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Music lover in the PacNW, USA.

I go to a lot of shows (75-100 shows a year / 150-200 artists a year). My main focus is jazz/experimental, but I dig just about everything from indie rock, pop, rock, metal, classical, chamber music, singer-songwriters, ambient, post-rock, blah blah blah, etc.


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maybe you know better than me for https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/esky-narodni-symfonicky-orchestr/2017/konig-pilsener-arena-oberhausen-germany-2be768ba.html#sfmses4314e7bb
For the songs you put in the set Elvis on screen, were they performed by the group or was it Elvis singing? If it's the latter we may have to find a way not to mention them, because now they're being integrated in the statistics as being perfomed by the Orchestra.


I am (likely) going to catch 2 of 3 upcoming King's X show in the Southeast.
They almost never the PNW! You should have stayed in Cinni area.
Dug lives in LA but still has his place in Katy, Texas where Ty still resides.
Jerry is still in New Jersey. However, we take whatever we can get.

Sidenote: A buddy I went through the PhD program now resides in PDX.
I get sick to my stomach looking at all the totally rad shows in your area.
I will eventually make it out there to catch some shows....
Peace and Respect, DR. AL-

Hi, Regarding the Bill Frisell show at unknown venue in Tokyo, now I found out.


this would be an example of an accurate setlist for this tour


I did not even want to attempt to tackle them

Man those Generation Axe setlists are all Jacked up!
It’s Steve Vai’s Tour
I think they should fall under his setlists for those end jams.
Similar to Joe Satraini’s G3 Tours
I did even want to tackle them.
Maybe a mod could look at them ?

Hi, I have tried to find "Tokyo Act Theater" but I couldn't.
There is a hall named "Act Theater Akasaka", but opened in 2008.
It could be "Tokyo Art Theater", a Google translation of "Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo" in Japanese.
I will try again later.

Congratulations on getting Roadie status.
Your contribution to setlist.fm for a long time deserves that. :-)

Hey earfdae,
I have appointed you Roadie status as you always seem to do good work on the site, you play well with others, and help other users learn the tools and guidelines of the site. Being a Roadie isn't all-powerful but you'll at least have access to the album assignments and some new venue tools (and a nifty purple star by your name). Up in the settings drop down by your name you'll find the Roadie Help and FAQ pages so you can learn more about your new abilities, and you'll also find a new Roadie section in the forums where you can ask any questions you might have.

Had to do a little searching, but found this announcement on the Pledgemusic page for Grant-Lee's new-at-the-time album, announcing the co-headlining tour with Glen. I don't think all of these shows are posted to setlist.fm. One of us should probably add the ones that aren't lol.

Grant-Lee Phillips & Glen Phillips Co-Headline This Fall

Singer Glen Phillips and I will take to the highway this fall for a joint headliner tour, winding our way through New England, the Midwest and the Lone Star State of Texas. Glen, known to many as the singer of the group Toad The Wet Sprocket, has been making incredible solo albums over the years in addition to collaborations with mutual friends like The Watkins Family. We’ll be sharing the stage and trading songs and stories beginning in September. Come join us for the fun. Best, Grant-Lee

9/20 Los Angeles, CA @ Largo
9/27 Londonderry, NH @ Tupelo Music Hall
9/28 Natick, MA @ Center for the Arts
9/29 Boothbay Harbor, ME @ Opera House at Boothbay Harbor
9/30 Brownfield, ME @ Stone Mount Arts Center

10/2 Fairfield, CT @ Fairfield Theater
10/3 New York, NY @ City Winery
10/4 Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live
10/5 Vienna, VA @ The Barns at Wolf Trap
10/25 Minneapolis, MN @ Cedar Cultural Center
10/26 Madison, WI @ Redamte Coffee House
10/27 Chicago, IL @ City Winery Chicago
10/28 Ferndale, MI @ Magic Bag

11/14 Austin, TX @ One World Theater
11/15 The Woodlands, TX @ Dosey Doe
11/16 Dallas, TX @ The Kessler Theater
11/17 San Antonio, TX @ Sam’s Burger Joint

Hi, regarding your request for mass edits, please post them in this forum thread:

I put a note on the page of the User making the erroneous edits. Please let me know if he continues. I will follow the setlist so I don't think I will lock it.


[Re: Peter Evans] After further researches, I have improved your post as follows.
Please reter edit comment. Thank you. :)

I checked appearances of Peter Evans on 16 September and found two.
One is as a member of special quartet at JAZZ ART SENGAWA and the other is duo with a dancer at LAND FES., to be held on the street nearby during the period of said festival.
No solo performance seems to be scheduled during 13 - 16 of September. :-)

Hi, as I am at work now, I will check the venue of Peter Evans on 16 Sep. within 24 hours. :)

Thanks for providing your source. It helps our work a lot.
I am willing to support improving your post of concert in Japan, because I know how difficult for non-native people to choose or create appropriate venue in local language basis. :)

Please don't capitalize titles in Spanish. These are capitalized differently than English and should remain the way they were before you changed them. Thanks!

Unfortunately they can only be done individually /manually.

FYI, to add an artist from musicbrainz with a non-Latin script name (eg. Masaru Sato), you should follow the guidelines here regarding a Primary English Alias:

I've edited Masaru Sato on musicbrainz to do this now, and it will take a week or so before we can see the artist on setlist.fm.

Thanks for sorting out the cover tags on Mr Bungle setlists. FYI for future reference, moderators can batch-edit all performances of a song in one move, so if you like you can just let us know in the "Problems with songs" forum topic and someone can take care of it for you :)

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