artist on setlist.fm.

Thanks for sorting out the cover tags on Mr Bungle setlists. FYI for future reference, moderators can batch-edit all performances of a song in one move, so if you like you can just let us know in the "Problems with songs" forum topic and someone can take care of it for you :)

Meant to write back the other day, and just saw your post on the forum and that is exactly how I ended up as a Roadie, I just asked. It was at a time that they were getting backed up with requests a few months ago and it seemed like they could use the help. Roadie status doesn't give you too much power... the ability to assign songs to albums and some extra options for setting up venues mainly. But down the road perhaps it leads to moderator status and gaining more abilities. It definitely doesn't hurt to give it a shot :)

Thanks for filling out Nellie's 'Girl Named Bill' show at the Alberta Rose!! Great work, much appreciated...

Thanks for all the great reviews and updates posty!

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